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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2436 Detonation of the Ultimate Supreme Weapon, Brand New Descendant Self Sword

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Chapter 2436 Detonation of the Ultimate Supreme Weapon, Brand New Descendant Self Sword

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“Detonate!” With a fierce shout, Gu Linglong detonated her Ultimate Supreme Weapon!

Terrifying frost qi erupted from the sword and instantly shrouded the sky. With the wind, cloud, air, and everything on the land blanketed by the frost qi, it instantly froze into a massive and sturdy ice mountain that crashed down from the sky with a bang!

The entire Immortal Island trembled.

The frost qi from the ice mountain frightened countless cultivators, causing them to scuttle away in fear.

The frost qi was terrifying! It froze everything it touched — a death freeze, to be exact! The frost qi was something that living beings could not cope with. Some of the Monarchs shuddered when they got too close, and it was just the frost qi emanating from the ice mountain.

It was unimaginable how much frost qi was contained in the ice mountain.

Even an Unlimited Great Dao would be frozen inside it.

“Is this the power of detonating an Ultimate Supreme Weapon!?”

“It’s crazy!”

“Gu Linglong detonated it in just a heartbeat! I think Doomsday Darkness is done for this time!” “So this was what they were aiming for. Armament Destruction set alight his Monarch’s Heart and reversed his Great Dao not to defeat Doomsday Darkness but to create a window for Gu Linglong to detonate the Ultimate Supreme Weapon in Doomsday Darkness’ face.”

All the cultivators were in awe of their risky and resolute tactics.

Be it Armament Destruction’s resolution to sacrifice everything to create a window for Gu Linglong or Gu Linglong’s resolution to detonate the Ultimate Supreme Weapon, their resolutions impressed many.

One misstep from their combined attack would produce a completely different outcome. It would be nearly impossible for them to achieve what they had done if something went wrong.

“Armament Destruction…” Armament Destruction’s sacrifice saddened Gu Linglong. Armament Destruction may have been born from Chu Kuangren’s will, but he was his own entity, becoming a close friend and rival of Chu Kuangren. Yet, he sacrificed himself for the sect.

Not only Gu Linglong but Lan Yu, Chu Hong, and others were also saddened by the loss.

Suddenly, the ice mountain cracked, and slivers of Darkness qi leaked from within it.

The scene shocked everyone.

“Doomsday Darkness is not dead?”

“Damn it!”

Lan Yu and the others were mortified.

The power contained in the detonation of an Ultimate Supreme Weapon was unrivaled.

It could kill Ultimate Monarchs with ease, yet it could not kill Doomsday Darkness!

How powerful was Doomsday Darkness exactly?

As the cracks spread across the ice mountain, Gu Linglong growled and unleashed even more attacks on the ice mountain.

A massive amount of frost qi was blasted at the ice mountain, enveloping it whole.

Even if the explosion did not kill Doomsday Darkness, she had to stall him as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the Darkness qi from the ice mountain grew denser.

Following a tremendous explosion, the ice mountain exploded into pieces.

Doomsday Darkness emerged from within, looking wretched, and a layer of frost was covering the injury on his chest.

Even with his powers, he could not remove the frost qi completely.

The large amount of frost qi corroded his body, causing him to shiver.

“Damn it! For injuring me to this extent, all of you shall die!”

Doomsday Darkness had never felt so infuriated!

He could not believe he was ambushed by a woman and heavily injured by the blast!

Not only did it hurt him physically, but it humiliated him as well!

“That woman is dead.” The Heavenly Sovereign scoffed. “Doomsday Darkness is angry, and no one can save her now. I wonder how Chu Kuangren would react if he found out that his woman died. I’m looking forward to it.”

The Tempest King, Human Empress, and the others reacted grimly to the situation.

They tried to help Gu Linglong but were stopped by the Heavenly Sovereign and the others.

They could not get to Gu Linglong.


Doomsday Darkness attacked Gu Linglong angrily. Even though he was hurt by the detonation of the Ultimate Supreme Treasure, he remained a terrifying foe with great power!

Without the Ultimate Supreme Weapon, Gu Linglong was not powerful enough to block the attack. At the critical moment, Mingyue Wuxia managed to step in and counter with a slash. The sword qi she released gushed forward like a comet!


When the sword qi clashed with the Darkness energy, the explosion sent Mingyue Wuxia flying away.

She even lost the Human Ancestor’s sword during the blast.

The sword captivated the different tribe cultivators from the alliance.

“It’s the Human Ancestor’s sword!”

“The Supreme Treasure is closely related to human’s source!”

“It’s mine!”

Some of the cultivators, including Monarchs, dashed over to the sword, trying to seize it for themselves.

“Damn it!”

Mingyue Wuxia tried to retrieve the sword but could not due to her condition. Once the Human Ancestor’s sword was possessed by the enemy, the human race would be in danger.

Suddenly, a crack opened in the sky, and an endless sword qi gushed out like a geyser!

The cultivators who tried to seize the Human Ancestor’s sword were blasted away.

“Who is that?”

Everyone was surprised, but no one emerged from the spatial crack.

While the Sword Great Dao continued to release sword qi from within, a white sword flew out from the Great Dao itself.

The sword shadow shone brightly and contained boundless sword intent.

“What is going on?”

“Why did the Sword Great Dao appear by itself?”

“What is that sword?”

“Descendant Self Sword!”

Mingyue Wuxia was delighted.

The sword shadow was the sword spirit of the Descendant Self Sword!

The sword spirit had grown incredibly strong, and the aura it released was unparalleled. It was as if it wanted to overthrow the Infiniverse!

At the same time, the sword intent it released contained extreme anger as well.

The Descendant Self Sword had sensed the battle at the Pan Gu Sect and knew it was the place its master lived and cherished.

Now, it was besieged by enemies, and the enemies must be killed!

The Descendant Self’s sword spirit flew toward the Human Ancestor’s sword to combine with it.

The moment the sword spirit and sword combined, unrivaled sword intent and sword ray erupted!

The blast of sword intent even sent some of the Monarchs flying away.

Mingyue Wuxia was gratified to see the two combine.

“A brand new Human Ancestor’s sword… No, a brand new Descendant Self Sword!”

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Endless sword intent rose to the sky.

All the swordsmen in the Great Hongmeng Universe sensed the sword, and their swords resonated with it. In fact, the Sword Great Dao was resonating with it as well.

“That is a terrifying sword!”

“That sword is mine!”

All the Monarchs on the battlefield were not deterred by the unparalleled sword intent from the Descendant Self. Instead, their desire for the sword grew stronger!

They all wanted to get the Supreme Treasure as greed got the best of them.

“It’s mine! No one can take it from me!”

A Monarch threw himself forward, but before he could get close, the Descendant Self Sword buzzed and released a sword ray, cutting the Monarch in half.

The Descendant Self Sword only had one master, and that fact would never change.

There was no way someone else would wield it.

The Descendant Self Sword flew toward Gu Linglong, who looked at the sword and tacitly understood its intention. She grabbed the hilt and wielded it as her own.

The Descendant Self Sword was sentient, and its sword spirit knew that she was Chu Kuangren’s Daoist partner, so it allowed her to use him.

With the sword in her hand, Gu Linglong’s aura surged.

She was just a common Monarch, but with the sword’s power, she was able to deter some of the Ultimate Monarchs.

Only Doomsday Darkness remained cold and angry. “You plan to fight me with just a sword? You’re too naive!”

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