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«Void Evolution System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1778 Heavenly God Plane [4]

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Chapter 1778 Heavenly God Plane [4]

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The energy in the Heavenly God Plane had been constantly enriched by the society that once called it their home. It turned golden to exemplify its purity. It became fog in the world as if to show others just how much it had grown. Their findings allowed their society to thrive in a way that many others couldn't. Death, disease, and destruction were problems they eliminated, but even then they faced extinction at some point.

The energy they left had become a ground for other practitioners to receive the final push that took them to a level they could never reach before.

In a sense, their efforts went to a good purpose.

Damien quite liked how it felt as it enveloped him. The energy was warm and inviting. It knew only peace and was never made familiar with the struggles of chaotic times, so it held an innocence that the mana Damien knew did not.

It poked at him warily like a curious animal. It sniffed him, became familiar with his aura, and lowered its guard to allow him to absorb it.

Ascension was only as grand a scene as one imagined it to be. The imagery in the world was for personal satisfaction only. It was a celebration of one's lifelong achievements, so it would naturally resemble one's personality in how it manifested.

Damien saw Godhood as something he only wanted to achieve out of necessity, so there wasn't anything like a grand scene around him. This was characteristic at this point, as even the scenes Damien created were too outside of perception to manifest in the folds of the world.

However, the internal change was massive.

His soul expanded greatly and became a universe of its own. His body shed all sense of mortality, becoming absolutely ethereal and untethered to the mortal plane.

He now truly could not die unless his existence itself was wiped from the fabric of reality along with any sort of memory or legacy of him that remained.

That set him apart from other Gods, sure, but was it really something that mattered at this point?

More importantly, as his mana changed and as his body became even purer, the empty space created in his Void Soul became a shade darker.

Nonexistence had found the space in his body to grow. It did not need to enter, as it had already placed a seed inside of him long ago.

That tiny blackness was enough. When Damien sat down with it and started actually understanding its unintelligible insanity, he would gain exactly what he hoped for.

The time for that, unfortunately, was not now.

It took over a day for Damien's ascension to end. Despite the process being quite streamlined, it took time to establish such powerful changes in the body of a single man.

He finished ascending to Godhood just as quietly as he began. The swirling energy calmed down, but it subtly clung to his body in respect.

He stood up and looked at his hands.

'I don't feel much different.'

Naturally, his power wasn't boosted. Nothing really happened at all. He just officially achieved a status that he already possessed.

The only thing of note was that there was now a place in his body to contain "Nothingness" itself.

How was he supposed to feel that?

The entire point of the concept was that it was absolutely nothing. It was the undefined. It was made up only of things that the human mind could not comprehend. Damien would need to put serious effort into comprehending it. From his rough estimate as someone who had just felt its presence in his body for the first time, he figured it would take at least some years.

When he got home, he needed to put the world's matters aside and focus on only this.

However, was that really possible?

'I'll have to find a way. The first step is obviously keeping these people safe.'

He looked upon the realm again and watched the race of greed. The Divinities already figured out that they were invincible for some reason and were using that benefit to aid them in their looting.

'It was meant to be used against the Foreign Races, but okay.'

Damien really didn't care what they did with it as long as they stood up properly for the real war.

If they didn't, then they'd die by the enemy's hands so that was also something he didn't have to worry about.

'For now…'

Damien gave another order.

And on a much smaller scale, it happened once again.

Every Foreign Being in the Heavenly God Plane was exterminated from existence.

The Heavenly World's Divinities were left to fight amongst themselves for the benefits of this realm.

'Well, that was easy.'

Damien accomplished everything he came here to do in that short period of time. Now, all that was left for him was to kick back and relax until he was sent back to his home cosmos.

And he did exactly that.

Atop that mountain where he was unreachable, he laid in the fields of energy and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of this realm.

Things were going well. He'd reached a place where other Gods were meaningless in front of him, so he was confident in protecting the cosmos until the time came.

However…it was never that easy, was it?

There wasn't a single chance in hell that the Dark God would let Damien do whatever he wanted.

He learned that lesson once again the very moment he left the Heavenly God Plane.


It wasn't meant to be open for long in the first place. The Heavenly God Plane was technically connected to the True Void Universe to boost its fate and create a battlefield for Godly battles. Its appearance here truly was a rare and unplanned phenomenon. It was solved in a matter of days and returned from whence it came. Those who chased its benefits were thoroughly satisfied with their spoils, especially a certain Damien Void.

The next few days were spent in the same way. Damien would enjoy his life at home and occasionally wipe all of the Foreign Races off the face of the earth whenever they appeared.

But, that was bound to cause problems.

Just five days after the Heavenly God Plane closed, a… peculiar individual arrived at the palace gate.

He was dressed up nicely in the kind of tuxedo a butler would wear, and he had a monocle covering his eye as if he was some sort of old bank teller.

However, he didn't try to hide his identity as a Foreign Noble.

He was not someone Damien recognized, so he must have been created solely to make this visit.

And he didn't come with malicious intentions. Instead, the briefcase in his hand seemed to be filled with documents.

What kind of scene was this?

His appearance was definitely strange since his grey skin and exotic features were too different from the way he decided to dress. This was especially so for the people who experienced Earth, as this kind of clothing was specific to a single era of that world's history.

It must've been some kind of peace offering. An extension of a hand that wanted to seem relatable.

"I come in peace," the strange man told the gatekeepers who obviously didn't believe him.

"I would like to have a word with your Young Lord, Damien Void."

A mysterious visitor from the Sacred Abyss, one who claimed to be docile…

His arrival could never mean anything good.

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