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«Zombie Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1296 On the Last Day of October,

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Chapter 1296 On the Last Day of October,

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"Wow, it's indeed Elder Sister Liu's gene that is stronger. Look at this brat, he seems to be even more beautiful than our daughter!" Rongrong saw that the child really liked it and expressed his opinion.

Li Na looked at her daughter and the newborn little brat dejectedly.

If one looked at Qin Wenxin alone, this girl was also beautiful, but compared to the new-born Little Hairy Ball, her eyebrows and eyebrows actually seemed to be a bit weaker.

Ah, this Qin Potian is just born. He is so handsome before he grows up. He looks like a super handsome guy when he grows up.

After many comparisons, Li Na sighed helplessly. She had to admit that Qin Potian was indeed more beautiful than her own daughter.

Really, why is a boy so beautiful? Don't tell me you want to be a pretty boy in the future?

Li Na, who had just been busy because of Liu Ru's birth, began to feel unfair for her daughter. Then, she began to talk in her heart about slandering other people's sons. She could be considered a real little girl.

A group of women chirped, but the delivery room was warm and quiet.

Liu Ru lay weakly on the bed. Lan Yue, who had climbed up from the ground, lay in Liu Ru's arms and cried excitedly.

Liu Ru closed her eyes and had a happy smile on her face. She had seen her daughter before, and she looked very much like herself, but her face was more like Qin An's.

Tears slowly rolled down from the corner of her eyes. Without opening her eyes, Liu Ru placed her hand on Lan Yue's head and patted her gently.

"Be good, don't cry."

"Mm" Lan Yue choked, her tears still uncontrollable.

'"In this life, we don't have that kind of fate anymore. But please believe me, Lan Yu, I really miss you for more than twenty years! Although I will change into Little Ru and visit you occasionally, even though I live not far from you, but … but Mom still really misses you and wants you to call me Mom!"

Lan Yue was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Liu Ru. After a long time, she threw herself back into the arms of this beautiful woman.

"Mom! Mom, I miss you too. I'm worried about you too! Mom, thank you for letting me call you Mom! This is the last time in my life!"

Liu Ru also cried even more sadly, and then tried her best to prop up her body and hug Lan Yue tightly.

The mother and daughter broke through the last barrier and their hearts finally fused together.

In the apocalypse, the reunion of relatives who had been separated for more than twenty years was actually not a joyful feeling, but rather a sad feeling of separation for a long time.

Time seemed to have stopped, and Lan Yue was crying in Liu Ru's arms, not knowing where she was.

Liu Ru never opened her eyes, making Lan Yue cry before pushing her away.

'"Lan Yue, go out and take a look at Potian. He is also your child in the future. You must treat him well and let him grow up healthily. I hope he will never be worried!"

This was the most sincere blessing from his birth mother.

Lan Yue nodded and helped Liu Ru lie back on the bed, letting her rest before turning around and leaving.

When she left the room, Lan Yue frowned slightly and turned to look at her mother on the bed. She closed her eyes, tears still hanging from the corners of her eyes, as if she had fallen asleep.

After giving birth to the child, Liu Ru took a look at her appearance and did not open her eyes again. Lan Yue felt that it was a little strange, but she did not think too much about it in the end. She only thought that her mother was too tired.

Let's go see the newborn boy first.

Thinking of this, Lan Yue pulled open the door and walked out of the delivery room. When the door closed, she did not know that she and Liu Ru would never see each other again in this lifetime!

"Alright … let's just do this. Have you really decided to do this?"

In the empty delivery room, Liu Ru's voice was deep and trembling. It sounded strange.

"En, from now on, we will not owe each other anything. I will use you to revive, and I promise you that I will not kill Lan Yue and Qin Potian!"

A female voice arose in Liu Ru's heart. It was the Transcendent Body Sword God!

'"You really can't leave the Heavenly Residence after your resurrection? Do you have to kill someone else? You have been in my body for so many years, and now you have used the power of the Son of the Transcendent Body to complete a 100% union with me, and obtained Qin An's Sword God Gene. Do you … do you have to kill someone?"

"Liu Ru, your body I have long been able to control, the reason why you gave birth to a child is only for the sake of these 20 years of love! There are a few women outside who have deep enmity with me, so I can't let them go. So, I have to kill them before they reach 100% integration with the host. For this, I can only let you down. There's nothing I can do about it. I only have two choices. Either I give up my soul and combine it with you, let you have my memories, and then resurrect with you as the main body. In that case, we will only be demigod. Moreover, I will lose myself and will use your subjective consciousness to choose how to do things. Then I will not be resurrected! Many years ago, I sensed the aura of the Fragrant Shadow Sword God. It seems that she was revived in the Demigod state, which is equivalent to being fused by the host! "I'm not that stupid. I want to be revived as a Sword God. I want to be myself!"

As she spoke, Liu Ru on the bed suddenly opened her eyes. Two red rays of light shot out from her eyes, and two holes appeared on the roof!

At this time, Liu Ru's soul was completely killed by the Transcendent Sword God. Liu Ru was not around, so she was overweight.

"Ling'er, you came at the right time! My eldest sister used her mental energy to communicate with me just now and said that it was elder sister Liu Ru who gave birth!"

Wuma Siqi's face was filled with excitement as she enthusiastically led Ling'er, Dumb Melon Yan Liuxiang, and Yu'er into the Heavenly Residence.

Right now, everyone was still living in the Heavenly Residence constructed by Wuma Siqi. Although the entrance to the Heavenly Residence constructed by Qin An allowed people to enter and exit freely, because Qin An was not present, there were no buildings inside.

"Is that so? Unfortunately, Qin An is nowhere to be found. Otherwise, he will go crazy with joy. At that time, Xiao Wenxin was born. Do I remember how arrogant he was?"

"Hehe, Sister Ling'er, you are becoming more and more humane now! That's not bad!"

Wuma Siqi was not very familiar with Ling'er, but she had heard Qin Xiaoyan talk about Ling'er and knew her identity and relationship with Qin An, so she said so.

Ling'er was slightly stunned for a moment before gently patting Wuma Siqi's little butt.

"I'm a human, okay? Do you think I don't look like a human anymore?"

"Hehe, big sister Ling'er, I was wrong! You look like someone everywhere. You're a good woman with a bulging front and a curving back. Husband didn't even manage to control you at that time!"

Hearing Wuma Siqi's words, Ling'er's face turned red. She had to admit that Wuma Siqi was right. She was really becoming more and more human.

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