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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1774: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (1)

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Chapter 1774: Shocking That the Sixth Cosmic Life Form Was Actually… (1)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Next, it depends on whether you can withstand this lightning tribulation.”

Upon hearing Lily’s words, Shi Yu remained silent. At this moment, he had added all his strength and the enhancement of the 11th heavenly layer of the divine level to Eleven.

“Taiji Domain, activate!”


Eleven, who had the Chaos Thunder Body, was Shi Yu’s sure-kill skill to resist the lightning tribulation. At this moment, Shi Yu’s Taiji Domain, enhanced by source power, enveloped Eleven’s body, making its body instantly look like a chaos container that could devour everything.

Black and white lightning bloomed on its body. Under the enhancement of the Beast Tamer, Eleven’s strength level also rose steadily to the high-level super divine level. Its body leaped up and smashed towards the huge Thunder Fist that descended from the starry sky like a black and white meteor, shattering the starry sky.


As the purple-gold Tribulation Lightning Fist landed, Eleven’s black and white Thunder Fist also smashed over. After the two parties collided, this Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Fist directly shattered. Just as Eleven was happy, the Tribulation Lightning exploded in the next moment. Eleven couldn’t completely absorb it, and its body seemed to have exploded from the lightning, tearing apart in many places.

“Wuu!” Although the Heavenly Tribulation Wex Fist had been broken, the power of the lightning tribulation this time was beyond imagination. Even Eleven, who had high-level super divine battle power and the corresponding resistance methods, couldn’t perfectly deal with it.

After Eleven cried out in pain, the explosive lightning tribulation devoured it again and penetrated it in the erupting thunder pillar. It directly shot it down from the starry sky at Shi Yu and the others. A smoking panda slowly landed.

“Eleven!!” Shi Yu was shocked and immediately teleported away.

“It can’t resist it alone. Don’t be greedy,” Lily reminded. She told Shi Yu and Eleven not to be greedy and absorb the lightning tribulation. This time, the lightning tribulation that had accumulated after breaking through four realms was very terrifying. This was the first time since ancient times. Moreover, Shi Yu and the others were rejected by the universe. Even if they had peak super divine battle power, they might not necessarily be able to withstand this lightning tribulation. And now, Shi Yu and the others had yet to become super divine. If they wanted to resist it, they had to deal with it seriously and with all their might.


As Eleven landed, Shi Yu went forward and directly entered a fusion state with Eleven, who had fallen. He used his strength to repair Eleven’s injuries. Shi Yu also changed from a normal human to a panda person.


In the next moment, the Tribulation Lightning Fist descended from the sky again and smashed towards Shi Yu. This time, although Shi Yu’s state was a little stronger than before, it was also a little stronger. After he tried his best to welcome it, although he dispersed the Tribulation Lightning again, he was also blasted down by the exploded Tribulation Lightning like Eleven just now.

Shi Yu and Eleven were immediately slashed out of the fusion state. Eleven was still alright, but Shi Yu’s entire body had already exploded and was badly mangled. Fortunately, his physique was strengthened high, allowing him to arrive relatively easily.

“This is a good opportunity to train.” Lily sensed the surrounding environment and said, “This lightning tribulation will last for a long time. You have to grasp it.”

“If you can’t even withstand this lightning tribulation, forget about challenging the Super Empress.”

“Will it be a long time…” Shi Yu’s stomach hurt. What the hell?

The lightning tribulation this time hurt.

In just two shots, he and Eleven were already almost heavily injured. The cosmic will didn’t allow the existence of Beast Tamers at the eightenth level of the divine level, right?

“Apart from Qi, everyone, prepare for battle,” Shi Yu shouted as he fell.

In the next moment, Ling, who had long been prepared and used itself as a container, directly began to change. It shapeshifted into a super mecha that was very huge even if it stood in the starry sky.

The green and white mecha was no different from the fusion mecha controlled by Shi Yu and the others previously. However, the difference this time was that there was no need for every pet to fuse into the mecha.

With Ling’s current mechanical attainments and Shi Yu’s contract connection, it was already more proficient in connecting the strength of everyone.

A very huge light wheel appeared behind the cosmic mecha and hung behind it. Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, Little Ji, Duckie… Every pet of Shi Yu was in the light wheel. They were distributed evenly, like the equipartitions in the light wheel. Through the light wheel, power was continuously transmitted into the mecha.

As for Shi Yu and Eleven’s main bodies, they teleported to the chest of the mecha and entered the cockpit in a fusion state. After they entered the cockpit, the main stats of the entire mecha also became mechanic and thunder-element.

Electricity lingered around the light wheel and the entire mecha body.

The Super Demon God of the Light Wheel was the name Shi Yu gave this mecha.

It was a Demon God Mecha that could casually change its strength attributes according to the power of Shi Yu and the fusion pet in the cockpit.

After integrating into the mecha, Shi Yu controlled the mecha to swing its fist. Its power shocked the starry sky and collided with the lightning tribulation again. This time, it was much easier than before. The terrifying lightning tribulation shattered with a bang. The power of the lightning tribulation’s explosion was also endured by all Shi Yu’s pets. It was no longer that terrifying.

Unfortunately, Eleven couldn’t eat the lightning tribulation this time. However, at such a critical moment, Shi Yu indeed didn’t dare to be greedy. It was fine to eat one less meal.

“Machinery fusion?” Lily nodded silently at the side. It looked like it should be able to last for a long time.

“All the best, all the best!!” Qi was also secretly anxious at the side. Its power was used to support its transmigration, so Shi Yu didn’t let it join in the resistance of the lightning tribulation. However, seeing that everyone was resisting the lightning tribulation together, it was very difficult for Qi to be indifferent.

After shapeshifting into a Super Demon God, it was indeed easier for Shi Yu and the others to resist.

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