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«The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1907: Are you the Devil? (1)

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Chapter 1907: Are you the Devil? (1)

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Qiao yuanfei hugged the little floral shawl in her arms. She would rather die of cold than wear it.

Fan Yu did not force her. He turned on the heater in the car considerately.

Although the two of them were silent, they arrived at the fan corporation in Harmony.

The venue for the new product launch was the conference hall on the first floor.

Qiao yuanfei originally thought that Fan Yu would bring her directly to watch the grand event through the internal channel. In the end, he brought her into his office without saying a word.

“Aren’t we going down to attend the press conference?”

Qiao Yuanfei asked curiously.

Fan Yu took off his suit jacket and hung it casually on the sofa. He raised his eyes and glanced at her.

“No Rush. Are you thirsty? What would you like to drink?”


Qiao yuanfei looked at him somewhat blankly.

According to what she knew, the Fan Corporation’s new product press conference was about to begin. If they didn’t take the opportunity to enter now, wouldn’t it be too conspicuous later?

Qiao Yuanfei’s worries had just surfaced, but she immediately thought that every corporation had a secret internal channel.

Perhaps fan yu could arrange an employee channel for her to enter in a low-key manner later.

In that case, she would indeed not have to go down so early and be barely recognized by the reporters, causing unnecessary trouble.

“A cup of hot water would be fine, thank you.”

Fan Yu nodded and reached out to press the intercom, getting his secretary to send two cups of water in.

Qiao Yuanfei sat on the guest sofa and looked at fan Yu, who was calmly handling the documents in front of his desk.

She wanted to speak a few times, but she held it in.

She could only keep looking up at the time.

She secretly muttered in her heart, the fan group’s new product launch is about to start, do they really not need to come in early?

“You suddenly realized that I’m very good looking today and kept staring at me?”The moment fan yu signed the document and closed it, he opened his mouth mockingly.

His meaningful gaze swept past Qiao Yuanfei’s face, which was unable to react in time.

Her expression was a little dazed, with a hint of naivety.

When she heard what he said, she was not in a hurry to retort. Instead, she licked her lips.

It was as if she was tacitly agreeing with what he said.

This reaction of hers greatly pleased Fan Yu.

A faint light flashed across his eyes. He was filled with anticipation for what was going to happen next.

He kept the documents that he had signed and stood up from his office chair.

“It’s about time. Let’s go.”

“… Where are we going? The press conference?”Qiao Yuanfei was still struggling with how to answer his question and subconsciously asked back.

When she asked, she realized that she had made a fool of herself.

It was rare that Fan Yu did not laugh at her today, so he kindly replied, “Yes, I’ll bring you to the fan group’s new product press conference.”

As he said that, he calmly raised his arm and let Qiao Yuanfei hold his arm.

“There’s no need to be so formal, right? Didn’t we sneak in through the employee channel to take a look?”

Qiao yuanfei stared at his arm, her movements a little hesitant.

The corners of fan Yu’s mouth curved into a smile that was not a smile.

“What’s wrong with the staff passageway? Taking the staff passageway can also increase the sense of ritual. This is what life is all about.”


Although Qiao Yuanfei did not quite understand how this had anything to do with the sense of ritual, she still held his arm when she heard that he made a lot of sense.

The two of them left the CEO’s office together.

When they got off the elevator, Qiao yuanfei looked at the words “CEO’s private elevator”on the elevator and vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Before she could recover from her shock, the elevator had already arrived.

Fan Yu took her and strolled towards the press conference hall.


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