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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2437 Gu Linglong Versus Doomsday Darkness, Heavenly Saint Ambush, Pan Gu Sect Monarchs Falls One After Another

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Chapter 2437 Gu Linglong Versus Doomsday Darkness, Heavenly Saint Ambush, Pan Gu Sect Monarchs Falls One After Another

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Gu Linglong wielded the Descendant Self Sword and started to merge with its aura.

As the combined aura rose sharply, she slashed forward with the sword.

The vast sword qi gushed forward like a torrential stream, freezing everything in its way. However, Doomsday Darkness was not deterred. He, too, swung his halberd forward.


The clash between the Darkness Daoist law and the sword qi was so powerful that it shook heaven and earth.

Gu Linglong and Doomsday Darkness were both pushed back.

“Again!” Gu Linglong bellowed.

She knew the only way for the Pan Gu Sect to win was to defeat Doomsday Darkness! Having a foe that possessed powers near an Overlord was troublesome for the entirety of the sect.

“Descendant Self, aid me!”

Gu Linglong bellowed and wielded the sword in a flurry.

She was not a swordswoman, but her husband, Chu Kuangren, was the strongest swordsman in the universe. Under his influence, her swordsmanship was at a decent level.

She even cultivated a frost-element sword art.

Slash after slash, the land and sky were frozen to ice.

“Doomsday Darkness Slash!”

Doomsday Darkness swung his halberd in a flurry and clashed with the Descendant Self Sword.

However, the Descendant Self Sword was stronger than ever before. With the sword spirit trained in the Sword Dao Eye by the sword intent from past to present, it had grown ridiculously strong.

On top of that, its blade was the first sword in the Infiniverse, the Human Ancestor’s sword.

When the two combined, the power it could unleash was unimaginable.

Doomsday Darkness’ halberd shook strongly after each clash as if it could break before the next hit.

Having been pushed back by the relentless attacks, Doomsday Darkness’ expression turned grim. “How? How did the sword become so powerful?”

Even if Gu Linglong wielded the Source Supreme Treasure, due to her cultivation level, the amount of power she could use should be limited.

Although the Source Supreme Treasure was powerful, it needed a matching cultivation level to bring out its full potential.

Yet, Gu Linglong could unleash powers that rivaled Doomsday Darkness just by wielding the Descendant Self Sword!

“It’s the sword spirit!”

Doomsday Darkness was struck with a realization.

The sword spirit was releasing its power on its own, which allowed a common Monarch like Gu Linglong to rival one of the strongest beings in the universe.

“Doomsday Darkness Art, Barren Sky Darkness Explosion!” Doomsday Darkness shouted and swung his halberd down with boundless Darkness Daoist law energy as if he was wielding the Darkness Great Dao itself.

It was the Unlimited Great Dao energy!

“Bring it on!” Gu Linglong did not even try to dodge it.

The Descendant Self Sword buzzed and released the powers of the Sword Great Dao!

She, too, was able to use the Unlimited Great Dao energy!

Upon clashing, both of them were pushed back once again.

This time, the Darkness Daoist law energy on Doomsday Darkness grew restless, and he actually lost!

“Damn it!” Doomsday Darkness’ expression turned grimmer.

The Descendant Self Sword’s powers exceeded his wildest imagination.

The others were also shocked that such a terrifying sword existed in the universe. Its appearance made other swords look like useless irons.

“Doomsday Darkness, take this! Blizzard No Return!” Gu Linglong bellowed and channeled her energy to the limit.

As she raised the Descendant Self Sword high in the sky, she cast her most powerful attack!

A resolute sword intent of no return spread across the battlefield.

When she unleashed the attack, a fierce snowstorm broke out.

The snow in the air turned into sword qi that carried an indomitable sword intent. Even someone as strong as Doomsday Darkness felt intimidated, which was rare.

As such, he roared and channeled his Darkness energy to the limit as well.

“Doomsday Art, Endless Darkness!”

He thrust his halberd forward, releasing torrential streams of Darkness.

The moment the snow and darkness clashed, the land was turned upside down!

The Immortal Island trembled violently.

Doomsday Darkness was blasted away again. However, his aura was starting to weaken, and his Monarch’s Heart was shaking.

“Today, I shall end Doomsday Darkness!” Gu Linglong bellowed and wanted to follow up with another attack.

Suddenly, someone appeared behind her and attacked her from the back. “Bang!”

The palm strike struck her shoulder and sent her flying, with blood gushing out from her mouth. The Descendant Self Sword fell out from her hands as well!

“Sister Linglong!”

Lan Yu, Chu Hong, and the others were shocked.

Everyone stared at the aggressor fiercely. Based on the powerful aura the person possessed, he must be an Ultimate Monarch, but no one noticed how he got so close to Gu Linglong.

He was shrouded by a layer of light, concealing his true face.

“This aura… Heavenly Saint! It’s you!” Mingyue Wuxia shouted, her expression cold.

He might have concealed himself, but Mingyue Wuxia would never mistake his aura!

“I will kill you!”

The sudden twist of events paused the battlefield for a moment.

Infuriated, the Tempest King threw a punch at the Heavenly Saint.


The energy exploded around the Heavenly Saint, dissipating the light around him.

When his true face was finally revealed, everyone was shocked. “It really is the Heavenly Saint! He is betraying the human race as well!”

“Piece of sh*t!” “Heavenly Saint, Heavenly Sovereign, both of them are cancer to the human race!”

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect were infuriated.

However, the Heavenly Sovereign grinned. “I bet none of you would’ve thought the Heavenly Saint would join me and finally show his true colors!” “What did you promise him?”

“Nothing but Chu Kuangren! I promised to give him the Human Ancestor’s blood when we’re done with Chu Kuangren!”

The Heavenly Saint was obsessed with the Human Ancestor’s cultivation technique.

In his opinion, if he could get the Human Ancestor’s blood, he might be able to learn the Limitless Transformation!

It was the reason why he agreed to side with the Heavenly Sovereign!

“You recognized me,” the Heavenly Saint said to Mingyue Wuxia.

“Don’t forget I cultivate the Heavenly Human Art too. Your aura can fool anyone but me!” Mingyue Wuxia said coldly.

Heavenly Human Art allowed the user to blend with the realm’s natural energy.

If used properly, it would be the best cultivation technique for stealth operation and tracking. It was that technique that allowed the Heavenly Saint to get close to Gu Linglong without exposing himself.

He then grabbed the Descendant Self Sword and channeled his own Daoist law energy to infuse into the blade, attempting to suppress the sword spirit.

However, the Descendant Self fought back fiercely.

The Heavenly Saint used all of his strength to manage to hold on to the hilt.

It was the Human Ancestor’s sword, after all. If he got the Human Ancestor’s blood and then cultivated the Human Ancestor’s cultivation technique, he would be the next Human Ancestor!”

“Hahaha! Nicely done, human!” Doomsday Darkness laughed.

After that, he looked at Gu Linglong, who had crashed further away.

Gu Linglong had a life-saving treasure that saved her from the ambush earlier.

However, Doomsday Darkness already viewed her as a dead person.


He attacked, trying to deliver the final blow!

“Dream on!”

“Protect Sister Gu!”

The Three Clarities, Nuwa, Fuxi, and the Black Heaven Nine Stars jumped in to counter the attack.

They all released their respective Monarch energy to try and block or cancel the attack, but even with their combined energies, they were no match for Doomsday Darkness!


Ye Zhu was killed on the spot, his body exploding into a blood mist.

Shang Honghua lost half of her body to the blast.

Zhen Yuanzi was corrupted by the Darkness energy and disintegrated into ashes.

The Pan Gu Sect’s Monarchs were no match for Doomsday Darkness. They could not even survive one hit from him, yet they did not step away.

Those who survived stood strong to protect not only Gu Linglong but also the Pan Gu Sect!

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