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«Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart (Web Novel) - Chapter 1406 I Won't Be Greedy

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Chapter 1406 I Won't Be Greedy

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Why did this man never filter his words?

He should consider where he was before saying such private matters aloud.

She needed to retain some of her dignity even if he did not!

Lin Qingyuan's face turned bright red and when she noticed everyone looking at them, she felt even more embarrassed.

Long Xuan pried her hand away from him. “You'll only gain more attention this way. If you don't want to share with me, I'll just order another bowl of noodles for you.”

Lin Qingyuan glared at him. How could she continue sitting here at a time like this?

She left the place without saying a word.

When Long Xuan saw this, he had no choice but to hurry after her, after placing an ingot's worth of broken silver on the table.

Lin Qingyuan walked ahead moodily. Alas, she had only taken a few steps before Long Xuan pulled her back.

“Are you angry?” He lowered his head to stare into her eyes.

Lin Qingyuan turned away, not willing to look at him.

“Is it because you're still hungry?” Long Xuan asked again.

This made Lin Qingyuan want to ignore him further.

What did he mean? She was just feeling famished before this.

If she was not yet full after having such a big bowl of noodles, well…

A look of embarrassment crossed her face.

When Long Xuan saw her acting so awkwardly, his eyes twinkled with a smile. He pulled her along, leading them forward while she followed grudgingly. “I'll take you somewhere with good food.”

“I don't want to go.” Lin Qingyuan flung his hand away.

Long Xuan rubbed her head good-naturedly and grabbed her hand again.

“Are you in a bad mood? I heard that a bad mood can be cured by having something sweet.”

Lin Qingyuan was about to turn to look at him when she heard this, but she realized they were now standing in front of a stall selling sugar-coated haws.

“Sir, give me two sticks of sugar-coated haws,” Long Xuan said to the stall owner with a smile.

“Alright!” The owner replied and handed him two sticks quickly.

Long Xuan took the sticks and paid for them. He held Lin Qingyuan with one hand, and the two sticks of sugar-coated haws in the other as they continued walking.

Lin Qingyuan stared at the two red sticks of sugar-coated haws.

She thought he had bought the food for her, but after walking for a while, he still showed no intention of giving her any. Instead, he took a bite of it by himself.

“Mmm, this sugar-coated haw is just as sweet as before, though it doesn't quite taste like how I remember it,” Long Xuan commented on his own.

Lin Qingyuan was about to blow up with anger.

How dare this fellow buy two sticks of sugar-coated haws and not even think about giving her one. He was even too busy reminiscing about his past. She wanted to punch his face.

What a stupid man without a single gentlemanly quality!

“…I was poor when I was young. We had to rely on my mother doing laundry for others to scrape by. One stick of sugar-coated haws was considered a luxury to me. Mother knew I really craved them, so she found a way to make money just to buy me a stick. When I ate it back then, I felt that it was the most delicious thing in the world, but now that my living circumstances have improved, I never really thought about having sugar-coated haws. Now that I'm tasting it again, it doesn't taste the same as before.”

Long Xuan droned on for some time before finally handing a stick of sugar-coated haws, which he had not taken a bite of yet, over to Lin Qingyuan. “Here, I bought this for you.”

Lin Qingyuan's thoughts were still stuck on his story of the time he had no money to buy sugar-coated haws. When the sweets suddenly appeared in front of her, she was unable to react immediately.

“Don't be mad. Hurry up and have some. Girls should enjoy snacks.” Long Xuan looked tenderly at her.

Lin Qingyuan hesitated and shook her head. “You couldn't afford this when you were young. Now that you can afford it, you should eat it. Have more. I won't be greedy.”

Long Xuan could not help laughing when he heard this. He teased her and said, “You're really not craving some? But I can see you're practically drooling.”

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback as she instinctively touched her chin. When she realized there was no saliva dripping, she realized what was happening and punched him in the chest. “You're playing tricks on me again. You're going too far!”

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