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«WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 485: Truth and Conspiracy VI

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Chapter 485: Truth and Conspiracy VI

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Huo Yunting’s eyes were bloodshot. He pulled out a silver gun from behind him, loaded it and pointed at Xue Yuming—all in one go.


Xue Yuming screamed, quaking in her boots, as her eyes almost popped out from her head.

“Wait, Yunting!”

The old lady’s voice was heard at the doorway. Xue Yuming breathed a sigh of relief.

After escaping death, Xue Yuming lay frozen on the expensive carpet.

Huo Yunting let off his finger from the half-pulled trigger.

The old lady was his only family member. He did not want her to see the bloody scene.

“Grandma, this is personal business. You are not well and should stay in your room.”

While speaking, Huo Yunting’s arm stayed motionless as he still pointed the gun at Xue Yuming.

He would not let this evil woman go.

“Yunting…” The old lady leaned against the door and appeared fragile as if she would pass out at any time. “I do not want her blood to taint my grandson’s hands. Do you understand?” She coughed violently and slowly slid toward the floor.

Huo Yunting lunged forward at once to hold her up.

“Grandma, why do you have to intervene? You and I know very well who she is; she is the one who has killed my mom. I will never forget that. Otherwise, how can I face my mom’s spirit in heaven?”

“Huo Yunting!”

The old lady used all her strength to shout at him, and then followed by a series of violent cough as if she was going to sputter her heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys out.

“Take it easy, grandma!” Huo Yunting dropped his gun on the floor and patted her on the back. “I have never but this time asked for anything from you. Please, go and get some rest. Leave things to me.”

He knew well that by pulling the trigger, it was not just for revenge but also signifying the end of his relationship with Lu Zhaoyang.


The old lady’s wrinkled hands rested on the back of his hand, patting him slowly. “Yunting, no matter what, she is still your father’s legitimate wife. Please forgive my selfishness. I would rather prefer that she suffers for the rest of her life than letting you kill her and be accused of killing your stepmother. I am not going to let this woman destroy the Huo family that your grandpa has left behind! She has bewitched your dad. I can only try to convince him to divorce her. As long as Xue Yuming leaves the Huo family, I will have nothing to do with her life or death. But you must not do it right here!”

The older lady was emotional. “Yunting, promise me; let her live. As long as she stayed in Huo family, grandma will make sure that she will live a life more painful than death. Grandma is too old to see anything that happens to the Huo family. Yunting—”

The old lady gasped for air as if she was passing out. Her face blushed.

In reality, the old lady was secretly holding her breath, feigning the illusion that she was short of breath to make use of the filial piety of Huo Yunting toward her.

“Don’t say it. I—I will do as you say.”

Huo Yunting suppressed his hatred to calm the emotional old lady down while shooting a glance at Xue Yuming, who freaked out with a pale face.

“I will make sure she dies a painful death if she leaves the Huo family.”

“Grandma promises you that; she will not be getting an easy life in the Huo family.”

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