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«Void Evolution System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1781 Agreement [3]

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Chapter 1781 Agreement [3]

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Damien spent several days with each of them, satisfying their cravings as he satisfied his own. He told them what he'd been doing and learned what they'd been up to. And, he talked to them about the future, about their plans after all of this was over.

It seemed like everyone had reached a consensus. They were far past retirement age. It was about time for them to settle down and stop working. One day, they would have a condo far away from anything else, a place where they could enjoy peace. They all awaited that moment when they'd achieved everything and could finally stay together as a family.

Damien wanted to do something for them, as mentioned before.

Iris was making a new influence similar to the Prismatic Sun Holy Land to establish more influence in the Heavenly World for herself, Damien, and Void Palace. What she needed most was exposure and status, which could be easily given.

Iris' sect was already the greatest influence in the Northern Region. If he just lent her a little bit of aid in clearing up the region and making it completely safe, she would excel. For Rose, it was already clear as well. She wanted his child. She was otherwise content with her life, so what more could he provide her but himself and their future child?

It was a big decision he needed to make. For the moment, he chose to wait and see how long it would be before the real final war started. Elena didn't want any help. She was more independent than the rest, after all. Damien still wanted to give her something, but the most she would accept was his enhancement of the Valkyrie lineage in her possession so she could make better use of it.

It was hard for Damien to show affection to Elena with material things. She and Rose always liked to argue, but they were most similar in the way they were happy just spending time with their husband. Ruyue came last. She was the happiest seeing Damien at this time, as she had been longing for him since they last parted. She was also the one Damien wanted to help the most since her path was filled with too many thorns.

For Ruyue who always quietly stood by his side and showed him the side of her that was invisible to the rest of the world, he wanted to change the world. He wanted to change the laws of heaven so that she would never suffer again.

However, she resolved herself to follow the path of an Unrecorded. Rather than resigning when she learned what was in store for her, she committed to suffering for her success.

If she hadn't set foot on that path, then Damien would have easily solved all of her problems for her.

Since she did, he could only help her to an extent. After all, if he did too much, her chance to reach that level would be robbed of her.

Damien gave Ruyue lineage. He gave Ruyue a talent that surpassed her own and a bloodline that could support her until the very end.

It was just a small change in her foundation, but it was what granted her the qualifications to aim big.

Even for Dante Void, the barrier that kept him only knowing a few aspects of Existence instead of rising above it was his foundation and his previous practice. He missed a lot of steps that he needed to take and that was precisely what blocked him at the very last moment.

Damien only ensured that Ruyue wouldn't face the same roadblock. The rest was up to her, just as she wanted.

It was good that she had purpose now. Damien didn't like it at all when she was walking around like a ghost when he wasn't around. He refused to take away the motivation she'd gained and the dreams she chased. An entire week passed as Damien spent a few days with each of them. The fabric of the Heavenly World was already changing as the Dark God prepared for his siege.

Damien soon separated himself from his clone and gave it enough of his mental capacity to control and lead the people while using Existence to help them.

Meanwhile, he, as the main consciousness, entered a secret realm of his own creation to train.

As long as his other half was in the Heavenly World, he would always know its situation. In fact, even the concept of a "main body" was inconsequential at this point. As long as Damien decided it his main body, he could switch between any form of himself without problems. Nevertheless, the Heavenly World was put on the back burner in his eyes.

Nonexistence became the only focus in his mind.

Nonexistence was more than just "everything that doesn't exist." That was its original form, the complete opposite of what existed. However, as "nothingness" was redefined through the eyes of those who attempted to perceive it, it was given another face.

Improbability: That which disrupts the fabric of reality.

Concepts such as "revival" were included in Nonexistence because they went against the order on which Existence functioned.

These concepts were a starting point Damien could use to further his comprehension. At a certain point, however, his mind would enter a plane that could not be explained through words or imagery. He would be left to his own devices and tethered to reality only through Existence itself.

He wasn't there yet. Only after traversing that realm for a long enough time would he be able to say that his Existence and Nonexistence were at the same level, the highest level they could possibly reach.

Damien closed his eyes as he wondered where to start.

Revival? It was related to life and death. By interpreting Samsara in reverse, it was easy to reach its most basic aspects.

'The problem is that I don't know if that will lead me to its connection to Nonexistence.'

In the first place, it was a concept that had never been comprehended before despite being the long-standing wish of so many people.

'Is it right to delve into it?'

Damien sighed.

He didn't think he'd find himself feeling like this after living for so long.

Things were moving too fast.

It was like Arulion was summer vacation and the instant he went back to school in the fall he was faced with final exams.

This kind of scenario wasn't meant to come so fast, was it?

Damien almost wanted it to slow down so he could enjoy more experiences, but what was there left to do?

He'd come too far in this short amount of time. If there was anything to blame, it was the urgency of the situation and his own talent, neither of which could be helped.

'Whatever. I just have to put my head down and do it.'

The part of him that was always searching for a new thrill was hesitant, but the other part of his mind that yearned for a quiet life with his family thought differently.

While they battled it out for supremacy and tried to lead him in different directions, Damien closed his eyes and delved into his own soul.

Nonexistence, a state of nothingness.

Not only was it the next step in his path, it was the exact thing he needed at this moment.

Because, for the first time in many, many decades, his mind was incredibly loud right now.

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