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«Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1248 “Three Month (6)”

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Chapter 1248 “Three Month (6)”

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Shook by the amount of love she herself was getting despite not doing as much, Bai Yan’s face was all full of guilt and apology: “Di Cang, I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to say sorry. I only don’t want you to be sad, that’s all. For that goal, I’m willing to give my everything for you!”

Hearing the dialogue between the couple, First Elder who had originally wanted to speak up began to hesitate. It’s no secret that two souls are unable to occupy a single body, it would create too much conflicting interests, let alone a resenting grudge from a past life. However, that doesn’t mean the others here are aware of this fact.

“Sire…” The guard who came earlier to report the little steambun’s condition spoke again, his body shaky from discomfort: “The prince has lost his mind… Would you like to go see him?”

Like before, Di Cang didn’t pay too much attention to the message that’s meant for him, but that doesn’t mean Bai Yan wouldn’t. Right after the palace guard made that report, the woman immediately jumped down from her husband’s arm and shouted: “Why are you still standing there for, hurry and lead the way!”

“Yes, Queen.” The poor guard complies and wipes the sweat from his face.

It’s always like this whenever Her Highness is around. The king will ignore the prince and focus only on the queen. Thankfully Her Highness is a normal mother, otherwise the prince will be too pitiful…


inside the room.

Bai Xiachen had calmed down from his rampaging state by this point and was huddling in the corner of his bedside, staring mindlessly at the air like some damaged product. Thankfully this troublesome picture didn’t last long because his ears perked up as soon as they picked up the familiar footsteps he’s been so accustomed to.

“Mother!” He bolted for the door and nearly crashed right into Bai Yan’s body. Fortunately his eyes were sharp and noticed the big bump along the belly, that made him stop in the nick of time and returned to his well-behaved and happy self in the past.

Di Cang followed right from behind his wife there. When he saw the wagging tail picture of his son, this bias father couldn’t deny he felt a bit of relief from this. The only blemish he had to complain about was the little guy’s reddish eye, it’s the sign that he’s not alright and this peace was only temporary.

Bai Yan on the other hand didn’t care so much and only knew her boy was safe before her eyes. Bending down, she gives him a huge warm hug without saying anything.

“Mother, what’s the matter? I can’t breathe!” Turning red in his little face, the boy was apparently suffocating under those arms.

“Just now they said you lost your mind, that scared me to death. Thank goodness your fine…”

“Oh, that bastard was trying to take over my body again. I kicked him out as soon as I can because I know he will make you sad Mother.”

Under normal circumstances, that pang of resentment wouldn’t be able to overcome the real Xiachen, that was unless he got stimulated by some sort of traumatic event. In that case, anything was up for grabs.

Going numb inside, Bai Yan wanted to slap herself for the failure: “Xiachen, no matter what happens you will always be mother’s son, you understand? I don’t care if it’s that version of you, or this version, I don’t care.”

“No,” the little steambun unexpectedly shakes his head in refute. “Mother, just now me and that bastard saw you in our dream. He was relatively normal until he took control of my body. I can tell he was very angry and might even hurt you because he won’t be able to recognize anyone. I’m afraid he will end up doing something I will regret…”

Bai Yan had nothing to add to that because she didn’t know what to say. Just the memory of that dark version would bring excruciating heartache to the woman herself, especially those sorrowful and sad eyes. It’s pounding and ripping at her inside.

“Anyways Mother, why is your tummy so much bigger as soon as I wake up? Is my sister about to come out?” That said, the boy’s contrasting red and blue eyes were sparkling with lustering light like the stars in the sky.

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