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«The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines (Web Novel) - Chapter 171: Lizzy Poliana Claudia (4)

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Chapter 171: Lizzy Poliana Claudia (4)

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All of those present had an idea of what punishment the Alfred Family would receive.

A lighter punishment would be an increase in taxes.

On the other hand, a more severe one would be a punishment with the intent of weakening the Alfred Family’s control over The Underworld of the Capital.

Yes, Corleone himself was aware of this.

Nevertheless, the act of personally killing his own granddaughter and displaying her head before the Emperor……

Was it perhaps his own twisted way of showing goodwill?

No, such a thing was impossible.

This was something calculated, a mere demonstration of his.

……And the goal of such a thing was obvious.


Ferzen clenched his fists thight as he embraced the trembling body of his wife.

Roer Poliana Claudia.

His act of betrayal was entangled with Brutein.

No, not with Brutein, but to him — Ferzen himself.

That was why Corleone did this.

……Roer’s wife, companion, and Yuriel’s sister.

Also died because of Brutein.

He wanted to make Ferzen guilty of being responsible for the death of Yuriel’s sister, and by doing so, strengthen his bond with Yuriel.

But even as he was aware of this ploy.

Ferzen couldn’t shake the guilt that tugged at his heart when he looked at his wife.

Corleone Wayne Barreta Alfred.

An old man who could pass away at any moment,

But even in his old age, one thing remained unchanged.

Alfred’s obsession to the point of madness seemed to fuel him.

And so, for the first time in his life, Ferzen felt as if he had been swallowed by this treacherous snake.

“Please! This servant most unworthy begs of you, The Sun Of the Empire! Please believe in the innocence of our Alfred Family!”


He could see the mad smile on Corleone’s face as he banged his head on the floor.


This madness.

This beautiful, familiar, and everlasting madness.

That fueled the old snake.

Was also his lifelong companion.


The reviewing of Roer Poliana Claudia’s memories came to an end after four hours.

As Princess Elizabeth had stated.

The Obern Kingdom was his collaborator.

……However, there was nothing about the Claudia Family in his memories that could have warranted leniency.

He had truly intended to sacrifice his own family in order to accomplish his revenge.

It was such a foolish act, that Ferzen wanted to study his thought process to understand how a person could reach this conclusion.

‘I am alive……’

For people like him, that would be motive enough to seek revenge.

“Send a secret envoy to the Obern Kingdom.”

“By your will, Your Majesty.”

If the Obern Kingdom acted under the instructions of the Elmark Empire, then war was inevitable.

If that wasn’t the case, then perhaps they could force the Obern kingdom to confess their sins before the Elmark Empire acted.

However, if the latter scenario unfolded, then why had Princess Elizabeth foreseen a disaster……?

“Corleone Wayne Barreta Alfred.”

“Yes, Your Majesty?”

“You may take your……Granddaughter with you.”

His extreme actions were enough to quail the need for punishment.

However, Corleone stood up, his old back stretching to its limits, as he faced the Emperor without hesitation.

“Your Majesty, there is no excuse for the sin my family now carries, as such, there is no room for leniency in the face of such a grave ignorance of being the spouse of a traitor.”


“We should ensure that both sinners are denied entry into The Underworld, they should become a fine feast for the crows and other manner of beasts.”

Using his cane, the old snake continued to support himself.

That was also a demonstration of his commitment and unwavering determination.

The Emperor, sighed as he leaned into his throne, closing his eyes.

“If your loyalty compels you as such, then I will accept it.”

“This servant is unworthy of his Majesty’s grace.”

With this, the Emperor rose from his throne and looked at the courtroom with a tired expression before ordering the end of the audience.

Now, with the investigation complete, and with the memories collected from Roer.

The date for Cesar Poliana Claudia, and Lizzy Poliana Claudia’s execution was set.

……There was no room for him to intervene in this outcome.

So, Ferzen once again looked at Roer’s head, which was already covered in the red cloth.

He then took Yuriel’s hand and left the courtroom.


“What a lovely weather.”

Despite the rather cold breeze, Corleone laughed as he walked towards his carriage.


However, as he saw an unexpected figure standing close to the carriage in the parking area, the old snake smiled.

“Did you come to bid this old man farewell?”

Even though he was simply standing still.

His posture was immaculate, and his crimson eyes almost glowed in the darkness.


Looking at him, Corleone could barely contain his ecstasy.

“You should know that the filth sludge does not mix with the clean ocean, Corleone.”


“You will never stir things with these troublesome and vile methods again.”

“Troublesome and vile, you say……”

The night breeze grew stronger, rustling their clothes and creating a peculiar dance in the night.

Indeed, the subtle anger behind Ferzen’s words warned him about his impulsiveness in obtaining a child of mixed blood.

Or perhaps this was his way to guard his wife, from their game?





As the breeze carried his words, Corleone walked closer to Ferzen.

Then, as the proximity between the two was such that they almost touched, Corleone could smell the sweaty peachy scent of Yuriel on him.

Because of this, the old snake’s face became clouded in pleasure.



Humans, by nature, are very sensitive about their personal space.

That is why when someone allows those to come closer to them.

It’s proof that they value them.

Because of this, Corleone had no doubts.

That Ferzen was not driven by his anger, but solely because of the tension the union between their bloodlines caused.

“Don’t worry.”


“The sorrow of losing blood can be filled with their happiness, isn’t that so?”

Looking up at Ferzen, Corleone smirked.

“Women, once they have a child……They become useless creatures who can’t focus on anything else.”

Even if the child wasn’t expected, they would eventually come to love them.

Like a grieving sister, forgetting about the death of her blood because she now carried the child of the man she loved……

“Isn’t that so?”


With a last look at Ferzen, who remained still, Corleone slowly climbed into his carriage as his servant held the door for him.

Before leaving, he opened the window and spoke softly.

“If by chance, war breaks out, and you die……”

Though not an ideal scenario.

But one that could happen.

“My last granddaughter, the one who never had any children will be……forever useless.”



With a slight clatter, the carriage moved away from Ferzen’s sight.

And Ferzen slowly unclenched his fists as he took a deep breath.

If he openly showed his possessiveness towards Yuriel, then he would simply give more leverage to Corleone.

So he remained silent.

This was pure evidence of how much Yuriel meant to him, that he didn’t mind being shackled for her.

‘……What a treacherous snake.’

The fact that if war broke out, and that such an old snake was already too old to be conscripted……

Annoyed Ferzen to no end.

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