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«You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 1117: Best Actor Shen Is Jealous (3)

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Chapter 1117: Best Actor Shen Is Jealous (3)

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Qiao Lian’s pupils shrank back in a flash, as she did her best to look relaxed. Taking a step forward, she said to Lu Nanze, “Why are you here?”

Smiling at her, he said, “To take you to work.”

Qiao Lian was flabbergasted. “What?”

“Hop in.” As he spoke, he opened the door to the front passenger seat and signaled her to get in.

She looked at Lu Nanze, cleared her throat and said, “Do you know where my office is?”

Since she was putting on an act, she thought she would go all the way.

After all, she was someone who had lost her memory.

Lu Nanze continued to look at her with a grin on his face and said, “I do know. Get in.”

Qiao Lian nodded and got into the car.

They drove away.

After their car took the turn ahead, a nondescript black Volkswagen started driving and followed them.

Half an hour later, they arrived at Lu Nanze’s office.

As she got out of the car, Qiao Lian looked up at the imposing high-rise building before her and narrowed her eyes.

It wasn’t her first time here.

Eight years ago, they had often gone to each other’s family offices for fun.

She remembered coming here when she was younger. At that time, this had just been a shabby five-story building.

She couldn’t have imagined that after eight years, in its place would be this splendid building that looked about thirty or forty stories high.

Just like the Lu family enterprise. They had grown from being a medium-sized enterprise back then to become leaders of the industry today.

But these changes had taken place only after the Qiao family’s building project came to that tragic end.

Qiao Lian narrowed her eyes and tightened her fists at once.

In other words, it was possible that it was on her parents’ hard-earned fortune that the Lu family had built their properties.

As she stood there, lost in her thoughts, she suddenly felt someone touch her arm. She immediately snapped out of her dazed state and turned around. Lu Nanze was looking at her. “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Lian shook her head immediately. Seeing the puzzled expression on his face, she feigned an innocent look and said, “I’m not sure why, there’s something familiar when I look at this place, but at the same time it’s foreign to me. What’s going on?”

Lu Nanze sighed in relief at those words. He pointed at the building and said unhurriedly, “This is my family’s office building. When we were young, we often sneaked out here together to play in the office.”

Qiao Lian looked at him and found herself suddenly asking instinctively, “Then what about my family’s office building?”

Lu Nanze narrowed his eyes.

Qiao Lian continued, “You said that you were my childhood sweetheart. Your family had a business, hence I guess my family must have had a flourishing business too. Tell me about it.”

She had put on a very innocent look but at this remark, the smile on Lu Nanze’s face froze.

Tell her about her family?

How was he going to answer this question?

He fixed his gaze ahead, not daring to look into her eyes.

He said unhurriedly, “Your family… The building they were building collapsed and that had caused your family to go bankrupt.”

Qiao Lian tilted her head and probed, “How could a building just collapse for no reason? And my parents? How did they die?”

This matter had been released to the press at the time, there was no way he could lie about it.

He started, “There was an accidental fire in your house and they both died.”

She continued to ask, “Were my parents evil people?”

Lu Nanze found himself at a loss for words.

Of course they hadn’t been.

They had almost been the most honest businessmen in all of Suzhou!

He had only looked into their account books from that time, after becoming in charge of the Lu family business.

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