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«The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1438: You Are My Little Love Song (5)

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Chapter 1438: You Are My Little Love Song (5)

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After asking, Shi Niange felt that she had gone too far with her enthusiasm. However, on second thought, he was good-looking and she had dirtied his shirt. It was understandable for her to be nice to him.

Thus, when the other party did not respond, she carefully touched him with the yogurt bottle. “You…”

Qin Siting, who had been too lazy to look at her or pay her any attention, suddenly turned his head. Shi Niange could finally see his face clearly again.

He was an eighteen-year-old teenager. His brows were like a painting, his face was well-defined, and his nose was high. However, he did not look very handsome, nor did he have an exaggerated pair of thick brows and big eyes. In short, he was attractive and clean to the point where it made people feel as though this boy had to take a hundred thousand showers every day. From head to toe, even his eyelashes were beautiful like a fairy. His distant and cold eyes seemed to be engraved with the distance between them.

Her expression seemed impatient.

Shi Niange raised the yogurt at him and secretly told him to drink it after class. However, he gave her a cold, expressionless warning glance and looked away again. He did not take the yogurt, nor did he pay her any attention.

Shi Niange sighed.

Indeed, a male god was completely different from Tang Shao.

He was so good-looking, but his temper was so bad.

If only Qin Siting was more easygoing and could whisper to her and hand her a note.

While she was thinking, Zhao Xiaoqing, who was sitting behind her, gently poked her back with a pen. She turned around and saw that Zhao Xiaoqing had handed her a note.

Shi Niange took it and quietly opened it to take a look. It read: “You are new. If you don’t know anyone, I can be your friend. Don’t keep provoking Almighty Qin. It’s useless. He usually ignores people. Give up.”

There was also a cute emoji on the back of the note: O (∩_∩) O

Almighty Qin?

Were all the Year Three students calling him that?


Shi Niange also replied with a note. On the note, there were two beautiful and cute words and symbols: [Okay! O (∩_∩) O]

Of course, she wanted to make friends with Zhao Xiaoqing. As for Qin Siting…

He was really too handsome. She couldn’t bear to give up. Even if it was just being a deskmate who could communicate normally, or ordinary friends who often spoke.

Finally, the class ended. The teacher left them homework and asked them to do the questions explained in class several times with a new formula. It seemed like she still needed to write some ideas for solving the problem. Shi Niange was still good at liberal arts and science. Now that she had suddenly skipped classes, it was impossible for her to understand immediately.

After class, she slowly pushed the book in front of her to her deskmate who was solving the problem. She leaned over and whispered, “That… I don’t really understand this question. After all, I suddenly came up from the second year. Can you help me list the formula for the solution? Sorry to trouble you…”

Qin Siting glanced at her empty book. Without looking at her, he directly wrote 23 beside her question.

After that, he kept his pen and continued writing, ignoring her.

Shi Niange kept the book with a dumbstruck expression. She looked at the two handwritten numbers that were simple but beautiful.

What did 23 mean?

Even if she didn’t understand, she knew that the teacher asked for formulas and a method to solve the problem, and not to calculate a number like a primary school student. Furthermore, even if the answer was calculated, it couldn’t be 23.

However, he was still a male god and a top student. He did not pay much attention to her. There must be a reason why he suddenly wrote these two numbers. Shi Niange was too embarrassed to continue asking him. She was about to ask Zhao Xiaoqing or Hao Xiushe when a thought suddenly flashed through her mind. She flipped through a few pages and stopped at page 23.

This page should be the revision questions from last semester. Shi Niange had never learned them, but she could understand the formulas listed at the bottom of the revision questions. Some of the formulas were similar to the previous question.

Did Qin Siting mean for her to find a solution in these similar questions?

Ah, ah, ah. The male god was indeed the male god. Even the method he taught her was so effective and fast. There was no need for nonsense.

Shi Niange flipped the book back to the previous page. Looking at the number 23 on it, her mind was filled with all sorts of pink bubbles.

He was not ignoring her. At the very least, he would write numbers for her. He was not acting aloof like other men. He was just too lazy to waste his breath on irrelevant people.

For the first time in her life, she felt that the two words ‘2 ‘and ‘3 ‘were so beautiful. The founder of the Arabic numeral was really amazing.

Three days later Shi Niange spoke to Qin Siting again.

In the past three days, Shi Niange had grown used to Qin Siting’s coldness and indifference. It was clear that the students in this class did not dare to provoke him. Even his desk was not to be touched.

Shi Niange felt that this was good too. At least, there weren’t many messy boys and girls who came to disturb her. Occasionally, they would talk to her shyly. It was good to be peaceful.

However, when Qin Siting suddenly spoke to her, Shi Niange could not react for a long time.

Qin Siting repeated himself. Shi Niange was overwhelmed by the favor and looked at him. “You… were talking to me just now?”

“I said, stand up.” The boy’s clear and pleasant voice hid some coldness and impatience, but he repeated himself.

“Ah, oh, oh, okay.” It was time for class to end. Shi Niange quickly stood up.

Then she saw him place a black shoulder bag on her seat.

This bag seemed to be his.

Shi Niange looked at him. Even without him saying it, she understood what he meant. Usually, there was no one sitting in this seat, so his things were placed on the two seats. Right now, he was silently chasing her away. It had been three days. It was time for her to change seats.

Shi Niange looked at the empty seat next to the girl who was doing well in her studies and did not say anything. Even though she felt that Qin Siting was really cold and arrogant, the number 23 kept echoing in her mind. She then smiled and sat back down, as though the black bag was her own bag and did not mind leaving it there.

At the same time, she said, “Is there no space left? Then let’s leave it here. Anyway, I usually only sit on half of the chair. I can put another bag. If you still have it, then leave it there.”

After all, this was the first time Qin Siting took the initiative to speak to her. Although his attitude was to drive her away, her little heart also secretly jumped.

En, his voice was really nice. Even his expressionless and angry expression was nice!

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