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«The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines (Web Novel) - Chapter 172: Lizzy Poliana Claudia (5)

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Chapter 172: Lizzy Poliana Claudia (5)

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After clearing his head, Ferzen walked towards his assigned quarters within the Imperial Palace.

The darkness of night deepened, as the numerous luminous stones seemed to be fighting a losing battle.

Somewhere in this palace, the Imperial servants meticulously examined the evidence they had acquired from the Claudia Family’s mansion.


Unaware of the truth, they also partook in the fruit produced by the flower of evil.


The distinct sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway of the Imperial Palace.

A sound so very familiar that Ferzen didn’t even need to turn his head toward it, as the reflection in the mirror displayed the man’s features……

Jeremiah, the current head of Brutein, and his older brother.



Was he here to offer some words of comfort?

Ferzen smiled bitterly as he watched his brother in silence.

In the end, their actions led to one family’s destruction, while ending their feud.

And what words could even be said to a man who caused the death of his wife’s flesh and blood?

Not even the simplest excuse as ‘I didn’t know this would happen’ could be used in this case.

However as they stood in the dimly lit corridor for 10 minutes, then 20, and then 30……

Ferzen realized that Jeremiah’s intent was to simply stay by his side.

He hadn’t come to offer comforting words; it was more than that.

He was here in his time of need.


No matter how evil the path he walked was.

His brother, his blood, and his family would be there for him.



Unable to contain himself, Ferzen laughed in response to Jeremiah’s awkward way of showing his support.

“The time where a child sought to run from his loneliness……Has long passed.”

“Is that so?”

Ferzen was no longer a child, but a man.

A man who now had a family of his own.

Even then, Jeremiah still saw Ferzen as a little brother who needed his assistance.

At this moment, Ferzen wanted to ask Jeremiah a senseless question.


By any chance, he had failed to subvert his destiny as the Villain of This World.


He had let fate conduct this play of life.


Ciel Midford had lived.

And Ferzen had met his fated end in the hands of the Protagonist.

What Jeremiah would have done?



“What would you have done if……A man named Ciel Midford, or a man named Roer Poliana Claudia……managed to slit my throat?”


It was a rather malicious question, but Jeremiah looked into Ferzen’s eyes, unflinching.

There are those who follow the truth.

There are also those who claim that one day justice will inevitably be served to all.

As such, there might be a possibility of such a day coming to pass.

And in this probable future.

If Jeremiah, the Lord of Brutein, should even be pressed to make a choice, he would……

“Didn’t I already tell you that?”


Reaching out his hand, Jeremiah slowly and gently stroked Ferzen’s hair.

It was something akin to a mother’s touch for her children, yet for some reason, Ferzen didn’t feel uncomfortable nor did he wish for it to stop.

“I told you I would become the wall that safeguarded you from the world.”


My dear brother.

My family.

If you are evil.

Then I, the blood of your blood, am also evil.

How could I turn a blind eye to your death?



As Jeremiah’s hand, which had been caressing his hair moved away, Ferzen raised his head, still feeling the lingering warmth.

“We have been here for quite some time now, so let’s head inside.”


Jeremiah was no longer Ferzen’s only family.

With a slight smile, Ferzen bowed to his brother and walked into the dark hallway.

Perhaps because he just listened to his brother’s sincere declaration……

Ferzen no longer regretted the path he had walked.



As Ferzen opened the doors to his quarters, Yuriel, who had been sitting on the bed, flinched and looked at him.


After closing the door and getting closer, a faint scent permeated the room.

Her lightly applied makeup became visible under the moonlight.

“Is something wrong……?”

With a forced smile, Yuriel asked him.

In response to this, Ferzen reached out to her and gently caressed her cheek, before pushing her against the bed, and roughly loosening his tie.

Seeing her trembling eyes, as if she was frightened, Ferzen clutched her waist with a forceful squeeze.

“Ah, it hurts……!”

“……It’s too late, Yuriel.”

The man you love……

Crushed an innocent girl’s ankle.

Drove a family to its extinction.

Invaded a territory with the only intent of taking a woman who caught his fancy.

Caused the death of his wife’s flesh and blood.

But even then……

No matter how ugly, how evil he was, she would never run from him.

So, Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.……

Choose to be selfish.

She would never be able to hate him.

And neither her man would allow her to hate him.

He would force her to love him……The man who crushed a young girl’s ankle and drove her family to ruin.

……She would forever stay beside the man who caused the death of her sister.

In a frenzy, Ferzen proceeded to rip off Yuriel’s clothes.

Showing her white, soft flesh.

His touch grew more desperate as he realized she was trembling not because of lust as usual, but because she feared him.


Without even the slightest hint of foreplay, Ferzen’s finger invaded her insides.

Her body naturally tensed and clenched around the invader as if trying to push it out.


But her trained body began to follow its instinct, as a narrow stream of liquid flowed from her flesh.

This made her defiance futile as the finger penetrated even deeper.


Rather than gently stimulating her preferred spots, the beast roughly stroked her insides without remorse.

There was no consideration in this act, only an impatience to get the job done.

As Yuriel’s body relaxed due to the forced pleasure, Ferzen withdrew his finger from her swollen womanhood and pulled down his trousers.

For a moment, Corleone’s words flashed through his mind……And Ferzen couldn’t deny them.

If she carried his child, he wondered if Yuriel would become as dependent on him as Euphemia was.

“It’s okay……”

Yuriel barely managed to say those words with a trembling tone as she smiled at Ferzen.

Her white, slender fingers spread her own red, swollen slit from side to side, offering him a glimpse of her writhing folds.

“……I don’t hate you.”


“……I’ll never leave you.”

Her makeup covered her pale, shocked skin.

Perhaps that was her intent.

“So……Don’t feel guilty.”

Lizzy Poliana Claudia.

The girl whose life he ruined.

And the family whom he had brought to ruin.

……The girl who Yuriel was close to.

And, even if he was the cause of her sister - Alice Wayne Barreta Alfred’s death.

Yuriel had already fallen for the beast’s charms.

Indeed, she was a fitting wife for a villain, as someone who reveled in acts that were borderline immoral.

“Today……Is my fertile day.”


“So……Can you stop being a coward and put it in……?”

With one hand stroking his shaft, Yuriel spread her slit even wider.

In response to this, Ferzen shifted his knees a little, bringing his member towards the prize, plunging it in with one swift motion.


“E, eung……!Ahhh……!”

That which had been a long time coming had happened.

Yuriel’s breathing became erratic as the tip of his member pressed down on her cervix, her body twitched and shuddered as she held onto him.

It was like a stone in her bowels.

But even then, she weakly wrapped her legs around his waist, blocking his retreat.

She didn’t wish for him to stop, but rather, she pushed him forward, swaying her hips at constant intervals.

Because of this, his glans constantly rubbed against the entry to her womb.


Her pale anus twitched in envy at the sorry sight of her womanhood.

Her fertile womb hungrily tormented his member, thirsting for his seed.


And then, as Ferzen took the initiative, Yuriel became a powerless female, crushed by Ferzen’s body.

His lips tasted the tender flesh on her nape, before venturing down to her ample bosom, biting her mounds.

Pushing her legs forward, Ferzen’s thrusts delved deep into her swollen folds, pushing his monstrous member as deep as he could.

“Ah……!Aahh……! Aang……!”

Yuriel’s body shuddered as her womb was crushed by the pressure of the invading rod, causing her womanhood to gush a constant stream of liquid.


But Ferzen gave Yuriel no respite, as he brushed away her hair and kissed her with all the lust he could muster.



At the same time, he pushed into her, pounding her cervix again and again.

An action that made Yuriel instinctively aware that he was about to bathe her womb with his seed.


As if waiting for it, her womb descended, locking onto Ferzen’s member with a lustful resolve.


Yuriel almost begged him to release his seed into her womb as soon as possible.

With a groan, Ferzen granted her wish, as he embraced Yuriel’s body tightly.

“Anngg…! Hah…Hah…”


His hot, sticky seed invaded her womb.

It filled her in an instant.


The remaining seed flowed from her womanhood, sliding down towards her twitching anus.

The moonlight shining through the window seemed to be scolding her for wasting such a precious gift.

With a trembling hand, Yuriel gently stroked her navel — The area where her womb was - That was now filled with his seed.


In her own way.

She was beginning to be tainted by evil.


When Ferzen’s ejaculation finally ceased, he collapsed on top of her, and Yuriel wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace.

Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.

Her……Beloved Husband.

His alignment towards good or evil no longer mattered.

For even if he was the vilest villain, then his evil seed would surely blossom in her womb.

“I……Love you……”

Yuriel’s gentle and caring voice seeped into Ferzen’s ears.

In this comforting embrace, The Villain of This World closed his eyes, confident that no nightmare would be able to plague him now.

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