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«Void Evolution System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1782 Seclusion [1]

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Chapter 1782 Seclusion [1]

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Damien honestly thought it would be an easy time. It would be time-consuming, sure, but in practice, it was nothing more than sitting down and comprehending a concept, something he'd done countless times before.

However, what he thought was not the reality of the situation. When it came down to it, there was more in store for him than a boring time alone in a dark place.

Damien spent several weeks trying to interpolate the concept of "revival" into a facet of his own power. With his knowledge of Samsara, finding the root of revival was actually relatively simple. Once he put his mind to it, he had no trouble theorizing about how it could be achieved.

However, he still needed to gain a foundational understanding of what Nonexistence truly was.

In short, he had to bring that which did not exist into the light so he could conquer it.

That was just as hard as it sounded.

When Damien realized that none of his research into the concepts of Nonexistence that were created by living beings could get him to its core, he was truly stumped on what to do next.

Existence was everything. That had to be said once again. Everything and anything that the human mind could comprehend was a concept of Existence. Only those things that were out of that realm of understanding, things that even Damien couldn't imagine, were under the umbrella of the concept he had opened the gates to.

It was impossible to comprehend. That was exactly why it was a barrier that barely anyone crossed.

Perhaps across the myriad cosmos in the infinite Void, there were many people who had reached the peak of Existence. There were even some like the Dark God who had gone even further than that.

However, barring those few, none could ever reach the starting point to comprehend Nonexistence. None of them could do anything with the power once they'd gained it.

But, if Damien started to think about a massive Void where countless cosmos spanned infinitely, a place where the number of living beings was just as infinite, it didn't make sense for there to be so little chaos.

If people were running around using their cosmos' to invade others, the True Void Universe would have been gone a long time ago.

Sure, the Dark God was a Conqueror so his presence could be deemed as the reason why no other dared to approach.

But what if it was something different?

'What if those people aren't able to do the same things he can?'

There had to be a barrier to entry that everyone faced. Once one had access to Existence, it wasn't necessarily hard to recognize its counterpart and gain the qualifications to comprehend it.

If everyone used the method that the Dark God exploited, challenging others and devouring cosmos, then they'd progress through that stage quite rapidly.

Nonexistence ran rampant in those final moments of a cosmos, after all. Even if one couldn't imagine its depth, one could slowly mimic that energy until one's comprehension saw a substantial increase.

'What if there's something; a mechanism that keeps people from using that method to comprehend the concept?'

The Dark God may not have reached his status by devouring cosmos. It was entirely possible that he decided to start that conquest after he had attained a level near where he currently was.

Damien changed his approach after considering this branch of thinking. It was all hypothetical, but without the energy that represented it, Nonexistence would be the same.

It didn't matter if he was reaching. Any branch of thought had to be followed until the very end. Even if they didn't lead him in the right direction, they'd lead him somewhere. He could use them as learning experiences regardless.

Weeks and weeks passed. In the Heavenly World, Dimensional Cracks once again started opening in stride.

All over the world, forces were prepared to deal with them. A war with the fate of the world at stake began.

Damien's other half commanded the troops as best as he could. Cooperating with his siblings and his wives, he had a comprehensive understanding of the entire world's situation that he could use to determine how he was to act.

The first step was a merit system like no other.

Every being in the world who was willing to fight received a pin that sunk into their skin. That pin registered every achievement they made in battle and out to determine their number of merit points.

Up until this point, it was simple. However, the actual rewards were the wilder part.

[Direct Rank Increase - 5000 Merit Points]

[Godly Comprehension - 10000 Merit Points]

[Mythical Bloodline Infusion - 15000 Merit Points.]

Above the regular rewards like elixirs and training materials were rewards that nobody could imagine.

5000 was a small number of points for a God, however, it was massive for a 3rd class soldier. If those people saved up for long enough, they'd be offered a direct promotion to 4th class?

People didn't believe it at first, and some still didn't since nobody had attained that particular perk yet.

But, when everything else was true, why would only a few of them be lies?

The Divinities of the world fought fiercely for 10000 Merit Points. A few of them reached that point, and they received exactly what they were promised.

A Godly comprehension of their specific law, a way for them to improve far more than even the Heavenly God Plane allowed, was presented to them.

It was a method that allowed for the rapid growth of troops without shattering their foundations and future potential. And, it was the most motivating system in existence. For those who wanted power, it offered power. For those who wanted money, it offered money. Even for those who wanted status, it presented ways to improve that aspect of their lives once this war ended such as the funds and location to build a new sect and an exclusive title from Void Palace itself.

It worked better than expected. All classes of society, all people from weakest to strongest, were given a reason to fight in this war with their lives at risk.

Firstly, the Foreign Races were kept at bay. They were constantly being produced, but there were blessing sights all around the world that suddenly appeared all around the world that replenished the stamina and energy of all allies fighting within their bounds infinitely. Damien wasn't thrown off by the fact that he could not directly attack the enemy.

No, there were so many ways for him to help his people fight for their own glory that this method was actually more preferential to him.

His population was alive and free-willed, while the Dark God's was oppressed and enslaved. The way they fought was different. The desperation they showed was different.

In the few months that passed immediately after Damien entered seclusion, the world changed significantly once again.

However, only his second half was there to see it.

The main body, the body that was busy training to reach the Dark God…

He had been whisked away to a place far, far away. A place that nobody else in this cosmos could reach.

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