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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2335 Fortune Kingdom, Kingdom's Core, The Idea of Snatching Other Tribes’ Fortune

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Chapter 2335 Fortune Kingdom, Kingdom's Core, The Idea of Snatching Other Tribes’ Fortune

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The Spatial One broke through to the Monarch Realm, becoming the second Monarch of the era, second only to Chu Kuangren.

Both had ascended just recently, and many people felt bad for the Spatial One because he was one step behind Chu Kuangren.

Just one step earlier, and the era’s fortune energy would not go to the human race and the arrogant Chu Kuangren.

Time flew by.

Instead of traveling around the universe, Chu Kuangren had been staying in the Pan Gu Sect and focusing on mastering his Monarch power.

From time to time, he would spar with the Tempest King.

Only the Tempest King was worthy to be his sparring partner.

“Congratulations, Host! You’ve won an Eternal-tier prize, Fortune Kingdom!”

On that day, Chu Kuangren did a gacha draw, and the prize he got surprised him.

It was another Eternal-tier prize, making it the third Eternal-tier prize he had received.

He was beyond excited about it.

He checked the so-called Fortune Kingdom, which was actually a cultivation technique related to fortune energy.

The user could gather the realm’s fortune energy to create a divine kingdom at will!

The user could control everything within the kingdom, including the life and death of all its people.

One thought and one person could die or live.

At the same time, the people in the kingdom could also enjoy a boost of fortune energy. As the people’s cultivation level increased and strength grew, Chu Kuangren, as the ruler of the kingdom, could also gain fortune’s blessing. They complemented each other and helped each other’s growth.

Chu Kuangren’s breathing became heavy as he read through the description.

The value of the Fortune Kingdom was huge! It was much more valuable than the Creation Pool!

If Chu Kuangren had a billion people or subjects in his kingdom, how terrifying would it be if he acquired the blessing of fortune from all of them?

If he continued to expand the kingdom and conquer all of the Infiniverse, he would be invincible!

The legend of the Fortune Kingdom had been around for a long time, but even after countless eras, no one had created it.

Now, the technique of creating the Fortune Kingdom was within Chu Kuangren’s reach.

“This is terrifying! But I like it!” Chu Kuangren smiled brightly.

However, trying to create his Fortune Kingdom would not be easy. The first requirement would be fortune energy and a massive amount at that.

Since Chu Kuangren ranked first on multiple leaderboards and was blessed with the human race’s fortune of this era, he had an abundance of fortune energy at hand.

If there was someone with the most hope of creating the Fortune Kingdom, it would be Chu Kuangren.

After getting the cultivation technique, he entered closed-door meditation to cultivate the technique immediately.

By now, people were not surprised by his frequent closed-door meditation.

Every time he exited his closed-door meditation, there was a huge change in him.

The first time he exited his cultivation, he ascended to the Grand Dao Realm and secured the first place on the Grand Dao Leaderboard.

The second time, he ascended to Supreme Honorable and secured the first place on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard.

The last time he exited, he fused three thousand Daoist laws and became the first Monarch of the era, acquiring the era’s fortune energy.

Each time he exited his cultivation, he would shock the world with his massive changes.

Therefore, everyone was curious as to what changes he would bring this time.

Inside a forest realm, Chu Kuangren was gathering the fortune energy to create his Fortune Kingdom. The first step would be manifesting the Fortune Kingdom’s core and then fusing it into his body.

The first step alone required a massive amount of fortune energy.

A common cultivator, or even a Monarch, might not complete the first step despite cultivating for life. However, it was extremely easy for Chu Kuangren.

He had an abundance of fortune energy and a monstrous cognizance. With Lil Ai’s assistance, he was able to master the cultivation technique quickly.

With the fortune energy sorted and the technique mastered, fusing the core would be a piece of cake.

All it took was a few years to achieve it.

“So this is the Fortune Kingdom’s core?”

Chu Kuangren had a perfectly cut crystal floating in his hand, and it emanated mystical Daoist law light.

The crystal was the Fortune Kingdom’s core that he had manifested.

Then, he tried to fuse it into his body.

He could feel the abundance of fortune energy in him gushing rapidly into the core as if it had found a new home.

Unlike how the Heavenly Sovereign stole the fortune energy of the human race, Chu Kuangren creating the Fortune Kingdom would not harm the human race’s fortune energy.

In other words, the Heavenly Sovereign absorbed the fortune energy and converted it into his own, whereas Chu Kuangren would reform the fortune energy and utilize it to its fullest power.

The two were fundamentally different and could not be generalized.

While Chu Kuangren infused all his fortune energy from the human race and the leaderboards into the core for reformation, the Immortal Island started to undergo some changes as well.

The cultivators realized that the Immortal Island’s spiritual qi had gotten denser, causing all kinds of treasures to appear.

It felt like the island had been favored by the universe.

Meanwhile, the fortune teller in Myriad Arms City sensed something and looked at the Immortal Island floating in the sky.

He opened his eyes, which gleamed with interest.

He could see a large amount of fortune energy enveloping the entire island.

Golden dragons danced in the air, and palaces and pavilions were erected from the ground. Divine light shone and intertwined, forming a grand and majestic kingdom that lasted through time.

The fortune teller bolted up in shock.

“Fortune Kingdom? How is this possible?”

He was shell-shocked.

Then, the grand image of the kingdom disappeared all of a sudden, as if it were just an illusion.

However, the fortune teller knew it was not an illusion. He was so shocked that he felt goosebumps all over his body.

“Why did it disappear so suddenly?”

The fortune teller was baffled. “Could I have seen a small part of the Immortal Island’s future?”

In other words, the island would become the Fortune Kingdom in the future.

It was simply unbelievable!

At the thought of the possible future, the fortune teller was too shocked to react, but he knew it must be related to Chu Kuangren.

He was even more intrigued by Chu Kuangren, the Pan Gu Sect Leader, the Divine Bachelor of the human race, and the first Monarch of the era whom he had never met before.

“Should I request a meeting with him?”

On second thought, he shook his head. “Forget about it. I’m still in a lot of trouble. I shouldn’t get others involved.”

Back in the Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren had fused the Fortune Kingdom’s core into his body.

Endless fortune energy was infused into the core and then released from it. The reformed fortune energy became the energy that formed the kingdom.

However, it was difficult for others to identify it.

“Not enough. It’s still not enough.”

He thought the fortune energy he possessed was more than enough, but it seemed he was far from meeting the requirement. His fortune energy was not enough.

Although the fortune energy of the human race was massive, it was scattered across the Infiniverse. Each human possessed his or her own fortune energy, and each human force possessed an exclusive pool of its own fortune energy.

It was not easy trying to gather all of them in one place.

If he did it, he would become the common enemy of the human race.

If the fortune energy came to him willingly and naturally, no one would say anything, but it would be a different story if he raided others for it.

“I only have ten percent of the human race’s fortune energy. In addition to the era’s fortune energy and the leaderboards, it’s still far from enough to fuel the Fortune Kingdom. In that case, can I go after the other tribes’ fortune energy?” Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

As the masters of the realm, the human race possessed a large amount of fortune energy, but the other tribes across the Infiniverse possessed their own fortune energy as well.

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