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«The Villains Need to Save the World? (Web Novel) - Volume 7 Chapter 408: The Birth Of Five Dragon Knights At A Moonlit Rendezvous

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Volume 7 Chapter 408: The Birth Of Five Dragon Knights At A Moonlit Rendezvous

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Translator: The Light

Edits by Grandia

Inside one of the gardens within the central campus, the “Earth Power” of Alessandra Academy, Bella looked awkwardly at the loli who was leaning against her. That loli was the commander of the Chaos Bringers and was adamant on acknowledging Bella’s original form, the Sacred Demon God Samantha, as her older sister. It would not be wrong to say that she had an older sister complex as back then, she was constantly bickering with Bella’s older sister.

The older sister of the Sacred Demon God Samantha was also the chief of the World Destructor Camp. Unlike this loli, she had a little sister complex instead. To be honest, until now, Bella could not understand why the two of them could not make up. After all, there should not be any differences between older sister complexes and little sister complexes that could not be resolved. The most awkward thing was that this loli little sister had found the homoerotic comics that she was currently reading. If Bella had known that this would happen, she would have never read anything like that.

“Older Sister Samantha, I see that you like positions like this. There’s no need to hide. I… I can accommodate you!”

“Little sister, no, it’s not what you think. I found this book somewhere. Who knows which… hey, accommodate? You… what do you need to accommodate?”

“Older Sister Samantha, I’m just joking! This body is merely a temporary surrogate and my true body is somewhere else. However, I’m really glad that you’re alright. I had been too careless back then and nearly caused you, Angel, Mia, and the others to…”

Bella stared helplessly at the loli. She can’t toy with someone like this! Stopping mid sentence, especially at the most crucial point - it was absolutely exasperating. However, Bella did not know if she should cry or laugh. The reason why the loli had stopped talking halfway was simply because she had gotten too engrossed with eating her lollipop and forgot to continue speaking. There was no way Bella could blame that little loli for such an adorable reason!

The depth of the chief of the Chaos Bringers’ powers should not be underestimated. According to the records by the World Destructor Camp, this loli used to create all sorts of trouble in the World Destructors’ base camp. She did not cause any serious damage, she merely teased the other World Destructors and played pranks on them. The only one whom she did not tease was the Sacred Demon God Samantha, who ranked fourth. In her presence, the loli would act like an obedient little sister. Other than Samantha, every other Demon God and Evil God within the top ten had been pranked by her. However, there was nothing they could do about it as the chief of the Chaos Bringer’s escaping skills were second to none and they could not catch her, even if they tried.

The loli’s current appearance was a fake body double and was not entirely her true appearance. She now looked like a loli with twin ponytails, and dressed in a black gothic loli’s outfit, which was similar to how the other Chaos Bringer whom Bella knew - the Time Space Magic Demon Noesha - dressed. There was a chance that the loli was too lazy to think of a new appearance and simply copied the appearance of other Chaos Bringers.

This loli had long pink hair and matching irises. Bella’s deduction that she was the chief of the Chaos Bringers was based on instinct. The loli seemed to have spent a lot of time with Bella’s original form, the Sacred Demon God Samantha, and was even more clingy than Bella’s “true little sister”, the tenth World Destructor Alice. This meant that it was almost too easy for Bella to guess her identity.

“Alright, Older Sister Samantha, I don’t have much time. There are still many important things over there for me to handle and I will come back to look for you when I’m done. Hold on to this, it’s a precious artifact specifically used for contacting me. Use it when you need any help.”

The loli handed a special pink ring to Bella. This was a direct communication channel, which was also a sign of recognition from the chief of the Chaos Bringers. With this ring in her possession, other members of the Chaos Bringers would have to treat Bella with the same amount of respect they would show their chief. However, when the loli gave Bella the ring, she was a little mischievous and tried to place the ring on Bella’s fourth finger on her right hand.

Bella’s right hand made a sudden movement, causing the loli to place the ring on her index finger instead. Bella had immediately seen through the loli’s tricks and deftly avoided the loli’s trap. Fortunately for Bella, she was clever enough as a faint shadow was watching her every move from behind a nearby tree.

If the loli had managed to sneak a kiss on Bella or successfully placed the ring on Bella’s fourth finger, she would not care about revealing her identity and would immediately charge out and attack the chief of the Chaos Bringers. Until this moment, the respective chief and commander of both the Chaos Bringers and the World Destructors had not noticed that there was an entity nearby who was no less powerful than they were. This mysterious entity had been secretly observing the Sacred Demon God Samantha for many years and her infatuation with her was comparable to the pair in front of her. However, the infatuation between the chief and the commander was openly displayed while she merely had a crush on her.

“How annoying, Older Sister Samantha. Why can’t you be more stupid? Just let me get a little satisfaction.”

“Little sister, I really can’t let you do this! I will explain everything to you when I get the chance.”

“Hmph, Older Sister Samantha, I will not give up this easily. No matter what, I’m definitely ahead of that stupid Older Sister. See you next time!”

Once that loli said her peace, she gradually disappeared as her body faded to nothing. Seeing as the loli was gone, the entity who had been silently observing in the background seemed as though she wanted to come up to say hi to Bella. However, she stopped herself right before she was about to walk over. She hesitated for a moment, let out a quiet sigh and disappeared.

Even after the loli left, Bella still did not know what was that incident that she had been talking about. Ten thousand years ago, the Sacred Demon God Samantha, the Dark Evil God Mia, and the Dark Demon God Angel must have participated in some secret mission. Right now, for some unknown reason, neither Angel nor Mia had any memory of what happened back then. This meant that that loli was probably the only one who knew the details.

However, Bella could not ask the chief loli of the Chaos Bringers directly. After all, she was pretending to recognize her. If she were to ask a question like that, she might risk revealing some information. Now that she was gone, Bella felt a twinge of regret. Considering how interested the loli was in the lollipop that she had carried with her, Bella thought that she should have brought a few more out with her. Maybe the loli would have stayed a little longer because of the candy.

There was one thing that Bella had not noticed yet. That loli, the leader of the Chaos Bringers, had secretly stolen some of the rare currency that Bella had placed on the carriage earlier. Those coins were tainted with the aura of the Sacred Demon God Samantha. With them, that loli would be able to determine Bella’s approximate location, making it easier for her to pay Bella a visit in the future.

It was a beautiful night. The crescent moon hung in the sky, surrounded by constellations of twinkling stars as it cast a soft glow over all of Alessandra Academy’s compound. It would be such a pity to waste such a beautiful night on investigations and she might as well continue her happy moments from earlier on. With that thought, an evil smile emerged on Bella’s face. She then got up and began to make her way back to her temporary stronghold within the Alessandra Academy - the Silver Dragon Princess’ dorm in the “Pure White Sky”, which was the residential district within the north campus.

Both the loli and the mysterious entity had left too hastily and missed the golden opportunity to realize that Bella had a surrogate body. None of them knew that Bella had Princess Felia as a surrogate and did not draw any connections between the Demon King Bella and the Demon God Samantha.

Back at the “Pure White Sky” of Alessandra Academy, Bella transformed back into her appearance as Princess Felia within one of the lofts and hid within the Dragon Princess’ dorm. Usually, in Alessandra Academy, no one would remain outside after nine at night. It was even more quiet than St. Louis Church Academy and was basically a ghost town. This meant that it would be too conspicuous if Bella were to roam around outside. She had no choice but to return to the dorm and gather information about Alessandra Academy’s combat abilities during the day.

Inside the already messy bedroom within the dorm, Bella was currently enjoying benefits that every other Dragon Knight could only dream of. The various Dragon Princesses had allowed Bella to play all sorts of perverse games with them after taking their milk bath. Since Dragon Princesses were physically much stronger than regular Human beauties, they would last far longer when playing those games. Other than the four captured Dragon Princesses, Bella had summoned the Golden Dragon Princess Laceman who had submitted to her a long time ago, to join her peers.

Bella was seated in a large seat as the Dragon Princesses surrounded her, fully naked. They had red pet collars with bells around their necks. There was a special chain next to the bell as well. These were no normal collars. They were made with special ingredients from the Abyss that had the power to seal a Dragon’s powers. Any Dragon who wore the collar would not be able to break out of the collar’s restraints unless they managed to evolve into a Dragon God.

The initially frightening “Slave’s Bondage”, after Bella’s “modifications”, did not have any changes in its effect. The only difference was that the style had shifted from dark and terrifying to a more erotic direction. Other than the collar, Bella had given each princess a pair of animal’s ears as an accessory, which added to the atmosphere. Those animal ears actually came with a matching tail. However, Bella took into consideration that for most of them, this was the first time they were playing such humiliating role playing games, and decided against taking things that far.

The Ice Dragon Princess Mavis and the Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman were on all fours on Bella’s left and right as they massaged her feet. At Bella’s request, both princesses were wearing a pair of black cat ears as they gave her a massage using their tongues. Although she had tried the feet worshiping that she had seen in comics, this was the first time that she was on the receiving end.

Mavis and Sulliman had no choice but to obediently lick Bella’s delicate feet and they looked like two adorable kittens vying for their mistress’s attention and love. Since their powers had been suppressed, they could not put up a fight against Bella. Fortunately, Bella was female and it did not seem that humiliating. If it were a man, those two princesses would rather die than to submit.

The Golden Dragon Princess Laceman and the Silver Dragon Princess Isabel had a pair of snow white bunny ears on their heads. They had their arms behind their backs as they straddled Bella’s lap. She had spread cream all over the soft mounds of their chests and Bella would casually reach out to grope them or use her tongue to lick them all over. The two Dragon Princesses were flushed red as their intimate places were pressed against Bella’s supple thighs. Just from the constant intimate contact between smooth skin, both princesses could not help but reach climax and their faces were contorted in ecstasy.

What took them over the top was the fact that Bella’s legs were constantly shaking, as though she was “attacking” them. However, she did not do that intentionally. The Black Dragon Princess Clariss had pressed her entire body against Bella as they made out. Clariss was the most open minded amongst all of them and took the most initiative. Before Bella had begun to tease her, Clariss had already thrown herself on her.

Clariss was wearing a pair of golden fox’s ears as she writhed in pleasure in Bella’s arms and was even more unrestrained than any of the other princesses. Even one of the Demonic Dragons whom Bella had subdued, the Thunder Queen Geleman, could barely hold her own with her in bed. If Bella did not appear, there was a definite possibility that the Black Dragon Princess Clariss would end up as the domme.

“Older Sister Clariss, did you admit defeat on purpose? You seem like you still have the strength to resist. Why did you submit this easily?”

“Bella, you naughty little thing, you tease your older sister… so well that it feels so good. I don’t have the heart to resist. I’m willing to sign the slave contract with you. I don’t care if you have other steeds. Now that you have fully taken advantage of me, you have to take full responsibility.”

“Clariss, are you sure you have thought this through? I am a very bad mistress. Even though you are a Dragon Princess, I will still find you to have some fun at night.”

“Bella, even if I were to say no, you would not give up anyway. I might as well admit defeat from the beginning.”

The Black Dragon Princess Clariss was the first to surrender. Bella had had her full attention on her for a long time and her body had been teased to the point where she “submitted” to Bella as her mistress. Furthermore, the latent girl’s love tendencies within Princess Clariss meant that she had completely fallen as soon as she was awakened. Happily, Bella kissed Clariss for a long time before they eventually pulled apart. When they separated, there were clear strings of saliva that lingered on their tongues.

“Clariss, you rebelled. Bella, never mind the fact that you had kidnapped the Golden Dragon Princess Geleman, now even the Black Dragon Princess Clariss… hey, don’t move. Don’t…it feels weird. Please stop!”

“Isabel, this intimacy is part and parcel of the relationship between knight and steed. Come be my steed too, I can enter into an unlimited amount of steed contracts.”

Bella reached out, grabbed the soft flesh on the Silver Dragon Princess Isabel’s chest and gave her a gentle tug, practically pulling her up onto the Black Dragon Princess Clariss’ smooth back. Now that Isabel was being attacked at the two most sensitive points on her body, this caused the usually shrewd and rational Silver Dragon Princess to go unfocused.

“Isabel, I am going to kidnap you now - not just your body, but your heart, and everything you have.”

“Bella, don’t be like this. The Dragon Race will… wait, let me…”

“Isabel, I’m not listening to you. Don’t you even think about rejecting me!”

Bella pulled the princess into her embrace and the Black Dragon Princess Clariss switched places with Isabel. Clariss then joined Bella in her attempt to bully Isabel, who was now sandwiched between them. Caught in the middle and outnumbered, Isabel was soon forced into submission. Other than making strange noises, there was nothing else she could do.

After some time, Bella placed Isabel back on her seat and allowed the Black Dragon Princess Clariss and Golden Dragon Princess Geleman to have their way with her. As they climbed on top of Isabel, the three gorgeous Dragon Race princesses were stacked on top of each other. Isabel, who was right at the bottom, was bullied to the point that she could barely even say a word and she had no choice but to move along with the other princesses.

Bella got up and tugged on the thin metal chains, pulling the Ice Dragon Princess Mavis and the Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman towards her like pet cats on leashes as they crawled slowly inside the room. The intimate performance that the other Dragon Princesses had put up was absolutely intoxicating and their bodies were beginning to react. As they crawled on the carpet, there were strange wet stains everywhere and no one could tell if that was sweat or some other liquid.

“Bella, stop teasing us like this. Just give it to us!”

“Mavis, you can’t say something that tempting. I thought that Sulliman would be the first to cave.”

Seeing as her two “kitties” could not hold it in any longer, Bella decided not to tease them any further. She carried them over to the bed on the other side and placed them side by side on the white sheets. Mavis and Sulliman immediately crossed their wrists and placed them above their heads in submission, allowing Bella to pin her hands down on the bed.

Placing a hand on each girl’s body, Bella gently caressed their soft pale bodies. As Mavis and Sulliman were already highly aroused, their bodies were so sensitive that every touch felt like electricity was buzzing through their veins. Bella had not even gotten to the main event and there was already a strange wet puddle gathering beneath them on the white sheets. When they realized that Bella had noticed the stains on the sheets, Mavis and Sulliman’s faces flushed red. There were a few moments that they wanted to explain themselves, however, no matter how they thought about it, the reasons were all too humiliating.

“Bella, please stop looking. I’m begging you. It’s really not what you think!”

“All you have to do is sign the steed contract with me. By the way, Mavis, tell me all the intelligence you have on the Dragon Race!”

“I… I don’t know anything. Ask… Isabel and… no… please… I’ll talk.”

The Ice Dragon Princess Mavis did not manage to resist much longer before she eventually spilled the beans. There was no way she could hold on for too long when faced with Bella’s evil methods. The main reason why Bella had chosen her instead of the Silver Dragon Princess was because Mavis was naive and did not know how to hide information. Bella had managed to obtain large amounts of information from Princess Mavis. With this firsthand information, Bella merely needed to compare it with the other princesses’ statements. Even if the intelligent Silver Dragon Princess Isabel could no longer say anything to Bella and chose to hide the information, it would cause a lot of trouble for the Ice Dragon Princess Mavis.

Other than the Golden Dragon Princess Laceman, a magical seal with the sign of the Demon King’s Army gradually appeared on the chests of the other four Dragon Princesses. That seal was proof that they had established a steed contract with Bella and she was the only one who could break that seal. To prevent any of the other members of the Dragon Race from noticing that their princesses had been forced into a contract, Bella had magically modified her contract.

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