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«Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart (Web Novel) - Chapter 1405 This Fellow Could Not Act Proper For More Than Fifteen Minutes

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Chapter 1405 This Fellow Could Not Act Proper For More Than Fifteen Minutes

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However, he frowned right after that.

Lin Qingyuan thought it was because the dress she was wearing looked unsightly. Just as she was starting to feel disappointed, she saw him suddenly striding toward her. He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the room.

Lin Qingyuan's face turned red.

She should not have had high hopes for him.

This fellow could not act proper for more than fifteen minutes.

He…He wanted to…

As she criticized him in her heart, Long Xuan suddenly grabbed a towel hanging on the bathtub. He grabbed her long hair in his hands and went to work wiping it dry.

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback.

Was he helping her to dry her hair?

She now felt a little guilty for thinking of him so badly just now.

Surprisingly, Long Xuan was quite patient when helping her dry her hair.

He gulped when he saw her pure, beautiful face after Lin Qingyuan had washed it clean. He suddenly touched her cheek with one hand and lowered his head to kiss her on the lips.

It was a very tender kiss that made Lin Qingyuan's heart flutter.

What was going on with Long Xuan?

A mere kiss was not enough to satisfy him. Not to mention, he had not seen her for quite a few days. Just as he was about to take things further, he heard a growl which spoiled the romantic atmosphere in the room.

Long Xuan paused in his movements and lowered his eyes to look at Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan flushed red from embarrassment and pushed him away.

“Are you hungry?” It took quite a while before Long Xuan managed to react and he asked the question softly.

“I haven't eaten anything in almost a day,” Lin Qingyuan said a little dispiritedly as she pressed her hand over her stomach.

She and Bai He had arrived at Rocky Grounds City during the afternoon, planning to have a bowl of beef noodles. However, they ended up offending a group of men from the martial world and she had not eaten anything since then. She had been hungry for quite a while.

“You should have something to eat if that's the case.” Long Xuan led her by the hand and they left the room.

This time, they did not have their meal at the inn. It was already night, so Long Xuan brought Lin Qingyuan out of the inn and headed for the streets.

The streets were bustling with men and women shuffling to and fro. Stall owners were calling for customers” attention; both sides of the street were lined with numerous stalls. They shouted one after the other, the noise creating a lively and prosperous atmosphere.

Long Xuan cocked his head to one side and asked Lin Qingyuan, “What do you want to eat?”

Lin Qingyuan was so hungry that she could eat anything. She immediately answered when she heard his question, “Anything.”

Long Xuan saw how famished she was and picked out the nearest noodle stall. He glanced at the signboard and said, “Let's have mutton noodles.”


Long Xuan ordered two bowls of noodles for them.

Soon, the stall owner served the bowls to them.

Long Xuan picked up a pair of chopsticks and passed them to Lin Qingyuan. “Eat up.”

Lin Qingyuan was absolutely starving. She accepted the chopsticks from him and began eating ravenously.

Long Xuan was not as hungry as she was. He gave a small smile as he watched her wolf down the noodles.

It was quite clear how hungry she was.

Lin Qingyuan finished the whole bowl of noodles in no time, soup and all.

She was not sure whether it was because she was so hungry or the stall owner was a really good cook; Lin Qingyuan felt that she had never tasted such delicious noodles in her life.

She could not help stealing a look at Long Xuan's bowl.

He was eating slowly and there was still half of the noodles left, along with a fair amount of mutton.

Long Xuan noticed her gaze and lifted his head to look at her.

Lin Qingyuan quickly lowered her head.

Long Xuan paused for a moment when he saw the empty bowl in front of her and suddenly had a realization. He arched an eyebrow and said, “I can't finish my noodles. Why don't we share this bowl?”

Lin Qingyuan looked at him in disbelief. “Are you asking me to share a bowl of noodles that you've already eaten from?”

A smile appeared on Long Xuan's lips. He cast her a thoughtful look. “What's wrong with that? You've already tasted my saliva before, haven't you? Weren't we just…”

“Stop it!” Lin Qingyuan turned red. She quickly leaned forward and covered his mouth, glaring anxiously at him.

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