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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2334 Spatial One Ascends To Monarch, A Firefly Can't Outshine the Moon's Brilliance

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Chapter 2334 Spatial One Ascends To Monarch, A Firefly Can't Outshine the Moon's Brilliance

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A powerful aura expanded across the Pan Gu Sect.

Li Jun came out of his room.

He looked at his hands in surprise. “Have I broken through to the Supreme Honorable Grand Dao Realm already? This is too fast…”

Since Chu Kuangren brought back the Immortal Island, Pan Gu Sect no longer had to worry about cultivation resources.

However, resources aside, cultivation would depend on a person’s talent and the Opportunites of Fortune.

Li Jun was talented, and his cognizance was second to Chu Kuangren in the Pan Gu Sect.

Still, he thought he would need at least tens of thousands of years to break through to the Supreme Honorable Grand Dao Realm, or even a million.

However, to his surprise, he made it in just a few short years.

The speed was beyond what he expected.

“Has the Pan Gu Sect’s recent luck been because the Sect Leader, as the first Monarch of the era, has received the era’s fortune energy? Has Pan Gu Sect become the gathering point of all the fortune energy?” Li Jun tried to figure it out.

Besides him, many others also encountered similar situations.

The Three Clarities, Zhen Yuanzi, Nuwa, Fuxi, Wuhan, and so on were the pillars of the Pan Gu Sect, and with the fortune energy’s blessing, they were astonished by the gain in their cultivation.

“This is incredible!”

“The Pan Gu Sect’s fortune is so dense! Is this the era’s fortune energy?”

“With the fortune blessing, Chu Kuangren and the Pan Gu Sect will surely take over the Great Hongmeng Universe in time.”

“There have been similar cases with Monarchs who overpowered the entire era, and the Tempest King is one of them. However, I don’t recall her getting so much fortune energy when she ascended. What’s going on?”

Some people could not understand the blessing of luck.

However, some cultivators who were good at observing qi soon found something.

It turned out that the fortune energy gathered upon the Pan Gu Sect right now was not only from the leaderboards and from Chu Kuangren becoming the first Monarch of the era, but there was also another stream of incredibly dense fortune energy.

It seemed to originate from the human race!

It was the human race’s own fortune energy!

At the same time, in the Divine Sword Palace, the Palace Ruler found the situation strange as well.

“How is this possible? The Divine Sword Palace is also a Human Sanctuary. We, too, have the fortune energy blessing, but the Pan Gu Sect’s one is a lot larger. It’s much larger than the three major Human Sanctuaries!”

In the Heavenly Human Sanctuary, Mingyue Wuxia sensed the changes in the Pan Gu Sect as well. “It seems like he has refined the Human Ancestor’s blood, but to be able to gather that much fortune energy, his own fortune must be amazing as well.”

All three major Human Sanctuaries grew restless.

As the major Human Sanctuaries, they should possess the most fortune energy of the human race, yet the Pan Gu Sect had beat them to it.

They refused to accept it!

In time, they might be weaker than the Pan Gu Sect!

How could they accept defeat after ruling for so many years?

However, they had no good solution to stun the growth of the Pan Gu Sect.

With resources?

The Pan Gu Sect had the Immortal Island, which was filled with an abundance of resources.

With combat?

The Pan Gu Sect had the Tempest King and Chu Kuangren, two Monarchs that overpowered an era.

A while ago, Chu Kuangren even defeated the Doomsday Darkness, and it left an impression on everyone.

The Pan Gu Sect was considered young since it was founded just a while back, but before everyone knew it, it had grown into a colossal titan.

Even the other Human Sanctuaries could not make a move against them recklessly anymore.

“With Chu Kuangren around, the rise of the Pan Gu Sect is unstoppable.” An ancient Monarch expressed his concern.

Back in the Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren was sitting on a mountain peak.

He was surrounded by rings of Daoist Law energy that resembled planetary rings.

“I have completely refined the Human Ancestor’s blood.

“The Human Ancestor’s body is indeed outstanding. Although I’m already a Monarch, my cultivation speed hasn’t slowed down at all. Not only is it because of the vast fortune energy, but it’s also because of the Human Ancestor’s body,” Chu Kuangren exclaimed.

He, too, had noticed the changes in the Pan Gu Sect in recent years.

He knew it was unusual for the Pan Gu Sect to gather that much fortune energy, and there must be a good reason for it.

The only explanation seemed to be the Human Ancestor’s body.

The Human Ancestor was the origin of all human beings, so the human race’s fortune was closely related to it.

Now that he owned the Human Ancestor’s body, he could consider himself the representative of the Human Ancestor.

Hence, it was only natural that the human race’s fortune energy gathered upon him.

“Honorable Teacher.”

The Tempest King came.

“Lan, how’s your recovery going?” Chu Kuangren asked.

“I’m fine now.”


Chu Kuangren had learned about the Heavenly Sovereign’s betrayal. Never would he have thought that the Adjudicator of the Supreme Council was the one stealing the human race’s fortune energy.

A while back, the Tempest King, the Earthen Monarch, and the Human Empress fought the Heavenly Sovereign.

It ended up as a draw, and both sides were hurt. The Tempest King was hurt the least, so after spending some time recovering, she was back to her prime.

The Human Empress and the Earthen Monarch, however, were badly injured.

As for the Human Sovereign, he escaped in the end. It was too difficult to kill a Monarch who was half a step shy from breaking through to the Overlord Realm.

However, he would not be making any big moves lately.

Chu Kuangren chatted with the Tempest King for a while when suddenly, a powerful energy fluctuation rippled across the realm.

The void of the Great Hongmeng Universe trembled for a while.

Further away, Daoist Rhymes echoed, and there were conjurations of golden lotuses blooming.

The aura attracted much attention from the Monarchs.

“Has someone broken through to the Monarch Realm again?”

“Who is it?”

“Another Monarch has been born!”

“Damn. This Monarch is one step slower. If not, he would’ve been the one to gain the era’s fortune energy, not Chu Kuangren.”

“That direction… It’s the Spatial Tribe!”

Inside the Spatial Tribe, the Spatial One finally manifested his Monarch’s Heart and had Daoist laws surrounding him.

“I’ve finally become a Monarch,” he murmured.

The Spatial Tribe Leader congratulated him. “Congratulations, Spatial One.”

“Too bad I’m one step slower.”

The Spatial One felt discontent with his progress.

Knowing what the Spatial One was referring to, the Spatial Tribe Leader also felt displeased. “Yeah, one step slower. Chu Kuagren is a monster!”

“It’s fine. This era is an unusual one. The first Monarch may be able to get the era’s fortune energy, but overpowering the entire era might not be that easy. Besides, who says fortune cannot be changed?”

The Spatial One took a deep breath and narrowed his frosty eyes.

As long as the owner of the fortune energy died, it would be transferred to someone else.

The Spatial Tribe Leader read his thoughts, but he was concerned. “Chu Kuangren is ridiculously strong. It’s not going to be easy.”

“I was born from the Spatial Source. I am not afraid of him!”

The Spatial One knew how strong Chu Kuangren was, but he did not want to discourage himself.

He, too, was confident in himself.

Back in the Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King both looked in the same direction.

“The Spatial Tribe has gotten their Monarch. It must be the Spatial One,” the Tempest King said after some thought.

“Oh? That guy who didn’t die after taking one hit from you?”

The Tempest King nodded.

Even though she was hurt back then, the Spatial One was strong enough to take a hit from the Monarch and survive.

“I wonder how he compares to me,” Chu Kuangren said with great interest.

“Honorable Teacher, you must be joking. How can a firefly outshine the moon’s brilliance?”

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