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«Void Evolution System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1779 Agreement [1]

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Chapter 1779 Agreement [1]

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He was granted entrance in the end.

Obviously, Damien was curious about what a man like him had been sent here for. The Dark God wasn't stupid. He knew that Damien could slaughter this envoy if he so chose, but the message he wanted to relay must have been something that needed to be handled with an official process like this, so it was worth listening to.

The envoy sat in an isolated meeting room in the palace reserved exclusively for untrustworthy guests. Damien sat on the chair across from him as he laid some documents on the table.

"I am presenting this to you in this manner so it is familiar to you."

The envoy spoke clearly. He made sure Damien knew that his attire and methods were only the way they were because the Dark God wanted him to know that he could read his past.

Damien wasn't fazed. Sure, it was difficult to get a read on where he had come from since Grand Heavens Boundary no longer existed in this cosmos, but it wasn't impossible.

It was a little bit concerning that the Dark God could find that kind of information in the folds of the True Void Universe's Existence, but it wouldn't be a problem anymore as long as he reached the same level and peered into the Sacred Abyss.

Damien didn't say anything, merely watching the envoy as if to tell him to continue.

A head of sweat dripped from the envoy's brow.

Frankly, he was terrified. He was created by the Dark God only recently but he had the memories of someone else who had existed for a long time. He knew clearly the threat that the man in front of him posed.

If he said a single wrong word or upset him, nothing could save him from extermination.

He looked at his position with woe, but as he was fiercely loyal to his Lord, he could not do anything but accept it silently.

"I have come with a message from our Lord. These papers are documents that you may read if you feel inclined that detail the offenses in question and the settlement we wish to reach."

The envoy forced himself to look into Damien's eyes as he spoke. It wasn't that he thought he deserved to stand equal to him, but that he had to look brave for the sake of his Lord's image.

Damien looked down at the papers for a moment before glancing back at the envoy with a bored expression on his face.

"Get to the point."

He could very well scan those documents and know exactly what the Dark God's intentions were, but he wanted to hear it from the person in front of him.

What was the point of him being here if he didn't do anything but tremble in fear?

"R-right!" The envoy said hastily.

He steeled himself again. It was hard to believe that Damien wasn't doing anything to make him feel this way, but it was the truth. The people of the Heavenly World could still look at him as the same Damien Void because they didn't know that he was the one behind the destruction of the Foreign Races.

On the other side, everyone knew him just as his people knew the Dark God. He was the terrifying force that could not be approached at any cost. Wasn't it natural for the envoy to feel such crippling fear?

Still, he was created with this sole purpose as the basis of his existence. Even under immense pressure, his core processes forced him to continue as if he were some kind of robot.

"Your mass destruction of our troops will not be tolerated. There is no point in a war like this. If you continue these rude and disgraceful actions, then we will be forced to respond in kind."

Damien raised a brow. Rude and disgraceful was surely an interesting way to phrase it. If he was fighting against actual common soldiers who had lived for years and trained for the war only to be exterminated by an untouchable entity, then he would understand,

That wasn't the case, was it? The Foreign Races that invaded the world were all just creations of the Dark God, souls that had been immortalized in his battalion.

Those who still lived, those like the Gehenna Tribe, did not fight for the Dark God. They were never given the chance to become powerful.

"Respond in kind, you say?" Damien said with a smirk.

"And how are you going to do that?"

He really was curious, but this was not a curious matter.

Suddenly, all of the envoy's fear vanished. The look in his eyes changed as his irises darkened into black blobs floating in a white void.

"I will intervene."

The voice was still the same one that Damien had been hearing thus far, but there was a familiar darkness oozing from the words.

"Can you intervene so freely in my domain?" Damien replied, his eyes now icier than the coldest parts of the world.

"That is for you to decide," the envoy replied with a sly smile.

"However, can you truly say that I cannot?"

He couldn't.

With everything the Dark God displayed until now, with all of the machinations he had in this world and the plots that spanned billions upon billions of years, Damien truly couldn't say that he didn't have the power to intervene.

If the Dark God started to respond with the same tactics Damien used, if he decided to mass exterminate each and every being that was under Damien's control…

'…then this world will also lose its soul.'

There would be nothing real left here but him.

The realization served as a reminder that the only reason the True Void Universe had a chance of survival was because of the Dark God's whims.

If he personally acted upon it from the start, then it would have been swallowed before Damien was ever born.

No matter how the situation changed, the most important thing was to keep the Dark God's attention on him, not the cosmos as a whole.

And it seemed that his actions had resulted in the opposite.

Damien frowned and crossed his arms.

"Fine, I concede."

They were words he didn't say often, but in this circumstance, he really had no other choice.

"I will keep my hands off of your people. However…!"

Damien looked the envoy, no, the Dark God directly in his eyes.

"Just as you stand behind them and control their every move, I will be allowed to do the same. I will cease my direct involvement in the war only if we both agree that we can still participate indirectly."

The Dark God raised a brow curiously.

"Oh? You wish to fight a battle of generals against me?"

His sticky smile widened as the expression on his face became convoluted.

"Very well. This will be fun, Damien Void."

The envoy's face started to melt. As his body was turned into a puddle of biological fluid, he extended his hand to the table.

The documents vanished, replaced by a single sheet of golden papyrus that outlined the terms of their contract.

Damien looked at it, paying no mind to the dying envoy.

"A battle of generals…"

As long as he signed that pact, he would not be able to directly aid his people anymore. They would once again have to struggle, but it would not be in vain for he would do everything within his means to help them get stronger and win.

The most important factor of that agreement was the same factor that had been most important from the start of this conflict.


With this, Damien could buy time.

And with that time…

'…I can win this war.'

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