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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1678: Glory Challenge (4)

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Chapter 1678: Glory Challenge (4)

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People like Ting Yu were the most talented, had the greatest potential, and the most terrifying genius in the starry sky. However, such people were basically sleeping, dodging the lightning tribulation, and waiting for the appearance of a transcendent origin. Ting Yu was active in the overlord territory because she was young. It was also because she was separated from other monster geniuses that Ting Yu made an invincible name in the overlord territory.

If it was her who challenged the Glory Challenge, no one would be surprised. She was completely qualified.

To everyone’s surprise, there were two people who carried out the Glory Challenge this time. Not only was Ting Yu one of them, but the other was originally unknown. However, with such a big matter, Shi Yu’s identity couldn’t be hidden at all.

“Have you heard? The Glory Challenge will begin in half a year. Apart from the inheritor of one of the Ting clan, Ting Yu, there’s also a Beast Tamer from the World King Planet. It’s said that his name is Shi Yu.”

“Shi Yu?? Why haven’t I heard of him? I’ve heard of someone named Wang Kong from the World King Planet. There’s also a divine-level Beast Tamer named Lin Feng who joined forces to assassinate a super divine. However, compared to Lord Ting Yu, he’s still far inferior.”

“What the hell? Shi Yu is the latest super genius of World King Planet. Let me put it this way. The Environmental Protection Army of the Cosmic Sea is now fighting the Dark King Army in the polluted land. This war involves nearly 20 super divine-level experts.”

“The current situation is that the Environmental Protection Army has a huge advantage. Do you know why?”

“It’s because of Shi Yu!”

“As everyone knows, in war, super divine levels have nowhere to hide like the sun. They’re the sure-kill weapon of various parties. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Army sent a divine-level assassin, which is Shi Yu, to directly let him charge into the territory of the Dark King Army alone.”

“Right on the heels of that, guess what? Shi Yu hunted an abyss super divine that exceeded transcendent 2 alone and helped the Environmental Protection Army open a huge war gap, laying the foundation for victory.”

“Holy sh*t… What fierce person? Why does he sound even stronger than Lord

Ting Yu?”

“That’s not necessarily so. It’s said that there’s a countering factor. He has a cleansing star spirit pet that’s very counter to the abyss type, but it’s also very strong. ”

“Wait a minute, you just said the Environmental Protection Army… Then why is he here in the cosmic overlord army again?”

“You’re asking me, but who should I ask? However, the Environmental Protection Army has always cooperated with the cosmic overlord army. It doesn’t seem to be prohibiting members from joining the cosmic overlord army, right?”

Although it was very far away, Shi Yu e s battle results of killing the abyss super divine in the Contaminated Land still spread here.

In an instant, Shi Yu’s reputation instantly soared, making people pay more attention to the results of Ting Yu and Shi Yu’s Glory Challenge.

Especially since Shi Yu came from the Cosmic Sea, the factions of the overlord territory wanted to know if the geniuses of the overlord territory were stronger or the geniuses of the Cosmic Sea were stronger…

Twilight Star Realm, Heavenly Net Planet.

At this moment, Shi Yu had just returned.

“Where have you been for the past half a month??”

After Shi Yu returned, Captain Zi Jian immediately asked.

If not for the fact that she could still contact Shi Yu through the overlord network, she would have gone crazy.

Through the overlord network, she asked Shi Yu if he could carry out the Glory Challenge in half a year. After Shi Yu agreed, he directly stayed outside for half a month before returning.

In the past half a month, Shi Yu t s name had gradually spread in the overlord territory, but Shi Yu still didn’t return to the Heavenly Net PLanet. Zi Jian was really afraid that Shi Yu would still be out of contact after the preview had already been released, and he would have stood the Glory Challenge up.

In that case, as a recommender, she would definitely be beaten to death.

“Didn’t I say that I had some enlightening? I’m going to break through,” Shi Yu said with a smile. What was the hurry?

“How can we not be anxious? Prepare yourself. We have to set off in half a month. We have to arrive a little earlier,” Zi Jian said.

“Now, half the experts in the overlord territory are discussing you and Ting

Yu. How do you feel?”

Captain Zi Jian looked at Shi Yu in front of her and asked.

“I don’t feel anything…” Shi Yu said, “I’m more concerned about how strong the deterrence of the cosmic overlord is.’

“But Ting Yu is quite powerful. I’ve seen her information recently. It’s really spectacular. It should have been a long time since a genius of this level appeared on World King Planet.”

Apart from him, the most recent human genius to break through the limit of the divine level to Level 11 in the Cosmic Sea was probably 100,000 years ago.

He had long slept for an unknown period of time,

Unlike this girl, who was energetic and arranged fights everywhere.

As expected of the territory of the universe boss…

“Well, I’ve met her once. She’s indeed powerful,” Zi Jian said.

“It’s very ridiculous to be able to break through the limit of the divine level at this age. However, why do I remember that you don’t seem to be very old either? You’re also in your twenties.” The corners of Captain Zi Jian’s mouth twitched slightly. “By the way, what’s your current level…”

Zi Jian didn’t know if Beast Shi Yu was Shi Yu’s pet, but according to the rumors, Susu definitely had the strength of an epoch god to defeat an abyss super divine. Also, Shi Yu t s mechanical pet could defeat the virtual Wabra in the virtual world, so its strength was definitely not ordinary…

“Me? I just broke through to the 12th heavenly layer of the divine level. I’m barely one level higher than Ting Yu. I didn’t work hard for nothing in the past half a month.” Shi Yu smiled and said, “I wonder if I can pass the challenge…”

“12th heavenly layer?” Zi Jian’s stomach hurt as she looked at Shi Yu numbly. In the God Sealing Battle, Shi Yu had already left a very deep impression on the audience over there. She never expected that Shi Yu, who had broken through to the divine level, would come to make the experts of the overlord territory’s stomach hurt again.

Ting Yu was already ridiculous… Shi Yu was younger than Ting Yu and had a higher level than the other party, so what kind of demon was Shi Yu?

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