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List Novels (Battle Competition) 25 Results
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This tag should be used either if the entirety of the story revolves around a competition, or if the protagonist frequently partakes in this kind of competition, where contestants fight against one another. It should not be used if the competition happens only in a single arc of the story.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
2Battlefield: MasurawoLight Novel2006Completed(28)
3Breakthrough with the Forbidden MasterWeb Novel2019328/397
4Complete Martial Arts AttributesWeb Novel20192233/1633
5Cosmic Professional GladiatorWeb Novel2021865/1000
6DD2Web Novel20121733/1729
7Emperor FuWeb Novel2008Completed(2251)
8Extreme Flame WizardWeb Novel2020174/200
9Fairy TombWeb Novel20172265/2233
10Fate/ZeroLight Novel2006Completed(95)
11Grasping EvilWeb Novel2013833/1243
12I Have MedicineWeb Novel2016418/1085
13King of GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(1585)
14Land Key FairyWeb Novel20202160/774
15Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan MaouLight Novel2013Completed(171)
16Martial Arts MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(753)
17Reverend InsanityWeb Novel2012Completed(2334)
18Sanjie DuzunWeb Novel2014Completed(2376)
19The Everlasting Supreme ImmortalWeb Novel20192824/2814
20The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!Web NovelN/ACompleted(224)
21Thế Giới Hoàn MỹWeb Novel2013Completed(2017)
22Tian Zhu BianWeb Novel2011Completed(903)
23Tianhuo AvenueWeb Novel2014Completed(904)
24To Be a Power in the Shadows!Web Novel2018Completed(203)
25True Martial WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1710)