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«Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 10 – Chapter 33: Behind the Scene (Part 2)

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Volume 10 - Chapter 33: Behind the Scene (Part 2)

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It was the voice of a woman talking.

“Please enjoy the rest of your life. Although it isn’t much, I hope you will have a peaceful old age. When your demise comes, please allow me to take your soul.”

The voice curled away like a dream.

Prewitt opened his eyes slowly, seeming to feel a lot better on his trauma spot. Although he was still weak, he was able to open his eyes and even regained a lot of strength.

But it was still darkness in front of him. At this moment, the room door was kicked open. Four armed police special forces with masks assaulted the room.

The intense light installed on the gun illuminated the scene in the room. Prewitt also saw the situation in front of him clearly at this time. Crocodile somehow fell unconscious to the ground, along with the thugs.

What’s going on?

Prewitt’s mind wasn’t blank yet. He could determine that Crocodile and the thugs passed out before these special forces broke in.

I’m so mad!

Prewitt suddenly felt angry. Why didn’t these incompetent guys appear in time? At that moment, Crocodile really planned to kill me with a gun if he didn’t pass out suddenly.

But, who did it? How did they pass out all of a sudden?

“Calling headquarters, calling headquarters, we have rescued the senate president successfully.”

“Calling headquarters, we have rescued the senate president successfully and captured the prisoner, Crocodile!”

“Roger that! Protect the senate president and escort him out immediately!”

“Yes, sir!”

Prewitt put up a stern face as he watched the two special police force officers take the fainted Crocodile and the rest of the culprits away. He followed the last special police officer out quickly.

“Before you came in, did you find anyone or hear anything?” Prewitt asked nonchalantly.

His voice was faint in the corridor where the power was cut off, and the light source was lost.

“No, sir.” The special police force officer didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of the big shot in the country and said respectfully, “When we come in, what we see is the same as when you saw us come in.”

Prewitt rubbed his forehead.

—”Please enjoy the rest of your life. Although it isn’t much, I hope you will have a peaceful old age. When your demise comes, please allow me to take your soul as payment.”

That voice, as if engraved in the bottom of his heart, once again appeared. It was a cold female voice.

As he walked quickly to follow the escort, Prewitt also intermittently heard about the situation from the communications of the Storm Team members.

“The thug’s secret patrols have all been cleaned up. Tackle the concert hall.”

“Shoot the target at first sight. Action!”

“A special situation happened.”

“Reporting in! The thugs in the concert hall were all unconscious before we arrived.”

“Report the remaining number of thugs. Reporting in the positions of Roger, Moria, Bucky, and the rest! Roger has a detonator in his hand.”

Is it the mysterious comas again? Prewitt frowned deeply.

But at this time, there was a belt tied tightly on his body with the steel cable buckled. The Storm Team had already sent him out via the rooftop of the theater. The helicopter was already on standby.

The gunfire rang and stopped. After it stopped, it rang again. There were collisions and furious screams. After having that happen a couple of times, Bucky squatted on the side of the wall with his head in panic.

The gunfire didn’t sound too long.

In the darkness, Song Haoran’s voice rang faintly, “Mr. Billy, follow me. The police seem to have taken action.”

There was the sound of running in panic. People were shouting, “Quick, hurry!”

“Wait…wait for me!” Bucky stood up quickly.

It was pitch black all around. There were two ends of the corridor. He didn’t know which direction he should go. But at this moment, the theater’s lighting system suddenly recovered!

The place was as bright as day. Bucky rubbed his painful eyes in reflex.

What he saw was three of Roger’s underlings fall directly in a pool of blood while Roger fell to the wall with his head down. His hand still held a dagger. There were bloodstains. At the same time, at least three bullet wounds could be seen on his chest.

Song Haoran and his group were in front of him, probably only at a distance of eight meters.

The bodyguard’s shoulder was dyed red. Lluvia also covered her arm. The back of Song Haoran’s hand revealed a bleeding wound.

It seemed that in this short moment of the power outage, the two sides had a vicious fight.

“You’re not dead yet? Forget it, keep up.” Song Haoran looked back at this moment and glanced at Bucky. “What a lucky guy.”

Bucky gave a wry smile and quickly got up. But at this moment, he glanced at Roger from the side of his gaze tensely.

Roger suddenly raised his head. His eyes that stared at Bucky were like a phantom. This fellow didn’t die albeit badly wounded!

“Bucky, you have betrayed me.” Roger gave a cold smile.

“Not dead yet? Your life is tenacious.”

Not far away, Song Haoran shook his head. He took a pistol directly from Lluvia and quickly pointed it at Roger’s head. With a distance of fewer than ten meters, he naturally wouldn’t miss the shot.

But Roger quickly took out something from his tactical pockets. Then, he quickly injected it into his neck.

Song Haoran couldn’t see what it was.

But Bucky could see very clearly that it was a syringe containing dark blue liquid.

Song Haoran also pulled the trigger at the same time, and the bullet flew out!

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