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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1677: Glory Challenge (3)

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Chapter 1677: Glory Challenge (3)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“No one expected that the meaning of the core of this ruin was actually to help mechanics resist humans.’

“Fortunately, this is only one of the ruins fragments… Most of the ruins fragments should have been excavated by the last era. Otherwise, our era would definitely be even more unlucky.”

“I know, but Wabra has such a deep grudge against the family. The family should have sensed it,” Huo Qiong super divine said. “Our ancestor gave Wabra such an order because he hoped that the family could have a long inheritance.”

“But for Wabra, it’s no different from binding all its energy to this. It’s its ancestor. We neglected this. It has already played its part as a guardian long enough. This time, it might also be a relief for Wabra.”

“I’ll fight for some opportunities to see if it can obtain a new life. I hope it won’t be too deeply affected by this ruin.”

Zi Jian nodded and said, “If its thoughts can be turned back, it might still be possible. After all, this crisis has already controlled the loss at the smallest level.’

“I have to thank your friend. At first, I still felt that he was very strange, but from the looks of it, that boy is ridiculously strong. His strength far exceeds me, a super divine level mechanic,” Huo Qiong said.

“Speaking of which…” Zi Jian quickly opened her overlord network and also discovered a message.

The person who left the message was a high-level super divine in charge of the Glory Challenge, Wang Lie.

In the message, Wang Lie first asked about the situation in the Twilight Star Realm. Then, he explained in detail that Shi Yu had already passed the assessment criteria of the Glory Challenge and asked Zi Jian to contact him later to confirm the challenge time.

Zi Jian didn’t expect Wang Lie to approve it so quickly.

She didn’t say a word and broadcasted back.

A moment later, a middle-aged man’s face appeared on the screen.

“Captain Zi Jian, looks like the situation in Twilight Star Realm has been resolved.’

“Yes, it’s been resolved, and I’ve already finished reporting to Lord Jia Luobo.”

“That’s good. I won’t ask too much. Let’s talk about what we should talk about. The Shi Yu you recommended has already passed the approval. It’s confirmed that he can undergo the Glory Challenge in half a year. Is that alright?”

“Half a year… Can’t he confirm the time himself?” Zi Jian asked.

“Generally speaking, it’s possible, but before you guys, another person applied for the Glory Challenge. This kind of thing isn’t worth disturbing the will of the cosmic overlord twice in a short period of time, so you guys can also do it according to her time. Why, is there a problem?”

“If there’s a problem, contact me again.”

“Alright…” Zi Jian felt a headache coming on.

From here to the location of the Glory Challenge, if he accelerated, he could completely make it in half a year.

However, from what Shi Yu said previously, he still wanted to prepare for a period of time.

Half a year… was too short.

It was better to ask Shi Yu later. If half a year was too short, she had to think of a way to delay the challenge. This opportunity was rare.

However, after watching the battle just now, Zi Jian felt that it didn’t seem to be a problem for Shi Yu to challenge it now.

She realized that she had completely underestimated Shi Yu previously. This guy had gone from the strongest quasi divine to the strongest divine-level tier in more than two years. It was ridiculous.

The matter of the Twilight Star Realm was sealed by the cosmic overlord army.

After all, it involved a super divine insider and a super divine family. Before the final outcome was dealt with, it wasn’t suitable to publicize it, nor was it suitable to let the rumors spread themselves.

In its place was another big matter that suppressed the limelight of the Twilight Star Realm’s era ruins.

After many years, someone finally challenged Glory Challenge again.

Compared to the archeology of ruins that only a small number of people paid attention to, it was clearly more gimmicky to involve a super genius from the overlord territory challenging the deterrence will of a cosmic overlord.

And the challenger this time not only surprised the various factions in the overlord territory, but also surprised them.

Unsurprisingly, the challenger was indeed the genius Beast Tamer Ting Yu who received the most attention in the current overlord territory.

Ting Yu came from one of the Ting clans. After becoming a super divine, her talent was shocking. She had just been born and didn’t need to meditate to have a Level 7 Beast Taming Space. She could contract overlord-level pets with her baby body.

With a little meditation, she had already broken through to the divine level before she was of age.

After entering the divine level, she also improved greatly. Her meditation speed was several times faster than other geniuses, and she quickly reached the peak of the divine level.

If this was nothing, then relying on her powerful talent, the strength of her pet was also ridiculously strong.

It was an epoch god!

Under the enhancement of the divine contract and the support of her powerful talent potential, Ting Yu used the divine contract to nurture an epoch-level pet. During this period, she even completed the battle record of killing super divines above her level.

She had also successfully broken through the restrictions of the 10th heavenly layer of the divine level and reached the 11th heavenly layer of the divine level.

If this wasn’t enough to prove Ting Yu’s power, her age would definitely shock everyone. This was because this proud daughter of heaven was less than 30 years old now. Even that epoch divine-level pet was less than 30 years old. She was completely young and promising, and her future was immeasurable.

In the entire universe, some factions in the overlord territory also felt that

this woman was invincible in her generation.

Even people like Zavay and Ming Gu on the World King Planet were much inferior to Ting Yu. Even if the former grew up in the future and had a high chance of becoming a super divine, that was nothing. For people like Ting Yu, super divine was just a starting point. The peak of super divine and even the cosmic level was their goal…

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