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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 927 Gaze of the Abyss (2)

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Chapter 927 Gaze of the Abyss (2)

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“Sword name, Chi Tong.”

“It’s the heroic spirit of General Mu Huiyin of the Dong Huang Dynasty!”

“Not bad, I’m looking forward to your next performance!” The Boar God laughed.

“Damn it.” As they officially confirmed that Shi Yu had obtained the reward for the first Mythical Trial, the various totem factions were extremely envious.

However, there was nothing he could do.

At this moment, the various legendaries and demigods had different moods. Under their silent gazes, the World Tree clone flew in the sky and said, “When the sun rises tomorrow, I’ll awaken a second god and open the second trial.”

The second trial!

As the World Tree clone finished speaking, everyone tried their best to stop thinking about the first trial and pay attention to the second Mythical Trial mentioned by the World Tree clone.

They hoped that they could get a share of the benefits in this trial and that it would not be as rough as a single test battle power.

“This god’s name is Xuan Ming.”

“That guy.” As soon as the World Tree clone finished speaking, the Boar God’s expression turned cold. Then, it looked at the World Tree clone and said, “I suddenly feel that it’s quite interesting now. I plan to stay a little longer before sleeping.”

At the moment, due to sleeping for too long and the suppression of the world’s will, the Boar God’s strength was less than 100%. The best way to recover was to continue sleeping and wait for the Mythical Revival.

However, it was rare for it to be awakened in advance at a huge price by the World Tree. If it wanted to continue paying attention to the human Beast Tamers cultivated by the World Tree, so be it.

“Alright.” The World Tree clone didn’t refuse the Boar God’s request.

It was normal for these gods of the Mythical Era to be very curious about the situation in the future.

Not to mention them, even the World Tree itself was very curious. Every time it slept, a long, long time passed. Every time it woke up, humans could develop a new civilization, surprising it.

The most recent thing that shocked the World Tree was still the few humans named Z and Divine Source who developed the mechanic class.

It hoped that humans could also bring it more surprises this time.

“Xuan Ming is…?”

The name of Xuan Ming immediately attracted the attention of countless people. Even Shi Yu, who had just obtained a Mythical inheritance, glanced sideways.

Unfortunately, be it the World Tree clone or the Boar God, they didn’t say much. After completing the first trial, one of them turned into countless green lights again and disappeared from the sky, while the other returned to the Mythical Ruins to rest temporarily.

Only everyone was left thinking about who Xuan Ming was.

In an instant, Inatella returned to calm and berserk. Countless people suddenly looked at Shi Yu on the arena, and their gazes changed again.

However, at this moment, Shi Yu was still relatively calm. Although he had already sensed countless killing intent, he had already expected this situation before participating in the world competition.

It didn’t matter… As long as he endured until the end of the world competition, he felt that his strength could definitely increase to a higher level and he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone.

After the first Mythical Trial ended, Shi Yu was immediately protected layer by layer by Dong Huang and Dragon Palace City. Killing the Fire Dragon King could be said to have directly placed Shi Yu on the Dragon Empire’s blacklist.

Regarding Shi Yu’s decisiveness, Divine Source Legendary and the Dragon God were still alright. They felt that Shi Yu had done well. After all, the Western Sect had been involved in the few eastern totem battles after the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Empire was even the main force of the invasion. He had killed well.

On the other hand, President Lin was a little helpless. After all, he was still the one governing Dong Huang next. He could already predict that after this world competition, Dong Huang would have more conflicts.

“Fortunately, I didn’t disappoint.” Shi Yu smiled when he saw the gem cat, President Lin, and the others quickly escort him away.

“Good kid!” President Lin was still excited. He didn’t expect Shi Yu and Chi Tong’s combination to be so strong. Back then, when Shi Yu said that Chi Tong had the ability to defeat a top-notch overlord alone, he originally didn’t care much. Before the power of the Chaos Panda, he completely ignored it.

In the end, Shi Yu gave him a surprise. He didn’t expect Chi Tong, who had been possessed by a Beast Tamer, to be so strong.

How strong was Shi Yu? Was he Dong Huang’s trump card?

As Shi Yu defeated the Fire Dragon King, this topic immediately spread crazily among the various factions in Inatella.

At this moment, no one dared to underestimate this level-six Beast Tamer anymore. Those quasi totem-level and totem-level world competition champion candidates were all extremely serious, thinking that Shi Yu was a huge threat.

Without a doubt, the current Shi Yu’s strength had directly entered the strongest tier of the world competition contestants.

However, Shi Yu was not arrogant. Before the Mythical Trial began tomorrow, he informed President Lin and the others before immediately burrowing back into the ruins to prepare for battle.

Firstly, he wanted to quickly recover the consumption of this battle, and secondly, he wanted to see if he could suddenly strengthen it again.

Although Shi Yu felt that in a full-strength battle, he could kill indiscriminately like a baby cup in the World Tournament, the targeting of the Mythical Trial was too strong. In fact, if he wanted to obtain resources, he might have to fight Mythical creatures. He had to constantly improve himself.

He had just obtained the legendary resource, the Heart Flame, the Spirit World Fragment, the Mythical resource, the World Tree Fruit, and the Flame of Life. Shi Yu could be said to have had a huge harvest.

Three of them were Chi Tong’s. Unfortunately, Chi Tong was not suitable to use them at the moment. Apart from that, its Sun Flame Flower and bone sword had yet to be completely used.

Although it was the most luxurious pet in the team, it was helpless.

“Mi!!!” At this moment, Chi Tong could only watch eagerly. It was extremely pitiful. After all, even the legendary resources couldn’t be absorbed with all its might, since it was afraid that it couldn’t suppress its power and break through.

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