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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 423 Trap Of Memories VIII Talent

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Chapter 423 Trap Of Memories VIII Talent

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423 Trap of Memories VIII - Talent

"Is this even possible?"

"He won against Matthew?"

"I can't believe this!"

"I guess that's the blood of the Sword God,"

In the sword art class, the spar was happening, and this time it was a spar against Rank 2 Matthew and Rank 8 Asher Greville.

It was Erwin who told both of them to spar but even he didn't see this result coming.

Matthew's wrist was broken, while Asher was standing with sweat falling down his face.

Erwin frowned, but he looked at the instructor to announce the result.

"Asher Greville has won," The instructor said.

Asher turned around, while Matthew stood up with a frustrated look on his face.

He was the strongest swordsman among the Second-Year students and it was something that he was proud of.

The fact he was above the grandson of the Sword God, who had passed away gave him motivation, but now losing to Asher, was a frustrating feeling.

"The class is dismissed, Asher Greville stay behind I need to talk with you," Erwin said as he ended the class.

The students started leaving, and the instructor took Matthew to the medical ward so that he could treat his wound.

"I am greatly disappointed in your behavior," Erwin said as he looked at Asher.

"Is something wrong, Professor Erwin?" Asher asked as he looked Erwin in the eye.

The look in Asher's eyes that didn't change at all irked Erwin even more.

"Do you believe it was because of your skill that you won against Matthew?" Erwin asked.

"He was holding back because of the difference in your rank, but taking things so far in a spar, I can't believe someone from an Elite family would do that," Erwin said with a frown on his face.

"I will deduct your grades for this behavior, please make sure to correct your way in the future," Erwin said.

"Ok," Asher replied.magic

Erwin got more annoyed at Asher's lack of reaction but he couldn't do anything more, so he dismissed Asher and told him to leave.

"If it wasn't for Young Master Leonard, I would have corrected his attitude long ago," Erwin muttered to himself.

"That old man Xander increased his arrogance so much after teaching him personally," Erwin scoffed as he looked at Asher leave.

Outside the class, Asher simply ignored Erwin's remark as he didn't care about his grades so much.

It was a spar so not many people took the result lightly after Professor Erwin deducted Asher's grade for wrongful sparring in the next class.

Although students didn't think that the spar was wrong, because it was Erwin himself who pointed out the wrong things cleverly about how Matthew was holding back, and the ethics of a spar, they believed him.

The power imbalance was rising inside the World Academy with the vacant position of the Vice Principal.

But the things outside the World Academy weren't exactly peaceful either, as the meeting of the High Council had just ended, and the result of that meeting wasn't favorable for the Greville Family.

"It's fine Sylvie, it's not your fault things went like this," Arthur said as he removed the rings from his hands.

He had just returned from the High Council Meeting, and he was removing the artifacts that he was carrying with him.

"I am sorry Arthur, if only I was more careful with the executive board this-," Sylvie was speaking but stopped as Arthur placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It's fine, we can take a few losses, it's not like the whole Abyss Corporation will fall just because of this," Arthur said.

Arthur turned around, and his eyes turned cold as he opened his phone and looked at the list that had been delivered to him just now.

"Take care of them, even if they are outside Somaria, I want their heads," Arthur said as he looked at the members of Greyhounds that were standing.

The two SS Rank Hunters, with the other S Rank Hunters, disappeared as they went out.

The list contained the names of the people that betrayed Abyss Corporation and ran away from Somaria.

Abyss Guild and Abyss Corporation were both pillars that supported the Greville Family, but they lost the monopoly over mana crystals that they had, and Williams Family was allowed to operate in Somaria and other continents as they agreed to lower the prices of mana crystals.

It was a huge loss for Abyss Corporation, but it wasn't something that could shake the foundations of the Greville Family.


Days went by, as the End Year Examination was near, but there was a sudden announcement that surprised many students.

"Due to the overaccumulation of mana around the artifact, we are delaying the opening of Trials Ground for 4 months," Arman announced.

It was a combined decision of the whole faculty council.

The gates of the Trials Ground needed a lot of mana to activate, and the opening period could only pushed back by 4 months and anything later than that, the runes wouldn't activate.

And once the Trials Ground opened, it would not open until the next year.

It was supposed to open right after the End Year Tournament, but due to the over fluctuations of mana, Farnus decided to push the dates.

But strangely enough, the second-year students who were unhappy with the delay got happy as an educational trip was planned to compensate the students.

It was a trip to Halcyon, which was exciting for a lot of students as it was a very closed continent.

The trip was only for the Second Year Students who would become third years after the End Year Tournament.

But it was still many months ahead and the early announcement didn't clarify anything else.

"Isn't it good that we can have a fun trip to ourselves, after the Tournament," Elena stretched her hands.

"Yeah, it will be great for you as well Amelia, let's have some fun after it," Elena looked at Amelia.

Amelia nodded at her.

Kevin wasn't present as he was meeting with Raelyn who had just visited the World Academy after completing her missions as a Fourth Year.

But Amelia's mood wasn't that great as things were not that good for the Greville Family as a new product took over the market that pushed Abyss Corporation back.

It was from a new company that was made by Leonard Tarvian and Reece Williams.

A potion that could increase the strength of a Hunter, something that could help in Dungeon Raids, and it was much cheaper than buying an artifact and was available in large quantities.

Amelia didn't know everything about what was happening as Sylvie and Arthur didn't tell her much.

There wasn't much she could do to solve it, but she relaxed as Elena and Eva talked with her.

'I guess, I can depend on them,' Amelia thought in her head.

"By the way, I have some work you guys go ahead," Elena said looking at Amelia and Eva.

"Okay," Amelia replied.

Elena exited the building as she went toward the Outer Sector in a particular place.

She arrived there and entered the building, she looked at the seats in the corner and went there and sat down.

"Your expressions says that you don't like this meeting too much," The young man in front of her said with a smile.

"What do you need?" Elena asked with a frown on her face.

"Calm down, Young Lady of the Rothschild Family, I have helped you, so it's your time to return the favor," he said.

"I will help you once, but if things don't go as planned, don't think that being the Son of World Association Chairman would help you much," Elena replied.

"Ease down, little Kevin would be upset if he knew his best friend has a side like this," Leonard said with a sly smile on his face.

"Don't you dare bring Kevin into this," Elena's mana started fluttering.

Leonard kept smiling but after a moment his smile went away.

"I guess someone isn't good with jokes, but anyway, this is what I need you to do," Leonard said as he passed a perfectly square piece of metal to Elena.

"This contains all the information that you need, if you have any doubt, you can contact me through Jack, or Gavin Neville," Leonard said as he stood up.

"You get what you want, I get what I want, and we both go on our ways, isn't that perfect?" Leonard muttered as he went out.

Elena took the piece of metal, put it inside her pocket and stood up.

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