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«WARNING! Tsundere President (Web Novel) - Chapter 484: Truth and Conspiracy V

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Chapter 484: Truth and Conspiracy V

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“Get some rest. Call me if you need me.” Huo Yunting helped her tuck in the quilt.

The old lady replied with an “Mhm” and closed her eyes. It did not take long before she appeared asleep.

As soon as Huo Yunting left, the old lady suddenly opened her eyes without a hint of illness on her face. She quickly took out her cell phone and called Xue Yuming.

While on his way back to his room, Huo Yunting thought of the condition of his grandma and decided not to leave so soon. He was thinking of informing Lu Zhaoyang about it.

Just as he took out his cell phone and wanted to send Lu Zhaoyang a message, he happened to walk past Lu Zhaoyang’s room and heard a voice inside. He paused.

The voice sounded as if belonged to Xue Yuming.

“Yang Yang, I heard that Yunting is back. Are you all right over there?”

“Mom did not call you all this time because I was afraid that he was around you.”

“Don’t worry, I am fine. After things die down, I will be able to go out. Had it not been for you, our plan would not have been so successful.”


Huo Yunting’s heart missed a beat. Quietly walking close to the door, he had a hunch that something terrible would happen.

“That’s my girl, the chief secretary. You have done it clean and neat. I did not expect that you could so easily get rid of Qiu Ran! That’s right, as long as she is dead, no one would threaten our position in the Huo family!”

Huo Yunting could not help but chuckle. He kicked the door open as he heard Xue Yuming snickering.

“Don’t worry, Yang Yang. No one will find out that I am in your room. It has been vacant for a long time—”

Before she could finish, Xue Yuming heard a loud bang and saw Huo Yunting storming in.

She pretended to hang up hurriedly and got to her feet. “Yunting, how did you—”

Huo Yunting grabbed the cell phone from her hand and saw Yang Yang in the call history.

His heart sank. For a moment, he could not even breathe.

He had thought that he knew Lu Zhaoyang well and willingly trusted her that she had nothing to do with the things.

He believed she had no bad intention, not even willfully.

Heck, everything was a lie, he seemed to have realized.

Knowing the truth made Huo Yunting feel like an idiot.

Lu Zhaoyang was conspiring with Xue Yuming to kill his mother and his grandma, he thought.

“Yunting, what did you hear?” Xue Yuming tried to test him.

Huo Yunting smashed the cell phone on the floor, shattering it into pieces.

But the call was in fact from the old lady, the caller ID of which Xue Yuming had changed into Yang Yang.

All this was to mislead Huo Yunting to create a rift between Lu Zhaoyang and him.

“Xue Yuming.”

Huo Yunting faintly uttered her name with the corner of his mouth arching. He looked handsome and deadly at the same time.

He slowly approached her and his voice was flat.

“Are you ready to repay what you have done, a life for a life?”

Xue Yuming shivered uncontrollably. Secretly cursing the old lady for not coming to her rescue, she could only retreat.

“Let me explain, Yunting. It is not what you think.”

Explaining? What a joke! Did she still think that he would care to listen to his mom’s murderer?

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