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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 365 Formal Trade

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Chapter 365 Formal Trade

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“No, Mr. Li, please, please forgive me this time…” Saying this, Luo Sihao begins to kowtow.

“How about this? Boss Luo, let’s talk about business first!” Li Yong changes the subject and says cheerfully.

“Okay, okay.” Luo Sihao is still kneeling and dares not to stand up.

Li Yong looks down at him and asks, “How much is one of your legs worth?”

“One million yuan. No, ten million yuan. No, no, 100 million yuan.” Luo Sihao says in horror.

“Well, let’s make it 100 million yuan. Now I’m going to buy the Tiankai Mansion. Yesterday we agreed on a price of 500 million yuan, right?”

“Yes. You only need to give me 300 million yuan.” Luo Sihao feels heartache and thinks 100 million yuan for one leg is too expensive. He would rather his legs be broken by Li Yong than take 200 million yuan less.

However, he has said it and dares not to go back on his words because he is pointed at the head by Li Yong with the gun.

“Where’s the property certificate? Have you brought it?” Li Yong asks.

“No, I’m not sorry. I forgot.” Luo Sihao begins to kowtow again.

“Damn it. We agreed that we would do the trade today and you didn’t bring it here. You were not going to trade with me! You signed a contract with me yesterday and you don’t keep your words. You’re going to deceive me!” Li Yong says angrily.

“I’ll damned. I’m a bastard. I…I’ll go home to fetch it now…” Saying this, Luo Sihao is about to get up to leave.

“Ask someone to send it here.” Li Yong says faintly.

“All right. I’ll call home.”

Before long, a chubby woman sends a file bag here. At this moment, Luo Sihao is still kneeling. Seeing Luo Sihao kneeling on the ground, this chubby woman also hurriedly kneels down next to Luo Sihao.

“Mr. Li, all the documents are here. Here you are. You can have a look first.” Luo Sihao respectfully holds the file bag with both hands in front of Li Yong, as if he is offering an oblation to god.

“It’s useless that I take a look! We are going to have it notarized.” Li Yong yells.

“Yes, let’s go to have it notarized.” Luo Sihao nods hurriedly. At this moment, he is like a child who has made a mistake.

Li Yong gets up from the sofa, looks at Wei Fangxia and asks, “What should we deal with these people?”

“I’ll call the police here. These people brought guns privately and have violated the criminal law. Let the law deal with them.” Wei Fangxia glances at those standing fighters that are like sculptures. She is very curious about how Li Yong made them freeze.

“Okay, just do it this way. As for Boss Luo, I’ll send him to the police station personally after the trade is completed.” Li Yong says faintly. Then he lifts Luo Sihao and says, “Let’s go!”

“Mr. Li, please let us go. As long as you let us go, I can take five million yuan less.” Luo Sihao has been kneeling too long and can’t stand up, so he kneels down again.

“Um?” Li Yong opens his eyes widely. It’s not that he doesn’t care about the money. He just thinks that Luo Sihao is very wise.

“Ten million, twenty million, fifty million…” Luo Sihao grits his teeth hard. He wants to save these people who were brought here by him and they are all ruthless. If they are sent to prison, he’ll fall on hard times after they are released.

“Well, I’ll give you a face.” Li Yong pretends to be extremely helpless and says.

“No, we are police. We have to take charge of things that are illegal and arrest bad people. It is the duty of the police. If we let them go, we are also breaking the law.” Wei Fangxia says suddenly.

“Madam, please have mercy on us and let us go this time! We will reform ourselves thoroughly, correct our errors and make a fresh start from now on. We dare not to do evil things anymore.” Luo Sihao cries loudly. His heart is broken because of the 50 million yuan he spent. However, he has to pretend not to care about the money. He has to beg as well as sending money.

In spite of this, he doesn’t know whether they will let them go, which makes him very uncomfortable.

He brought so many people with him and completed nothing. He also lost a lot of money. Today is his worst holiday.

“Madam Wei, let’s just pretend that it never happens, okay?” Li Yong looks at Wei Fangxia. He says so because he knows that even if they are actually sent to prison, they will be released soon.

They won’t become good people after being put into jail. Some people get worse because they feel proud of being put into jail. It’s better for them to forgive them and get some immediate benefits, which is more cost-effective.

However, Wei Fangxia is strong-willed. She doesn’t give in at all, “No, I am the people’s police. I have to set myself an example to others.”

Li Yong says helplessly, “Well, it’s up to you. Help me put away the silver needles when the police come.”

Silver needles?

Wei Fangxia checks a fighter carefully and sees that a thin silver needle has been pierced into the man’s chest. She suddenly understands that these people were all pierced by Li Yong’s silver needles, so they became like sculptures.

What kind of powerful kung fu is this? Wei Fangxia is very surprised.

Li Yong becomes more and more unfathomable in her heart. She is more and more curious and wants to know about him.

Then Li Yong walks to the stairs with Luo Sihao, while Wei Fangxia confiscates all the guns of the fighters. She finds that most of the guns are fake and only five of them are real.

They used fake guns to scare people! Wei Fangxia is very angry that she even wants to shoot them.

When Li Yong takes Luo Sihao downstairs, he sees that it’s a total mess in the jewelry and jade sales area. Zheng Xinmei is taking the staff to clean up the scene. Some jewelries and jade are very expensive, so they have to find them.

“Was it you?” Li Yong looks at Luo Sihao and Luo Sihao shivers because of fear.

“I’ll pay. I’ll pay for all your losses.”

Li Yong waves his hand and Zheng Xinmei walks over quickly. He asks, “How much do we lose?”

“Several million yuan! Two pieces of gem that are worth two million yuan are missing, and…”

Before Zheng Xinmei finishes talking, Luo Sihao says again, “I’ll give you ten million yuan.”

“Is it enough?” Li Yong asks Zheng Xinmei.

“Yes, that’s enough.” Zheng Xinmei is very honest and doesn’t know to ask for more. Luo Sihao is kind of lucky. If Zheng Xinmei said it was not enough, he had to pay more under such a situation.

Then Li Yong and Luo Sihao come to the notary office together. They go through the formalities as required.

Li Yong smiles slightly when he sees the property certificate with his name on it.

But Luo Sihao cries in the heart. His heart is even broken because of today’s loss.

Seeing that Li Yong is about to leave, Luo Sihao gets up his courage and asks, “Mr. Li, the Tiankai Mansion has become your property, but the money… You haven’t given it to me yet.”

“Come here.” Li Yong takes Luo Sihao to the car, opens the bag and takes out a piece of bloodstone. He doesn’t even look at it and just throws it to him. Li Yong asks, “How much do you think it is worth?”

“Ah?” Luo Sihao is startled and becomes happy. This is a natural reaction when he sees the thing that he is fond of.

He holds this bloodstone in his hand. With his good vision and collection experience, he can be 100% sure that this bloodstone is real, and it is top-class.

He has looked at it carefully for a long time before he says, “Good thing. Mr. Li, it’s really good. I think this one is about the same price as the one you sold to Mr. Lu. It should be worth 70 million yuan.”

“Okay, let’s make it 70 million yuan.” Li Yong looks for paper and pen and writes down 70 million yuan. Then he takes another piece of bloodstone from the bag, casually throws it to him and asks, “How much do you think this piece is worth?”

Luo Sihao is very startled. He never thought that Li Yong had more.

One piece has already surprised him a lot, and two pieces shock him.

He carefully holds it in his hand and looks at it very carefully. After looking at it for more than ten minutes, he once again recognizes that this piece is also top-class bloodstone. It’s larger, more beautiful and better than the previous one.

After thinking for a while, he says, “This piece should be worth about 100 million yuan.”

“Then let’s make it 100 million yuan.” Li Yong writes down 100 million yuan on the paper. Then he takes out another piece of bloodstone, throws it to Luo Sihao and asks faintly again, “How much do you think this piece is worth?”

Luo Sihao is completely shocked. He can’t believe his eyes. These are such precious bloodstones and Li Yong just keeps taking them one by one from the bag like doing magic.

This time, he doesn’t immediately look at the bloodstone, but stares at Li Yong’s bag in his arms. The bag is bulging. Is it full of such exquisite and top-class bloodstones?

“Hurry up. Don’t waste time. How much do you think it’s worth?” Li Yong urges him impatiently.

Luo Sihao now looks at the bloodstone in his hand. It is also a top-class and beautiful one that shocks him. Now he becomes clever and deliberately lowers the price. He says gently, “The shape of this one is not very good. It’s worth about 70 million yuan.”

“Okay, let’s make it 70 million yuan.” Li Yong takes the pen to calculate, “It’s 240 million yuan now. Plus the prices of your two legs, it’s a total of 440 million yuan. You brought people to destroy my things and should pay me 10 million yuan. It’s a total of 450 million yuan, and I still owe you 50 million yuan, right?”

“Yes, yes.” Luo Sihao hurriedly nods. He can calculate it clearly.

“Take this one as 50 million yuan! Take it and get out of here. I won’t send you to the police station. Just behave yourself!” Li Yong casually takes out one piece from his bag and gives Luo Sihao another piece of glittering and translucent bloodstone.

Luo Sihao sees that this piece is also worth at least 70 million yuan. He is overjoyed and didn’t expect Li Yong to be so generous. He hurriedly thanks Li Yong, carefully takes the four pieces of bloodstone and gets off the car clumsily.

Li Yong drives to a hotel because Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu are waiting for him in the hotel.

He doesn’t know why Sui Yezhu wants to see him. Since he has promised, he has to go and see.

At this moment, he receives a call from Wei Fangxia. As his beautiful bodyguard, she has handed over all the fighters to the police of Shikang City.

She asks where Li Yong is and insists on following him with the excuse of protecting him.

In order not to irritate this hot policewoman, Li Yong has to tell her the hotel he is going to.

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