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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 926 Gaze of the Abyss

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Chapter 926 Gaze of the Abyss

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As the battle between Shi Yu and the Fire Dragon King, Punkham, ended, the entire Inatella fell silent.

The fire-element overlords who had previously clamored to teach Shi Yu a lesson all had extremely weak legs.

Who would have thought that Shi Yu, a level-six Beast Tamer, could actually kill invincible overlords like dogs?

Which one dared to say that it was invincible? The Lava Beast, which had just wanted to compete with the Fire Dragon King, immediately had the thought of giving up the competition and took a step back in shock.

Just as Shi Yu had said, if it went up, it would die.

Although the Life Fire was good, it had to be alive to use it.

“Dong Huang actually hid such a trump card!”

At this moment, the presidents of the associations of the various countries of the Alliance and the contestants of the World Tournament looked in Dong Huang’s direction with shocked gazes.

The number one person below the legend level? Who were they kidding!

Shi Yu, who had consumed the Mythical resource, the Undying Fruit, and this extremely strange possession sword spirit…

Without a doubt, it was Dong Huang’s hidden trump card!!!

“So this sword spirit is his trump card.” The Courtyard Sprite Annie, who had been defeated by Shi Yu’s Iron-eating Beast, and the Knight of Glory Lucille, who had been defeated by Ling, had complicated expressions.

Initially, they thought that… that Iron-eating Beast and that mechanical phantom beast were… In the end… Who would have thought that Shi Yu’s possession strategy was so powerful?

“This, this, this, this.” At this moment, on Dong Huang’s side, Zhou Ming, one of the legendary contestants, had a trembling expression. Holy sh*t, previously, he actually wanted to challenge Shi Yu to compete with him for the Sequence ranking. This guy rejected him. Could it be that it wasn’t because he was afraid that he couldn’t defeat him?

“It’s alright.” Lu Qingyi heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that Shi Yu was fine, but… the corners of her mouth twitched. When Shi Yu named Chi Tong, she was still beside him. Why did she…

“Hahaha…” At this moment, the Boar God kept laughing.

It looked around with a burning gaze at Shi Yu and the fire bird spirit on his shoulder.

Unbelievable! The World Tree was right. Humans were indeed very worth nurturing.

Even if it was a Mythical race at the monarch level, it was only so-so compared to Shi Yu and the others’ state just now.

Although the Fire Dragon King was strong, the combination of this human and the Fire Sword Spirit was clearly stronger. If they maintained this posture and grew to the Mythical stage… The Boar God could imagine what kind of enemy those invaders would have.

Killing the enemy… Reviving the dead as puppets… Sacrificing puppets to erupt and kill the enemy… Reviving the dead… This was completely top-notch battle nurturing methods. It was simply born to kill.

“Is there anyone else who wants to challenge?” The Boar God looked around.

The fire-element overlord that had just been restless fell silent.

On the arena, the Flame Dragon King was the precedent. Shi Yu and Chi Tong’s figures indeed made people unable to have any conflicting emotions.

“Lord Ice Dragon King, you…” In the direction of Dragon Palace City, the Sea Dragon King suddenly discovered that ice shards were falling from the Ice Dragon King’s eyes beside it, as if it was crying, but because of its attributes, it didn’t look like it.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of Mu Huiyin…” The frost dragon was undoubtedly very shocked just now. It originally thought that Shi Yu would become famous because of the Chaos Panda in the World Tournament, but it didn’t expect to see Shi Yu cooperate with its master’s heroic spirit and kill until no one from the totem countries dared to fight.

At that moment, it recalled the time it fought with Mu Huiyin. At that time, its strength was even inferior to this Fire Dragon King. However, at that time, when the overlord of the totem country faced them, it was the same, the same…

As time passed, its master was no longer beside it, but in another form, it still shocked countless overlords.

“Lord Boar God, do you want to continue waiting until sunset?”

At this moment, on the Fire Dragon King’s body, Shi Yu and Chi Tong looked at the god from the Mythical Era.

“No one…” The Boar God originally thought that the battle for the Living Fire would last for a long time.

It never expected that a monster that the various factions didn’t dare to fight would actually appear in the first battle.

This huge pig couldn’t help but feel a little helpless.

“Wait a little longer. If no one challenges anymore, let’s end it,” the World Tree clone said.

It was also happy to see Shi Yu receive a gift from the Boar God.

If it wasn’t wrong, that undead was a hybrid of a human and a phoenix.

At the moment, it was not in a complete state at all. It was transmigrated into an undead.

The Life Fire should be able to completely stimulate its bloodline power and make it stronger.

This inheritance was a very good choice for Shi Yu.

Just like that… Time passed bit by bit. No fire-element overlord dared to fight Shi Yu at all. Seeing this, the Boar God laughed under the shocked gazes of many lives and pulled out the “Spirit Ascending Blade” condensed from the “Life Fire”.

“In that case, this ball of Living Fire is yours. Human, report your names!!”

In the Boar God’s hand, the Life Fire gradually shrank and condensed, turning into a fist-sized flame that flew towards Shi Yu.

Shi Yu was extremely excited.

The Mythical Trial was much easier than he imagined.

Moreover, the gains were ridiculous.

In a trial, not only did he obtain Mythical resources, but he also… directly killed a world competition champion candidate.


Shi Yu used his Psychic power to catch the Life Fire. A ball of white flames floated in his palm.

“Beast Tamer of Dong Huang, Shi Yu.” At the same time, he looked at the Boar God.

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