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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4917: Powerful Huo Linger

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Chapter 4917: Powerful Huo Linger

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This maiden was Huo Linger. With the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress and the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip in her possession, her power was even above Huo Qianwu’s.

These two divine weapons could unleash their full power in her hands because Huo Linger could provide enough energy to raise them.

Previously, the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress and the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip were constantly in a state of starvation. The Flame Divine Hall only fed them enough so that they didn’t weaken. However, with Huo Linger, they no longer had to worry about food.

That was why these two divine weapons were hellbent on following her. Moreover, Huo Linger wasn’t a human but a flame spirit, so they trusted her more.

As soon as they joined Huo Linger’s side, they proved their worth. Furthermore, they didn’t need to worry about running out of energy when fighting, as they had an endless energy source. Thus, they put all their energy into their attacks.

Originally, Long Chen had planned on having Huo Linger block Jiang Yiban, while Lei Linger sneak attacked the Flame Divine Hall’s people. However, when Long Chen told them his plan, Lei Linger opposed the plan.

She felt that she could block at least one attack from Jiang Yiban, while Huo Linger sneak attacked them. As a flame spirit, she could sneak in under the fluctuations of their flame energy.

In truth, Long Chen had also considered this. However, he was worried about whether or not Lei Linger could block Jiang Yiban. After all, the latter was a powerful Heaven Saint.

However, Long Chen also didn’t want to reject Lei Linger, who normally didn’t speak and express her feelings. Long Chen knew how prideful she was. Huo Linger’s power had grown immensely as he possessed two powerful Heaven Saint divine weapons, and this triggered Lei Linger’s competitive side.

If Long Chen rejected her idea, Lei Linger would definitely be hurt. Thus, Long Chen could only act like he hadn’t thought of how Huo Linger would have an advantage in the sneak attack. He even praised Lei Linger for thinking of it, making her smile.

Lei Linger had always been very pitiful. Although she possessed powerful heavenly tribulation power, she was only able to eat her fill during his tribulations.

After eating her fill, she had to immediately fight alongside him until his next tribulation. The beginning of this cycle wasn’t so bad, but toward the end, her power was clearly unable to keep up. Huo Linger ended up outpacing her.

However, this time, Lei Linger showed off her immense power and wits. She intentionally released the might of heavenly tribulation, distracting Jiang Yiban. After that, she sent her thunderforce all around Jiang Yiban, making him unable to tell where her attack was coming from.

It was only at the last moment that Lei Linger unleashed her attack. Despite being far weaker than him, she managed to accomplish her mission with her wits. This was a pleasant surprise for Long Chen. Lei Linger was actually much smarter than Huo Linger.

As for Huo Linger, she imitated the fluctuations of the vice hall master’s flame energy and hid in the void. When Jiang Yiban attacked, she launched the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip at one of the Flame Divine Hall’s experts, destroying his head.

Whether due to lingering resentment from being starved in the Flame Divine Hall or some other reason, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip unexpectedly opened its maw and devoured the entire corpse of the Heaven Saint after crushing his skull.

Once this Heaven Saint was killed, heaven and earth shuddered, and a formation diagram appeared in the air. This formation diagram had thirty-six points shining brightly, but now, one of them went dark.

“I just knew that you old dogs wouldn’t have any good intentions. You wanted to be the oriole this time?” Long Chen sneered.

Although he didn’t know what this formation was for exactly, based on what he saw, it looked like they wanted to capture the devil corpse. Perhaps they even wanted to get the Square Heaven Seal.

This formation covered all of heaven and earth, resembling thirty-six eyes watching everything. When one of those eyes went dark, the entire formation quivered and became unstable.

Jiang Yiban’s expression instantly changed. At this moment, the vice hall master’s furious roar rang out. “You idiot, stabilize the Heavenly Divination Grand Formation!”

Jiang Yiban immediately returned to his position. When the vice hall master roared, Long Chen and Mo Nian both felt the pressure on them increase. The cage started to inflate, looking like it would burst.

On the other side, the Square Heaven Seal was flickering as Xing Wujiang’s ancestral mark burned. He had clearly reached a critical juncture.

“Huo Linger!” shouted Long Chen.

Huo Linger wasted no time in launching another attack, this time targeting another Heaven Saint. She swiftly formed hand seals, causing the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress to tremble as a thousand true feathers coalesced into a raging torrent.

Meanwhile, one of the Heaven Saints found himself targeted by the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip. Unable to evade due to his position, he braced himself for the impact. Blood sprayed from his mouth upon the whiplash, but he remained steadfast and didn’t move his feet.

“Hold on!” roared Jiang Yiban, rushing over.

However, he was one step too late. A deluge of true feathers crashed into him and over ten other Heaven Saints. Despite their efforts to block with all their power, they were forced out of position. Their formation instantly grew chaotic.

“Die!” Jiang Yiban roared. If this continued, their grand formation would completely break. He thrust his sword at Huo Linger.

As the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip had returned to her, she swung it at Jiang Yiban’s sword.


The two divine weapons collided, sending both Huo Linger and Jiang Yiban staggering backward. Neither side gained the upper hand in this exchange.

The spectators couldn’t help but gasp. They could tell that Huo Linger wasn’t human but a flame spirit that Long Chen was nurturing. For a single flame spirit to be able to fight evenly with Jiang Yiban was absolutely shocking.

Just as Huo Linger and Jiang Yiban started fighting, Lei Linger charged into the Flame Divine Hall’s formation.

When those experts saw Lei Linger, they instantly cried out. They had just endured the impact of a thousand phoenix true feathers. While it was a wide-area attack, its power was still enough to make them cough up blood, throwing even their Heaven Saint power into disorder.

Just as they were injured and unable to bring out their full power, Lei Linger came. However, her lightning sword didn’t strike any single one of them. Instead, she stabbed it into the earth. Following that, all her power poured into her sword.

With a flash, she returned to the primal chaos space, feeling incredibly weak now.

As for the lightning sword that she left behind on the ground, it suddenly exploded. Lightning fragments blasted through the air, devouring everyone within the formation.

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