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«Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1249 “Three Month (6)”

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Chapter 1249 “Three Month (6)”

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Only then did Bai Yan notice her own belly who was much larger than before. Flashing a look of surprise: “Di Cang, how long did I say asleep?”

“Three months.” DI Cang answers with his gentle voice.

This news undoubtedly brought a sigh of relief for the expected mother because three months meant there are still some time before she goes into labor. Imagine not waking up… Then that really would be catastrophic!

“Promise me Di Cang, you must wake me up no matter what happens in the future. I don’t want my baby to be in any danger.”

Tightly holding his wife’s hand: “Sorry, I failed to protect you…”

If… If I had appeared earlier, perhaps Yan’er wouldn’t have suffered such a serious injury.

“It’s not your fault Di Cang, it’s me who left by myself so the fault is not yours.” That said, Bai Yan then shifts her attention over to her son, “Xiachen, I’m glad you are safe. If something like this happens again you must promise me to not come out again, okay?”

She cares about that wisp of grudge inside, there’s no question about that, but she also equally worried for the main soul. If somehow one overcomes the other, then what was she going to do? Bai Yan couldn’t bear to destroy one to save the other.

Careful and gentle in his hands, Bai Xiachen wraps himself around that bulging belly: “I will protect you Mother, if not… if I can’t do it then I would rather disappear on my own.”

Casting his eyes downward in a dejected manner, If only that bastard didn’t lose control whenever he takes control of our body, otherwise I can still work with him. Now the only way to make him sane is to use that method, but…… it will mean me leaving Mother forever. What am I supposed to do?

There are tears filling those eyes of his, making the boy look all the more pitiful.

“Oh Xiachen,” leaning down to give her son a hug, Bai Yan didn’t notice the abnormality of her son’s behavior, “You will not disappear, I won’t let that happen.”

Making a huge grin at the promise, those words were honey to the boy’s ear: “Mmm, I am very fond of Mother too so I don’t want to leave either. I… can’t”

Besides, the boy still hasn’t taken care of his sister yet, what if the other version of himself starts bullying her?


Whether it be for this world or his little sister, the little steambun didn’t have the heart to leave for good.

“By the way, where’s Dragony?” Bai Yan suddenly thought of something which caused her to raise a eyebrow: “Normally she would run to me whenever I wake up, how come she’s not here?”

Di Cang was taken aback by the reminder. According to his memory, the lass hasn’t shown herself ever since everyone arrived at the city and came to the newly constructed palace here.

“This…” The old goat had the answer to the question. Shaky in his tone: “She already left.”

“Left?” Bai Yan’s heart sunk as a look of unease filled the poor lady’s eye, “You said Dragony left, where? She shouldn’t have anyone familiar in this place.”

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