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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 424 Trap Of Memories IX Rising

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Chapter 424 Trap Of Memories IX Rising

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424 Trap of Memories IX - Rising

"So your brother is joining next year?" Asher asked.

"Yeah, but he wants to focus on researching so he will join the Potion Crafting class just like you," Damian replied.

Both of them were standing in the training room.

"Father didn't like it that he doesn't want to train combat arts but Nate isn't the one to give up easily," Damian said with a smile.

Asher observed Damian as he looked at him.

"What?" Damian asked with a confused look.

"Nothing," Asher shook his head.

"Oh come on, now I am curious," Damian whined but Asher resumed his training.

These days, it was hard to see Damian outside doing anything else than training.

Due to his role, it was hard to practice alone so Damian would ask Asher to practice with him.

"Your class will start soon, right? I will go roam around for a bit," Damian said as he put the shield down.

Asher nodded as Damian went out.

Suddenly the bright look on Damian's face, became dull as he walked outside the Rankers Dorms.

The schedule of each class was different for the Second Year Students, apart from the common classes like Sword Art, or Mage Art, theory classes would often be held for each class separately.

Asher wiped the sweat off his face, as he used the shower after a while wore the uniform and went out for the class.

When Asher entered the class, everyone averted their eyes and ignored him.

While Kevin, Elena, and Eva glanced at him once and ignored him like the other students.

Due to the way this class was structured, other students didn't interact with Asher at all so to avoid being in the bad eyes of the two of the Seven Seats.

Kevin and his group didn't shy away from showing that they didn't like Asher, so it was obvious who the students would side with.

Asher didn't care about such things, as he took the seat in the back.

He opened his ID Bracelet, to check out things in his schedule, as saw a person coming towards him.

"Can we have a talk?" The person said.

Asher looked up, and it was Kevin.

"What's happening?"

"Are they fighting?"

Many students turned their heads, but Kevin was still looking at Asher.

"Why?" Asher asked.

"I will explain it to you later, let's have a conversation after this class," Kevin said.

Just now, the Professor entered the class and Kevin noticed it and went back to his seat.

The class proceeded and ended without an issue, and Kevin stood up and pointed at Asher to come outside.

Although as unbothered or unconcerned as Asher might have been, he never backed down from a challenge.

Kevin was waiting in the hallway while Elena and Eva stood as guards to make sure no students in their class bothered them.

"Do you know, your actions cause so much worry for Amelia?" Kevin looked at Asher.magic

His attitude changed, as an expression of anger was evident on his face.

"Why do you care?" Asher asked.

"Why do I care? I am her friend and someone who wants to support her," Kevin replied.

"Friend…so? Why should I care?" Asher countered.

"Hahaha, I knew it!" Kevin looked at Asher.

"How could even call yourself her brother, I guess you are really insecure that she would take your little Heir position?" Kevin spoke.

"Is that what she told you to say?" Asher asked.

"Huh? No!" Kevin immediately answered.

"Do you think Amelia would ever say that to your face, unlike you she cares about her family," Kevin said.

Kevin knew that Amelia didn't like confronting Asher about things, and he took her actions as hesitation.

"I am just here to say one thing, don't bother Amelia anymore," Kevin said while staring at Asher.

"Because if you do, you will make your enemy," Kevin said.

Asher looked straight at Kevin, with an unbothered expression. It wasn't the first time, Kevin had an argument with him.

There were many people who wanted to create problems for the Heir of the Greville Family who had awakened just before joining the academy, assuming that Asher was weak, and the way that Asher handled them, didn't sit well with Kevin.

"Do what you want, and if she has a problem, she can come herself," Asher said as he turned around to leave.

"It's not Amelia who has a problem, it's you that creates all the problems hanging around that Garcia's Girl," Kevin shouted as Asher kept walking.

"No wonder, with your personality, you hang around such ugly people," Kevin said with an irritated look on his face.

He didn't like the fact how unbothered Asher would always be, and time and time again due to their social standing Kevin couldn't outright deal with Asher.

Hearing, Kevin's words Asher stopped and turned around.

"Hah? Did that comment about your personality angered you?" Kevin asked with a smirk on his face.

"Did I say anything wrong? The way you treat other students, and abuse your status, I would say Amelia is 100 times more qualified to be the Heir than you,"

"Unlike you, she actually shows concern about other students, even in the Seven Seats she is constantly working-," Kevin was working as he stopped as Asher's killing intent started pouring out.

Those words were enough to bring out Asher's killing intent as he felt annoyed and in that split second, he allowed his madness to come out of him.

Elena and Eva also got defensive while Kevin frowned as he channeled his mana.

This was the first time, they had seen such a reaction from Asher, who always maintained an emotionless face.

It was enough to surprise even Kevin who got ready to face Asher's attack.

'I will not back down, if it's for Amelia,' Kevin thought as he looked ahead.

Elena saw the look in Kevin's eyes and started channeling her mana as well.

Asher looked around him, as he took back his killing intent and walked toward Kevin.

"If you are so concerned about Amelia, bring her in front of me, and say the same words," Asher said.

"Don't project your ideals around, and expect others to follow them," Asher said.

"And for your words, do I take them as a challenge from the Whiteheart Family?" Asher asked.

Kevin frowned as he realized that in hindsight he might have taken things too far.

Looking at Kevin's reaction, Asher turned around to leave as Elena and Eva stepped back and let Asher leave.

"Kevin, I told you talking with him wouldn't make things any better," Elena went toward Kevin who was clenching his fist.

"But Elena, don't you see how troubled Amelia is by all this, and the root of those problems, isn't it him," Kevin said.

"Still, you shouldn't openly say certain words, Kevin," Eva spoke out.

"Your words can even lead to create animosity between two families," Eva said.

"My bad, I got carried away," Kevin scratched his neck.

"And if Amelia needs our help, we will help her, let's not get involved with this guy," Elena added.

This whole scenario happened after Kevin had a conversation with Amelia yesterday and Elena wanted to stop him, but she couldn't in the end.

"Yeah, sorry again," Kevin apologized.

"It's fine Kevin, you wanted to do something good for Amelia," Elena said.

"But there are some people you can't reason with," She added.

"And let's not do this in front of other students," Eva said.

"It will only create unnecessary rumors,"

"Unlike that guy, let's not ruin our reputation,"

Kevin nodded, as he could understand that his actions right now might have been a bit abrupt.

"You guys go ahead, I have some work to do," Elena said.

"Ok," Eva said as Kevin and Eva went ahead.

Elena's smile faded as she looked back and clenched her fist.

"How dare he show his killing intent toward Kevin," Elena felt angry.

But during that conversation, Elena found it odd that never before had Asher reacted like this whenever Kevin confronted him or said anything.

But this time, he did and for Elena, it seemed weird.

"He told me to report anything out of the ordinary," Elena muttered.

By 'he', Elena meant a certain person who had offered her a deal that worked in her favor. She didn't know why that person wanted information regarding Asher Greville, but because the conditions offered favored her and especially Kevin, Elena accepted that.

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