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List Novels (Battle Academy) 44 Results
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This tag is to be used when the main protagonist of the story goes to a battle academy, a battle academy is an academy created for the purpose of training students in the art of battle, precise details may vary from story to story.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A Returner’s Magic Should Be SpecialWeb Novel2016Completed(314)
2A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
3All My Beasts are LegendaryWeb Novel2020Completed(504)
4Battle FrenzyWeb Novel2016Completed(1228)
5Commanding Wind and CloudWeb Novel2010652/722
6Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a ManWeb Novel20131502/1501
7DD2Web Novel20121733/1729
8DD3Web Novel2015Completed(1983)
9Douluo DaluWeb Novel2008Completed(337)
10Extras in FictionWeb Novel2018Completed(379)
11Extreme Flame WizardWeb Novel2020174/200
12Fantasy SimulatorWeb NovelN/A853/453
13Fights Break SphereWeb Novel2009Completed(1649)
14Genius WarlockWeb Novel2021437/634
15God of FishingWeb Novel20193710/2728
16God of IllusionsWeb Novel20181048/638
17Great DominateWeb Novel2013Completed(1560)
18Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy AtaraxiaLight Novel2014139/100
19Kidnapped DragonsWeb Novel2019434/425
20Kyoukai Senjou no HorizonLight Novel2008660/1000
21Long Live Summons!Web Novel20101037/1399
22Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan MaouLight Novel2013Completed(171)
23Maou Gakuin No FutekigoushaWeb Novel2017153/476
24Martial God SpaceWeb Novel2012951/3886
25Martial Movement UpheavalWeb Novel2011Completed(1317)
26My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince CharmingWeb Novel2017Completed(198)
27Nano MashinWeb Novel2017Completed(483)
28Peerless Battle SpiritWeb Novel20152341/2526
29Peerless ValkyrieWeb Novel2012Completed(2500)
30Return of the AvengerWeb Novel2015Completed(1370)
31Seirei Tsukai no Blade DanceLight Novel2010Completed(252)
32Sheng WangWeb Novel2011Completed(1601)
33Super God GeneWeb Novel2016Completed(3462)
34Tempest of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2010Completed(678)
35Tempest of the Stellar WarWeb Novel2013Completed(1442)
36The Everlasting Supreme ImmortalWeb Novel20192818/2814
37The King of Special WarfareWeb Novel2018576/1498
38Thế Giới Hoàn MỹWeb Novel2013Completed(2017)
39To Be a Power in the Shadows!Web Novel2018Completed(203)
40Ultimate FightingWeb Novel2018915/857
41Unrivaled Medicine GodWeb Novel2015Completed(3119)
42Venerable YuanWeb Novel2017Completed(1503)
43Wuji TianxiaWeb Novel2012Completed(2275)
44Xiuluo WushenWeb Novel20135923/5293