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Chapter 1251 “Dead (2)”

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“Alright,” gently stroking his fingers through his wife’s hair, Di Cang’s warm gentle smile was dazzling despite his ragged appearance. “She is a daughter you took in so she is mine as well. I won’t let others hurt our children.”

That remark brought a displeased look from the little steambun. Puckering his lips to the side: “Baddie Father, how come you’re never this good to me?”

Sweeping over his gaze immediately at the jab, the demon king’s look was hard and stern like a father lecturing a child: “You are the prince of the Demon Realm, a man of our Di family. As a man, you have a duty to protect your mother and sister, how do you expect me to spoil you if you got that on your shoulder?”

That didn’t make the young boy angry at all, instead it brought a burning fire of proudness to the kid’s face. “You are right Baddie Father, I am a man, and a man is used to spoil girls. I will assume the heavy responsibility of protecting Mother and my sister, as well as the citizens of the Demon Realm.”

Watching the two males in her life acting so childish and silly, Bai Yan’s tensed heart up until now finally died down. In fact, she was so amused that a giggle escaped her lips before she could turn back to the old goat and snake.

“Anyways, I’ve been meaning to ask you two before. How come the both of you are still here despite me breaking the contract with you two?”

Dragon Flame didn’t respond right away, only carefully looking towards Di Cang for help. When the old goat saw the demon king had no intention of intervening, a rock could be heard dropping inside over the lack of attention.

How come he’s looking at me like he doesn’t know me? I’m not wrong, the energy signature from his soul is clearly the same as that one. Also, why does it look like no one remembers anything? And how did he become the king of a Demon Realm?


Despite all the woes and questions hovering around the old goat’s heart, he didn’t bring it to the open and kept it inside for now.

“In my impression of humanity, your kind have always been sinister, cunning, cruel and vicious… But you changed my opinion of that because you didn’t use us as shields during time of danger. You set us free, for that I am grateful. This time I am willing to contract with you of my own volition.”

This decision from the old goat was beyond what Bai Yan expected and that caused her to raise a brow.

She didn’t have any other motives when lifting the contracts with these two before, after all, she was going to die anyways according to her own assumption. Why drag someone else down with her? Not like they have some sort of deep grudge for one another.

“You don’t hate me anymore? I remember you wanted to skin me alive and drink my blood. That’s what you said wasn’t it?”

That comment instantly roused a drop of cold sweat from the poor elder’s face. Dragon Flame could already see the death glare coming off of Di Cang from the corner of his eye.

Skin her alive and drink her blood?

I wouldn’t dare even if she gave me a hundred hearts!

Quickly wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Dragon Flame hurries to explain: “I only said those stuff because I wasn’t willing to be your servant, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Moreover, am I not willing to be your servant now?”

Bai Yan just smiled there, turning to Half Qing Sing for her thought. “Is your decision the same as his?”

Biting those lips, Do I even have a choice here? If I don’t agree then Dragon flame will definitely get payback on me. Will I make it out of here alive otherwise?

“I don’t have a problem with it.”

“Alright, since this is your decision then I will continue to contract with you both.”

Due to the pressuring aura from Di Cang and the willingness of both demons, Bai Yan didn’t have much trouble or resistance in this attempt. After closing her eyes, the lady’s feelers were able to easily sign her signature within their souls.

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