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«Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 10 – Chapter 33: Behind the Scene (Part 1)

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Volume 10 - Chapter 33: Behind the Scene (Part 1)

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Become the overlord with a vast territory and hundreds of guns and ammunition under his disposal - the definition of an emperor was enticing.

Yup, it seemed great, but it wasn’t the old times now.

The chaotic situation would eventually be phased out. Unfortunately, the former times couldn’t stand against the public hate. From a long time ago, when he was still in the “Capital Military Command Center,” Brother Doflamingo had known that this was a path of no return.

Even a behemoth such as “Capital’s Military Command Center” ultimately lost to the government. Despite the fact that this country was still in chaos due to the problems left over from history, the public did collapse that era after all.

Brother Doflamingo was unwilling to become a person eliminated by history and even more unwilling to be constrained by the nation. His only path was to become the rule maker.

The amnesty offered to the rebels this time was an excellent opportunity.

Although it happened suddenly, Brother Doflamingo keenly caught the opportunity to change his life.

After several years in prison, Brother Doflamingo had changed a lot. In prison, he wasn’t disturbed by anyone. When he got to quiet down, he could think clearer about his future path.

For a gang boss of his caliber, going to jail didn’t mean losing everything. Don’t you see that Bucky, a coward, can live the same life as a royal in prison?

This country had become so corrupt.

In a few years, while in prison, Brother Doflamingo learned a lot of knowledge by himself and even acquired several degrees. Then, he began to plan another way out in life.

He was born an intelligent person; he grew up in a wealthy family and even had an official background. It was just that the family fell victim to the political struggle of the country.

This time, Roger’s request caused a tremendous headache for the country. Brother Doflamingo knew that his chance was here.

Although he was in jail, the crime was not serious. He had arranged a black goat for his felony, so he was merely sentenced to thirteen years in prison. With his promise to be the official’s spy, it would exempt the rest of his sentence.

“Mr. Security Minister, Crocodile has taken away the senate president. This should be a good opportunity for you. The location is right at… Besides, I will clear up a path for the blockade at the entrance.”

Turning off the communicator with him, Brother Doflamingo wiped the blood on his face. Roger asked him to carry it while waiting for the ambush on Billy’s men.

It was easy to get rid of these guys who had respect for his deeds back then and had admiration in their eyes.

Even Moria, who used to work together, was killed. He died with confusion in his eyes.

They probably didn’t anticipate that a vicious villain would become a government’s dog. Well, Brother Doflamingo didn’t like the term dog. It was better addressed as a collaborator.

However, there was a slip-up. There was a guy, who hadn’t died, informed Roger in time.

But it didn’t matter anymore. As long as the police special operation team took action, they would naturally eliminate the thugs in the concert hall swiftly.

The pressing problem was the detonator in Roger’s hand. But, Brother Doflamingo didn’t think that Roger would die with the enemy. After all, he was a cruel person who could even betray his father to survive.

Perhaps after washing away the identity as a gangster boss, it was also an excellent choice to emerge in another identity.

The funds he transferred before he went to jail were sufficient. It could even allow him to become a senator and then become a politician.

“But Roger actually has that kind of thing in his hands.” Brother Doflamingo sneered, “It’s better to let me hold this kind of thing.”

He naturally didn’t report some conversations with Roger.

Brother Doflamingo chuckled. He walked forward amidst the darkness swiftly, as if everything was bright as daylight.

Earlier… A few minutes before the power outage.

Listening to the screams coming from the room, the thugs who followed Crocodile at Roger’s command yawned boredly, lit a cigarette, and started smoking comfortably.

Boss Crocodile had always been known for his cruelty. Killing and torture had been his favorite sport. Although he couldn’t kill the old man, the old man would likely be on the verge of death after the intimate session.

The gangsters outside thought that the senate president had been tortured and beaten into a cold sweat with heavy bruises on the face.

Crocodile held the old man’s tie with one hand at this time, causing him to grip his collar in pain and struggle.

Seeing the old man’s painful expression, Crocodile smiled sternly, “Dear Uncle Prewitt, have you ever thought that you will have this day in my hands?”

“Crocodile… stop dwelling on making mistakes.” The old man begged.

“Since you married into the Caperton family, you have tried hard to distinguish your relationship with our poor relatives. The Caperton family really likes you. They even pushed you to the position of senate president. But uncle, aren’t you too cruel?” Crocodile pressed the old senate president, Prewitt’s head towards the wall, “But it doesn’t matter. I don’t intend to let people know that my uncle is you. Otherwise, the government may come knocking at my door again?”

Prewitt was in a daze and even a little regretful. If it hadn’t been for him hiding his relationship with Crocodile since he took power and allowed the government to know about it, he might not have ended up in such a dangerous situation.

“Unfortunately, no matter how much you regret it, it’s too late.” Crocodile grinned, “In less than ten minutes, I will throw your dead body out as Roger ordered. Dear Uncle Prewitt, let me call your name one last time.”

He kicked on Prewitt’s stomach fiercely, causing Prewitt to throw out and twitch uncontrollably because of the pain.

“Crocodile, my dear nephew… Spare me… I also… don’t have much time to live…” Prewitt grasped Crocodile’s prison clothes with difficulty at this time, raised his head, and pleaded. “I can…I can give you all my wealth…”

He understood Crocodile’s hatred towards him. If it were another person, he would at least be able to do so with a trace of confidence and not to beg bitterly.

Crocodile stepped directly on Prewitt’s palm, seemingly breaking his bones. He then coldly snorted, “How much wealth can you control in the Caperton family? I don’t necessarily have less wealth than you. In the future, I will even be able to get more! The prisons of this country are nothing to me! Thanks to the imprisonment, I get to hide behind the scenes. Don’t you know how much my wealth has turned over in the past few years? Idiot! I’ve been waiting for this for 20 years! There are 8 minutes left. This is the only moment I felt time pass slowly!”

Seeing Crocodile’s playful smile, Prewitt was desperate.

In the last few minutes of life, many memories emerged one after another. He had been beaten up badly and seriously injured. This body had aged a long time ago. How could he bear the physical traumas?

Perhaps the internal organs had long been ruptured. Prewitt only felt that everything he saw in front of him had become dim… This might be the moment of dying.

The room door seemed to open suddenly. It appeared that someone rushed in and said something to the Crocodile.

After listening, Crocodile didn’t seem to hesitate. He grabbed a pistol from the man’s hand and aimed directly at Prewitt’s forehead. Prewitt could feel the cruelty exuded from the muzzle.

God…I don’t want to die here…

Even if I need to dedicate my soul…


Prewitt’s eyes narrowed. He and Prewitt only felt that his eyelids grew heavier and his consciousness gradually lost… As if what awaited him was eternal darkness which he would never wake up from.

The fire of life was faint like a candle in the wind, gradually extinguishing.

“Guest, the merchandise ‘survival’ you requested has been delivered.”

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