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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1775: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (2)

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Chapter 1775: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next ten days and ten nights of lightning tribulation were endured by Shi Yu and the others. However, the frequency of the lightning tribulation was indeed too terrifying. Shi Yu and Eleven were alright, but the pets fused into the mecha in the light wheel began to be in different states. Some of them fell severely.

Those epoch gods could still persist. After all, they had also obtained the protection enhancement of the mecha. However, Little Ji, Duckie, Turtle, Little Quas, and Shorty had yet to reach the epoch god level. Even if they fused with the mecha and endured the protection of the mecha, the backlash of the lightning tribulation still injured them severely.


Soon, the magnificent lightning pierced through the protective screen and directly turned the body of the Fusion Black Tortoise into ashes. Shi Yu instantly felt the tearing of the contract. The turtle and Little Quas were dying.

After they fused, their defense should be the strongest in the second team. However, in order to protect Shi Yu in the mecha center, the Black Tortoise consumed more strength and became the first pet to be killed by the lightning.

“Little Turtle, Little Quas!!” Qi, who was watching, was extremely worried. Fortunately, the turtle and Little Quas, who had the Holy Black Tortoise Body, wouldn’t die so bluntly as long as they still had the power of faith. After a body died, they quickly relied on the power of faith to condense a new four-headed Black Tortoise on the light wheel.

“Hu…” However, the condition of the turtle and Little Quas was really poor.

“Heh.” The turtle told everyone not to worry about it and continued to use the Dark North Shield with all its might to strengthen the defense of the mecha.

“Meow!!!” Seeing the turtle and Little Quas die for Shi Yu once, Shorty felt uncomfortable and worked even harder.

Buggy, Chi Tong, Turtle Quas, and Shorty were undoubtedly the ones with the most capital to mess around. This was because they had the power of faith and could still revive after death.

As long as the faith wasn’t destroyed, it could still persist.

Therefore, the four of them took the initiative to bear the greatest pressure. After another period of time, Buggy, Chi Tong, Turtle/Little Quas, and Shorty had already died and revived several times.

For example, it was all thanks to their protection that Little Ji and Duckie could withstand it.

Of course, Baby Ginseng was also the one with the ability to revive. However, Baby Ginseng in the light wheel didn’t dare to show off at all. Its Time Mark also bore an even more important effect, which was to protect Shi Yu.

The transcendent Time Mark could finally imprint other people’s marks. At this moment, only one of Baby Ginseng’s three Time Marks was branded himself. The other two were branded Shi Yu.

At this moment, the experts in the starry sky could sense a terrifying change brewing somewhere. However, when they wanted to investigate, without exception, they all failed.

“A human Beast Tamer is transcending the tribulation, but we can’t find any traces at all.”

On World King Planet, the super divine ancestor of the Astrologer Race held the family’s treasure in confusion and divined, but he could only divine a fog.

Now, it was already very difficult to divine Shi Yu’s strength alone. As for Lily, she didn’t stay idle at the moment. She covered Shi Yu’s heavenly secrets and hid this cosmic starry sky to prevent others from disturbing Shi Yu’s tribulation.

It had to be said that the heavenly tribulation was a very good sparring partner. Although Shi Yu and the others had suffered heavy injuries, their deaths and failures one after another forced them to defeat the lightning tribulation. The opportunity for all the pets to be determined to connect together was especially precious.

Under this tempering, Turtle, Little Quas, and Shorty broke through the original shackles and completed the breakthrough under the most terrifying lightning tribulation in this world. They broke through from a perfect divine to the era divine level.

As for Little Ji, Duckie, and Little Zi, who had been protected by Turtle, Little Quas, and Shorty with their deaths many times, as seniors, they had long broken through and completed the sublimation of their will before them. They didn’t want to drag the team down and step into the epoch god together.

The increase in the second team was undoubtedly quite helpful for Shi Yu and the others to resist the lightning tribulation.

At this moment, seeing that apart from Qi, all of Shi Yu’s team had reached the epoch god under the pressure of the lightning tribulation, Lily finally spoke to Qi beside her evilly.

“From the looks of it, if they continue, the injuries might be uncontrollable.”

“The lightning tribulation will still continue for a period of time. I have a way to help them dodge the lightning tribulation, but you can only attack as the target they contract. Otherwise, it’s very likely to cause the stress reaction of the lightning tribulation. Do you want to learn?”

Qi: “?”

“Why are you only saying such an important thing now!” Qi said angrily.

“How can helping them dodge the lightning tribulation too early have any training effect? The so-called cosmic will is only a manifestation of the power of space and time. As long as you hide all aura through the power of space and time, you can avoid the rejection of the cosmic will.”

“As a Time Sprite, your sensitivity to space and time is naturally comparable to a cosmic level. Helping them hide their aura can only be you.”

“Hurry up, hurry up, I want to learn.” Shi Yu and the others’ current situation made Qi anxious.

If not for Shi Yu’s orders, Qi would have long rushed up to help.

“Alright.” Then, Lily transmitted the corresponding spatial skill to Qi through memory sharing.

Then, Lily saw a scene that made her rather silent.

Qi’s face turned green and purple as she took out a pile of smelly fruits from her spatial equipment and forcefully stuffed them into her mouth, eating with her eyes closed like she was sleepwalking…

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