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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 366 It’s So Vulgar to Talk about Money

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Chapter 366 It’s So Vulgar to Talk about Money

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When he arrives at the hotel, he finds that Wei Fangxia has arrived.

“Here you are.” Wei Fangxia hands Li Yong a small paper bag.

Li Yong knows at a glance that these are his silver needles. He takes the paper bag in hand, opens it and takes the sliver needles all out. He puts them in his cowhide leather needle bag, which contains more than a hundred silver needles.

These needles can not only treat illness, but also can defend himself. Li Yong now can use Scattering Blossom Method to throw out 100 silver needles at one time. Besides, he can do at his will and hit the target accurately.

He didn’t expect that he would be able to make good use of this legendary ancient method today.

As they walk to the elevator, Wei Fangxia asks gently, “How did you manage to suppress more than twenty people at one time?”

“Didn’t you see it clearly?” Li Yong asks her.


“Then wait for the next time! Next time, open your eyes widely and look at me. You’ll see.”

“Tell me.” Wei Fangxia really wants to know. She is very curious.

“You kiss me first, and then I’ll tell you.” Li Yong snickers.

“You…” Wei Fangxia clenches her fist and wants to hit him. She has to withhold because someone walks over. Li Yong cheated her of her first kiss and then her virgin night. She is very regretful and won’t be fooled again today.

“What? Didn’t you brush your teeth this morning? Are you afraid of me smelling the odour in your mouth?” Li Yong stares at her.

“Bah.” Wei Fangxia spits fiercely and hurriedly dodges away, keeping a certain distance from Li Yong.

Then Wei Fangxia stops talking and suppresses her curiosity.

She finds that Li Yong seems to be poisonous. The more curious she is, the more seriously she gets poisoned.

After Li Yong and Wei Fangxia were ushered by a waiter into a room of the hotel, they see Hao Huihua drinking tea and chatting with Sui Yezhu. Sui Yezhu looks older now than how she looked that day on the stage.

People in the same generation of Sui Yezhu all suffered a lot when they were young, so they look old.

“How are you, Ms. Sui?” Li Yong says politely, “I’m honored to meet you.”

Sui Yezhu stands up to greet Li Yong and lets him sit down. She looks very kind, so Li Yong likes her very much.

“I asked you here because I want to ask that whether you still have top-class bloodstones.” Sui Yezhu hands Li Yong a cup of tea personally. In fact, she has known from Hao Huihua that Li Yong still has several pieces.

“Yes!” Li Yong doesn’t conceal the fact. He is not that kind of people who are afraid of others knowing they are rich.

“Here is the thing. On behalf of the Huaxia Treasure Identification Organization Department, I want to borrow one piece from you and return it to you in a week. I wonder if it’s okay.” Sui Yezhu says very politely, as if she is afraid that Li Yong will refuse.

“Borrow one piece?” Li Yong thinks this old woman is very strange. She can buy if she wants to have one. Why does she borrow from him? Jade is different from other products. It’s very expensive and is not convenient to borrow and lend! Who should be responsible if it’s broken?

“We were invited to visit Thailand by the Prince of the Royal Family of Thailand. We will take this opportunity to hold a jewelry and jade exhibition in Thailand to show the jade culture of Huaxia to Thailand people. The Prince of Thailand loves to collect bloodstones. We don’t have very expensive jade to exhibit, so we want to borrow one from you.”

At this moment, Hao Huihua also says, “Yong, our visit will last for one week. We will return the bloodstone to you in perfect condition after one week. Please trust my teacher and me.

Li Yong immediately understands that these people want to borrow his bloodstone to keep up the appearance. He says smilingly, “Okay, no problem.”

Seeing that Li Yong agrees, Sui Yezhu becomes happier. She grabs Li Yong’s hand and says kindly, “Li Yong, thank you. I want to express gratitude to you on behalf of the Huaxia delegation. You can also join us to travel there in our group. I tell you, Thailand also produces jade and their jade is not worse than ours.”

Li Yong was not very interested and didn’t want to go abroad. But as soon as he hears that Thailand also produces jade that is better than the jade of Huaxia, he immediately becomes interested. Anyway, he still needs a lot of spiritual power and most of the good jade contains spiritual power. Presumably, Thailand’s jade also contains spiritual power. It’s better to go to Thailand and try his luck.

“Okay, I’ll go with you to widen my horizon.” Li Yong thinks for a moment and immediately makes such a decision.

“All right. I’ll ask them to book a ticket for you now.” Sui Yezhu says with a kind smile.

“I’ll go with you, too.” At this moment, Wei Fangxia, who has been silent, suddenly says.

“Who is she?” Sui Yezhu asks.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Li Yong says with a smile and winks at Wei Fangxia.

“I…” Wei Fangxia wants to deny it, but she suddenly understands something from Li Yong’s eyes and acquiesces. Li Yong’s wink makes her realize that she can’t go if she has no close relationship with Li Yong.

In order to complete the task of Director Yang and to continue to protect Li Yong personally, Wei Fangxia has to endure it temporarily.

“Okay, both of you can go.” Sui Yezhu agrees happily and asks Hao Huihua to notify the organization to book two more tickets. Then she looks at Li Yong and asks, “Where is your bloodstone? Show me.”

Li Yong takes a glance at Wei Fangxia and says affectionately, “Xiaoxia, go to get my bag from the car.”


This is Wei Fangxia’s childhood nickname. Only her father and mother called her like this in her childhood. At this moment, hearing Li Yong call her like this, she has pins and needles in her scalp and has goose bumps all over her body at once.

This feeling is particularly strange and very unpleasant, as if Li Yong has taken advantage of her.

However, she has to pretend to be happy. Since she is his girlfriend, she should behave like his girlfriend. Therefore, after her face changed a few times, she goes downstairs to fetch the bag.

“Ms. Sui, this piece of jade on your body is very beautiful. Can I have a look at it?” At this moment, Li Yong stares at the piece of gold-plated jade pendant hanging on Sui Yezhu’s neck, because there is a wisp of spiritual power inside.

“Why not? Here you are.” Sui Yezhu gently takes it down and hands it to Li Yong. She continues to say, “This is gold inlaid with jade! I bought it from the market when I graduated from the Archeology School. It was cheap at that time! It is from the Tang Dynasty, but I thought it was from the Qing Dynasty and only spent 6 yuan. It’s very expensive now. Last time, a rich businessman wanted to buy it with three million yuan, but I didn’t want to sell it. I’ve been wearing it for decades and have had feelings with it.”

“Ms. Sui, it was worth only 6 yuan and now is worth two to three million yuan. Wouldn’t you have made a fortune if you had bought more?” It’s very rare for Sui Yezhu to be so happy, so Hao Huihua follows her words and says.

“I didn’t have so much money at that time! I couldn’t even afford to eat. I pinched and scraped to save 6 yuan. I didn’t eat anything for two days to buy this gold inlaid with jade!” Talking about the past, Sui Yezhu has a feeling of happiness with vicissitudes.

At this moment, Li Yong has absorbed the spiritual power inside the jade and gives it back.

Then Sui Yezhu starts a conversation and begins to talk about the era, during which people starved.

Life was very hard at that time. Everyone was craving for food.

However, Sui Yezhu doesn’t talk about the suffering when she talks about it now. She is full of nostalgia and gratitude.

She has no hatred for that era, and is actually grateful, which has made her what she is today.

Before long, Wei Fangxia picks up the bag and throws it to Li Yong. Her action makes Sui Yezhu nervous. She says, “Be careful. Young people are all careless now. You really don’t take the precious things seriously. Do you know it should take hundreds of billions of years for a piece of top-class bloodstone to form? Each piece has its unique beauty. You must be careful not to have an artificial accident.”

Wei Fangxia thinks to herself: I have been very careful. Li Yong is more careless than me.

Li Yong opens the bag with a smile and pushes the entire bag in front of Sui Yezhu, “Ms. Sui, there are several more here. You can pick one you like!”

Sui Yezhu opens it and has a look. She is so surprised that she opens her mouth almost as big as an egg. She really didn’t expect that Li Yong had so many pieces of top-class bloodstone that are more exquisite and precious than those of a city’s museum.

Now she really believes what Hao Huihua said. Li Yong really has so many top-class jade stones. She feels that Li Yong is not an ordinary person at all. At least he is the most extraordinary young man she has ever seen.

She holds them in her hand one by one and looks at them carefully. She is so attentive, as if she is worshiping heaven. She praises each piece of jade and is full of feelings for these jade stones. She is so happy that she nearly sheds tears.

Seeing that Sui Yezhu cherishes these jade stones so much, Li Yong is suddenly infected by her spirit and is very moved.

He thinks that only old experts like Sui Yezhu will know the beauty of these jade stones and will be deeply moved by these exquisite jade stones. She keeps saying, “Good, good, good!” It seems that she is stuttering.

Finally, she selects a piece of top-class bloodstone that weighs about 500 grams. The shape is like a mountain. The red color of the surface is like the beautiful glow of sunrise or sunset, as if it can make people see through the true meaning of life.

“This one! I’ll take this one! This one not only has high quality, but also has a good shape and romantic charm. It is like a concentrated landscape scroll which is very poetic.” Sui Yezhu can’t stop praising, “It is really rare!”

“Ms. Sui, how much is this piece worth?” Hao Huihua asks softly.

“It’s so vulgar to talk about money. Such a good thing is worthless!” Sui Yezhu says excitedly.

Then she looks at Li Yong and says with a smile, “Li Yong, I’ll keep this one. Please lend it to us for seven days.”

“Okay.” Li Yong respects Sui Yezhu’s personality and agrees at once.

“Take the rest with you carefully.” Sui Yezhu puts the rest carefully into the bag and hands it to Li Yong.

Then she says earnestly, “Li Yong, these jade stones are extremely valuable. Each of them is very rare and priceless. You must take good care of them! This bag is too simple. You must use a nice box to keep them and ask someone to look after them. Be careful not to be targeted by bad guys. You must not lose them.”

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