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«The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1437: You Are My Little Love Song (4)

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Chapter 1437: You Are My Little Love Song (4)

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However, it was not up to the teachers to decide if Shi Niange could sit in that seat for too long.

Although the Qin family’s young master had good grades and was outstanding in all aspects, his cold personality and his dislike of interacting with others were also true.

Their high school was ranked first in all aspects of the country, so in a place like Hai City where every inch of land was worth gold, the children of various large families would also attend school here. They had seen many wealthy families and were already used to it. However, the Qin family, one of the four largest families in Hai City, naturally could not be treated like the other famous families. After all, rich people were not on the same level.

Qin Siting’s IQ was very high. In fact, aside from his low-profile and cold and unapproachable personality, there was nothing wrong with him. On account of his perennial results, he didn’t like having another person disturb him, so the school tacitly allowed it. Thus, for the past three years, they didn’t force a deskmate for him.

Today, Shi Niange’s courage was commendable. Even Qin Siting, who was in his third year of high school, did not know. She rushed to sit beside him.

When Shi Niange returned to the classroom, the next class had already begun. It was a history class. Grade 12 Class 6 was a science-oriented class group. It was naturally very relaxing in history class. It was akin to self-study. She greeted the teacher politely and returned to her seat.

His male god-level deskmate was currently writing a physics paper. A few minutes later, he picked up a bottle of mineral water and took a sip.

His Adam’s apple moved slightly when he swallowed the water. Shi Niange couldn’t help but swallow too. From her angle, she could only see his side profile. This Student Qin really didn’t like to talk to people. He didn’t even turn his face in her direction. He had been doing his own thing and didn’t feel anything when there was a living person beside him.

But this was also good. At the very least, he wouldn’t chase her out of this seat…

The form teacher said that his character was too cold and he did not like to interact with others. Shi Niange thought to herself that this had nothing to do with her. She did not provoke him and just sat by the side to look at him a few more times every day. A boy who was pleasing to the eyes was very handsome. She could tolerate him no matter what.

Transferring students was actually a very tortuous process. Furthermore, Shi Niange was one year younger than all of the students in this class. When class ended, the other women would go to the toilet together. The boys would hook their arms around each other’s shoulders and chat about games, playing basketball, and going out to have fun after school. Shi Niange had nothing to do.

The only thing she did was to sit in her seat and admire her idol’s face.

From beginning to end, Qin Siting did not look at her. After class, he got up and went out for a while. She did not know if he went to the bathroom or to the teacher’s office, but when he came back, his expression was calm and did not reveal anything. It was likely that he did not take the initiative to ask the teacher to change her seat.

After he sat down again, Shi Niange’s gaze secretly shifted from the fountain pen on his desk to his face.

Earlier, when he wasn’t around, she had been looking at his pen. It was a pure black fountain pen. Earlier, when he had used this pen to write his physics paper, his handwriting was very nice. She had been peeking her head out to look, but now that he was back, she definitely had to look at him.

Before class started, she leaned closer to him and said in a low voice, “The shirt you wore last time couldn’t be washed clean, right? Do you really not need me to compensate…?”

Qin Siting did not even look at her and did not answer.

At this moment, the bell rang. Shi Niange quickly tidied up the book on her desk and took it out. At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew in from the window beside her. Although it was cold, it was not that cold. After all, it was just autumn. However, the paper on her desk, which was still half empty, suddenly flew up and flew past Qin Siting. It landed by his feet, which was the aisle next to his desk.

Now that it was time for class, she couldn’t stand up to pick it up. She knew that he didn’t want to pay attention to her, but she had to hand in that paper during self-study in the afternoon. If someone stepped on it or she lost it, she would be doomed.

She braced herself and poked his arm with her finger. “That… my paper… can you help me pick it up?”

Qin Siting did not move as though he did not hear her.

Shi Niange could only tug gently at his sleeves. “Do me a favor. My paper is over there. If someone steps on it and damages it, I won’t be able to submit it.”

He remained unmoved and even withdrew his arm from the table.

Shi Niange had no choice. She looked at him for a while and saw that he was really too lazy to even look at her. The teacher in this class was already giving a lecture, so she couldn’t make too much noise. She could only turn back and reveal a big smile to the male student sitting behind Qin Siting, whispering, “Student, can you help me pick up my paper? Sorry to trouble you!”

The boy at the back table was a tall and strong fatty, but even if he was fat to the point where he could barely squeeze into a seat, he definitely did not dare to push the table forward to Qin Siting. This little fatty usually sat in the back, and very few girls would speak to him. Suddenly, the beautiful new girl smiled and begged him. The little fatty instantly blushed and quickly bent down to pick up the paper in front for her.

“Thank you.” Sure enough, other than the iceberg by her side, the other students still had some compassion.

But who asked Qin Siting to be so handsome? It was enough that he was handsome. If he was difficult to approach, so be it. It was not bad to treat him as a pleasing statue to accompany her to class every day.

“No, no need to stand on ceremony.” Little fatty stuttered with a red face. “My name is… Hao Xiushe.”

When Shi Niange received the papers, her eyes lit up as she glanced at Hao Xiushe. “So shy?”

The little fatty’s deskmate was a very shy girl who didn’t like to speak. She suddenly burst into laughter and whispered, “You actually guessed his nickname so quickly?”

The little fatty lowered his eyes shyly. Although he was fat, his facial features were actually very good. If he worked out well, he might become a handsome man in the future.

“My name is Shi Niange. Please take care of me in the future,” Shi Niange said as she took out two bottles of yogurt from her bag. She gave one bottle to Hao Xiushe and Zhao Xiaoqing, who were sitting at the back table. Before the teacher noticed their small movements, she quickly turned around and placed the papers back on the desk.

Although Qin Siting ignored her and did not help her pick up the papers, she heard that the fatty behind her could not help but secretly open the yogurt bottle to drink it. She really did not have a good memory. She scolded herself for being shallow, but she could not resist compromising due to his good looks. She took out another bottle and secretly glanced at the man beside her. She handed the yogurt over under the desk and gently touched his arm. “Do you want to drink it?”

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