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«The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 751 - Captured (3)

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Chapter 751: Captured (3)

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During this period, something in the little princess seemed to have been triggered. Her progress was astonishing, breaking through the Di Earthly Level very quickly. This was terrifying development, Ye Lang was very surprised with this outcome.

Initially, he was worried that the little princess’ explosive progress would cause harmful side effects so he told her to slow down and started observing her performance. He was surprised to find that her cultivation bases were very stable, more stable than those who trained for a very long time.

A genius?

That seemed to be the only explanation. Other than calling the little princess a genius, how else could one explain it?

The heavens were unfair sometimes. Some people take a lifetime to master cultivation, some might not even master it in their lifetimes. Yet some people can achieve breakthroughs in a very short time.

At this rate, the little princess could reach the Tian Heavenly Level in three years- that is if she kept progressing at this rate.

It would be very difficult to maintain this speed because there would be very difficult blocks in the middle. She could get stuck and plateau too.

This depended on one’s flexibility. With her talent, she might not be stuck for long- though this was unpredictable sometimes. She could also get stuck at the simplest of problems.

Sometimes, a smart person might not be able to solve a problem that a stupid person could. Comprehending cultivation didn’t depend on intelligence, it could depend on talent. A normal or very dumb person could take a shorter time than a smart person.

There was a saying- it all depended on fate. When the time comes, everything will go smoothly.

Since there weren’t any problems, Ye Lang only gave her a few pointers and then let her continue with her training. He really wanted to see when she could hit the Tian Heavenly Level.

No one would expect the little princess to be so powerful. If anything happened to her, this hidden ability would be very useful.

While Ye Lang pondered about how the unexpected the little princess’ performance was, he did not know that he was the one that garnered the most attention.

Putting aside his project, just the fact that he raised three Tian Heavenly Level experts in one year was astonishing. No one would believe this.

If he had more time, he could probably conquer the world.

It was said that one Tian Level fighter could fight an army of a hundred thousand soldiers - although this was a dramatic description, it was not far from the truth.

Soon after other people knew of this, their open mouths were indicative of their shock. They did not believe it, they refused to believe it!

However, there was no time for shock because, by that time, they would have many urgent matters to attend to. The freedom of his life as a researcher would leave him as he was soon about to be sucked into the vortex of power politics in the mainland.

Ye Lang was in the vortex, yes, but he seemed to not participate in anything at all…

One day, Ye Lang was building his boat as usual when a tool at his waist started to beep. He stopped his work immediately.

“What happened? What happened?” Ye Lang leapt off the boat he was building and took a smaller boat to the shore.

“Teacher, what’s going on?” Little Zero followed him when she saw him leave. He had never left like this before.

Little Zero knew it must be because of the beeping from the tool.

Zhen Xiaoyan also noticed it. She knew him well and did not even need to ask. She immediately followed him.

“There’s someone sending an emergency signal outside, I think something happened. I need to go check!” said Ye Lang as he walked with large strides. It was an emergency signal, so it gave him a very bad feeling.

Only Ye family members could send him emergency signals, something they reserved only for emergencies. With Ye Chengtian and the other members’ personalities, they would never send a signal unless it was a grave situation. Although they missed him, they had boundaries and knew that Ye Lang was busy inside. They wouldn’t disturb him without a good reason.

“Ye Lang, what happened?”

Along the path, Ye Lanyu and the rest were cultivating together, including Ye Zhiqing and the little princess. They liked cultivating together now, perhaps because they had all achieved Tian Level so they needed to spar with each other.

At the very end, magic and martial arts were the same. There weren’t significant differences. This was what Ye Lang said and they agreed with him.

“Someone sent an emergency alert, I need to go check and see what happened,” said Ye Lang.

“Emergency alert? Something must’ve happened. Let’s go, I’ll go with you,” said Ye Lanyu solemnly. She knew how serious it was. During moments like this, she was calm.

The seventh princess and Ye Zhiqing too, they followed silently to see how they could help.

The little princess immediately followed suit behind.

Just like that, everyone at Vast Moon Lake went over. At the exit, they saw Ye Chengtian and the rest waiting anxiously outside.

These people included Ye Yi and his wife, Long Anqi, Third Brother, Seventh Brother and some Ye family members who were close to Ye Chengtian.

To Ye Lang and the rest, Ye Chengtian had always been a calm figure. Ye Chengtian hadn’t been this worried even when they were chased down by Zhao Yarou at Soaring Sky.

What happened must be very serious!

Ye Lang’s eyes scanned around and made sure that there was no one else around, that this wasn’t a trap. He then immediately activated the exit and headed out.

“Thirteen is out!” Seventh Brother was the first to react. He yelled.

After he yelled, everyone turned to see them. Their eyes had a hint of surprise and some relief but only slight. They were still very worried.

Especially Long Anqi’s eyes. They looked very, very worried and sad!

What happened? Why was Long Anqi so worried?

Ye Lang’s brows furrowed as he made some guesses.

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