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Chapter 1250 “Dead (1)”

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“She had already left when I went back to find her. Here’s the note from the lass that I found.” Dragon Flame saw the anxious expression along the woman’s face and knew he must explain himself.

Taking letter as handed, Bai Yan’s complexion went visibly paler after reading its content. Dragony’s gone? How is she supposed to stay safe? This is not the Demon Realm, there’s too many dangers around!

“Di Cang, you must send someone to find her!” The poor mother’s voice rippled with panic and fear, showing how anxious she truly was inside.

Hurrying to give his wife a hug to calm her swinging mood, “It’s okay Yan’er, I will do exactly that. Don’t worry too much, that girl’s bloodline belongs to that person so she might not necessarily be in as much danger as you think. Perhaps this outing by herself is a chance for her to grow. You should know by being with us she won’t be able to mature.”

“Don’t worry? How can I not worry! Dragony is only a child at heart, not to mention she’s girl. What if some bad people start picking or hurting her? She gets frightened easily! It was not easy to for her to find a safe harbor with us after all the grievances she went through since birth. Why would she leave us all of a sudden?”

Even though Dragony wasn’t her biological daughter, Bai Yan nevertheless treats the girl as her own and never once considered her an outsider. So how could she not be afraid and worried? It’s ridiculous to consider otherwise!

“Then I’ll have my people go search right away.” Turning around to the palace guards behind himself, Di Cang snaps with harshness despite the other side doing nothing. “Didn’t you hear your queen’s order? Go and find the princess, NOW!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Complying, the remainder of the demons left in rapid succession.

“Don’t worry Yan’er, I’ve sent them all out. It won’t be long until we locate her.” Perhaps it’s due to the low hoarse voice of the man’s tone, but it was enough to bring the panic-stricken lady out of her swinging mood.

“Di Cang, I know the reasoning of her choice, but… her heart is so innocent and kind, I can’t bear knowing there are sinister characters out there who might take advantage of this fact. The price of learning the hard truth is too high for someone like her…” That said, she then gives her tummy a rub, “This opinion of mine has only grown stronger now that I have a second one coming. I would rather my children grow up in mediocrity than to live a life of hardship just because they want to be exceptional.”

“Mother,” the little steambun tugs at his mother’s sleeve after hearing all those heartfelt words. “I know Dragony also wants to protect you, just like I want to protect you. Believe in us. Once she gets stronger then she will return to us. I know I will if I was in her case.”

Bai Yan’s heart shook at the sensibleness of her lovely and cuddly boy. Smiling on the face: “You are right Xiachen, if Dragony insists on leaving then there’s nothing we can do. Even if we locate her, it doesn’t mean she would willingly come back. I… I don’t want to force anything on her, so Di Cang, you only need to have your people locate Dragony and protect her in the shadows. I only need to know she’s safe.”

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