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«You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 1116: Best Actor Shen Is Jealous (2)

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Chapter 1116: Best Actor Shen Is Jealous (2)

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She picked up the call and a voice came over the line, “How are you, Ms. Qiao? This is the ESports App Company. So, in the past, all of our contracted female casters worked remotely. Now our company requires that all our employees have to come to the office to work. Also, the office has moved to the headquarters. This would mean that from tomorrow, you’ll have to come to the headquarters to work. Would that be okay?”

Qiao Lian was astonished.

Her eyes lit up at once and she looked at Shen Liangchuan, smiling broadly. “Yes, sure.”

“Good, in this case I’ll send you the address in a bit. Ms. Qiao, please report to the headquarters at 9 a.m. sharp tomorrow.”

“No problem.”

After she hung up, Qiao Lian sprang up from her seat and exclaimed, “Shen Liangchuan, what did you tell Lu Nanze? How is it that I’ve suddenly been asked to go to the headquarters to work?”

He frowned and reached out to support her, saying, “You have to be careful when you get up, you’re pregnant! Don’t be so rash and careless in everything you do.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and said, “Shen Liangchuan, you used to be a man of few words, but now you’re like a naggy old lady.”

Shen Liangchuan: …

Qiao Lian laughed aloud after she said this.


The following morning, Qiao Lian was ready by 8 a.m. and left the house on time.

Shen Liangchuan, who was sitting on the sofa, had mixed feelings as he watched her change her shoes.

Carrying her bag, she was full of fighting spirit as she took a deep breath. She turned around and gave him as relaxed a smile as she could manage. “I’m off to work!”

Shen Liangchuan nodded and specially reminded her, “Be careful, watch out for your own safety.”

Qiao Lian made an OK gesture, opened the front door and left the house.

The moment the door shut behind her, the relaxed expression on Shen Liangchuan’s face vanished at once.

He picked up his cell phone and dialed Song Cheng’s number. “Have you found the person?”

Song Cheng replied hurriedly, “The guy was decommissioned from the special forces, he used to be a top-grade soldier and is extremely nimble. I even had three bodyguards fight him and he put them down very easily. He is certainly adequate to protect Sister Qiao.”

Shen Liangchuan nodded and said, “Ok, get a few more bodyguards and plant them around her in disguise.”


Still, Shen Liangchuan wasn’t satisfied and added, “I want to know everything that happens to her without the single tiniest detail left out.”


“And where Beijing is concerned, we’ll manage by teleconferencing. I won’t be going back just yet.”

Song Cheng sounded nervous at once and said, “Brother Shen, you’ve just taken over the company’s business. If you remain in Suzhou, people will gossip and it’ll benefit Shen Xiu. If they come around to create trouble—”

“That’s all.” Shen Liangchuan refused to listen further to what Song Cheng was saying.


After he hung up, Shen Liangchuan cast his gaze down and tried to suppress his nervousness.

He was nowhere near as relaxed and confident as he looked. That was his wife and that was his child. Even though he felt that Lu Nanze would not harm them, he was still worried.

Holding his cell phone, he paced up and down restlessly.


Qiao Lian turned around and looked at the villa after she walked through the front door.

Then she took another deep breath.

Trying to suppress her own nervousness, she turned around again. But just as she stepped out of the villa compound, she saw that Lu Nanze was by the street, standing next to his car and waiting for her.

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