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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4916: Meticulous Trap

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Chapter 4916: Meticulous Trap

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The sacred chanting was holy yet strangely domineering, resembling a heavenly edict. All lifeforms could only prostrate themselves before it, and even the ten thousand Daos had to submit.

Eight pillars of flames surrounded Mo Nian’s chain net, forming a mighty cage around it. These flames penetrated the chain net, colliding with the vice hall master’s flame ring. The impact caused heaven and earth to shudder. Intense flames erupted, ripping through the fabric of reality.


The Flame Divine Hall’s experts cried out in shock. When Long Chen chanted the Nirvana Scripture, their core flame energy flew out of them, forcibly absorbed by Long Chen.

“How can this be?!”

Jiang Yiban was filled with disbelief. After all, they were Heaven Saints from the Flame Divine Hall. As the devout worshippers of Lord Brahma, they had all cultivated the Nirvana Scripture. However, Long Chen’s Nirvana Scripture could absorb their flame energy from their bodies, which completely toppled their understanding.

“Seal!” Mo Nian roared, and his hand seals changed.

“Prison!” Long Chen also spat out a word and changed his hand seals. The speed of his chanting accelerated.


Both Long Chen’s flame prison and Mo Nian’s chain net contracted, applying ferocious pressure on the vice hall master.

The flame prison quivered as the vice hall master fought back crazily. However, having been schemed against by Mo Nian, he was caught on the back foot. Long Chen and Mo Nian were going all-out, and with the loss of initiative, the vice hall master was temporarily unable to escape their strongest binding skills.

“Haha, you’re still lacking some maturity if you want to fight Daddy Mo.” Mo Nian laughed, extremely pleased with himself, as he realized they had successfully trapped the vice hall master.

This plan had been meticulously crafted by Mo Nian. In truth, when he and Long Chen first attacked, it was merely a diversion to draw the vice hall master’s attention. The vice hall master’s casual wave to knock them back had caused intense spatial fluctuations, playing right into Mo Nian’s hands.

At that crucial moment, Mo Nian took advantage of the intense spatial fluctuations to activate a formation he had long since prepared. He then sent that transformation right to the vice hall master’s path.

Calculating the vice hall master’s path was extremely simple. With his pride, he would definitely walk straight toward Xing Wujiang. As long as Mo Nian moved the formation to that spot, it would be effective, provided the vice hall master didn’t deviate too much from that path.

When the vice hall master was injured and got angry, Mo Nian used his chain net—one of his secret trump cards. He had used this net countless times to evade life-threatening situations, holding back opponents far stronger than himself while he escaped.

However, this time, he wasn’t using them to run but to bind the vice hall master. Despite his injuries and fury, the vice hall master’s pride prevented him from doing anything overboard.

After all, if he were to unleash his greatest trump cards on two Divine Venerate disciples, he would turn into a laughingstock no matter the result. People at his level often liked to preen themselves, which wouldn’t be possible if he went all out.

Thus, Mo Nian gambled on whether or not the vice hall master would dare to go all-out. Although he hadn’t held back with that attack, his casual demeanor suggested that he hadn’t unleashed more than seventy percent of his true power.

Mo Nian was staking his life with this gamble. Could this trump card he usually used to flee withstand seventy percent of the vice hall master’s maximum power? The answer would determine Mo Nian’s fate.

This technique was a secret art of the Limitless Palace. If mastered to the ninth level, it could neutralize over ninety percent of the opponent’s power effortlessly. However, Mo Nian had been too busy to elevate this technique to such heights. He had halted its progression after reaching the fifth level.

His reason was simple: he viewed this move as a means of escape. As long as the opponent didn’t instantly break it, he would have enough time to slip away. Spending so much valuable time on training in this move wasn’t as good as finding more treasures.

Now, however, he regretted his decision a bit. Yet, regret was futile. There wasn’t enough time to train it to a higher level. Hence, he could only grit his teeth and endure.

When the vice hall master’s attack landed, Mo Nian almost couldn’t endure it, feeling like he might explode. Fortunately, he was ruthless and bitterly clung on.

Mo Nian only wanted to buy time for Long Chen. Their cooperation was flawless, and by the time the vice hall master unleashed his second attack, Long Chen’s Raging Flame Prison was fully formed.

Combining their techniques resulted in a supremely powerful prison. Mo Nian’s technique was durable and flexible, while Long Chen’s technique was solid and unyielding. Together, they complemented each other perfectly.

As the prisons constricted, the space within them became subjected to intense pressure. The vice hall master felt the pressure grow to a terrifying level.

Most importantly, Long Chen’s Raging Flame Prison was supported by the Nirvana Scripture. When he activated the Nirvana Scripture to the highest possible level, it not only absorbed the flame energy from heaven and earth but also from the bodies of the Flame Divine Hall’s experts. Well, who told them to be flame cultivators?

Furthermore, the cage supported by Nirvana Scripture had this devouring ability as well. When the vice hall master struck the cage with his flame energy, the majority of that energy was simply absorbed by the cage. With one misstep, the vice hall master fell into Mo Nian and Long Chen’s meticulous trap.

Both Long Chen and Mo Nian knew that it couldn’t possibly trap the vice hall master forever. However, according to the plan, they only needed to hold him back for a single breath.

At this moment, a figure silently appeared behind Long Chen like a phantom. It was Jiang Yiban. He was determined to save the vice hall master from his predicament. However, he was the only one to move; the others still stood in their original positions.


Just as Jiang Yiban emerged, a lightning sword mercilessly descended with the might of heavenly tribulation.

Jiang Yiban had planned on sneak attacking Long Chen, but Long Chen had expected him to come. Lei Linger swiftly attacked him with the power of heavenly tribulation. Startled, Jiang Yiban leaped back; even someone as formidable as him dared not touch that lightning barehanded. He swung his sword to block the incoming strike.

The lightning sword wielded by Lei Linger shattered upon Jiang Yiban’s counterattack. Despite Lei Linger’s intimidating aura, fueled by the power of heavenly tribulation, she was outmatched against a formidable Heaven Saint.

Realizing that Lei Linger posed little threat to him, Jiang Yiban swiftly shifted his focus back to Long Chen.

However, Long Chen was smiling at him derisively and then pointed at the experts from the Flame Divine Hall. When Jiang Yiban looked over, he was instantly horrified.

A beautiful maiden wearing the luxurious Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress and wielding the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip blasted apart the head of one of the Flame Divine Hall’s experts.

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