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«The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 1220: Had An Appointment With A Psychologist

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Chapter 1220: Had An Appointment With A Psychologist

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When she woke up, Xixi had gone to school, and Ye Hao had already gone to work as well.

He Xiyan had breakfast alone: a small bowl of green bean porridge and a small bowl of egg noodles.

She ate very slowly, spending almost half an hour on so little food.

Although she was no longer tired after a night’s rest, she couldn’t get rid of the worry and anxiety in her heart.

After breakfast, she went to the garage to pick up her car and drove to the biggest hospital in Ye City, which was also the most famous hospital in the country.

He Xiyan made an appointment online with an emotional consultant of the hospital. She thought that she would wait for two or three days, but someone abandoned her or his number temporarily, so she was scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

She arrived at the hospital half an hour in advance.

Of course, there were people hustling and bustling in the hospital, most of whom were patients coming to get checked or accompanying family members here.

He Xiyan was not sick, but she had some mental problems.

She had never thought of consulting any psychological expert before. She saw on the Internet that some women who turned to psychological doctors after getting a big emotional trauma slowly got out of the shadow. Then she also wanted to have a try to see if the doctor’s words could let her out of the emotional confusion and no longer be so anxious.

She didn’t know if she was so desperate for feelings because of the hard blow she had got. Therefore, for many years, she was always negative toward some feelings subconsciously and even wrapped her heart layer by layer.

Soon, He Xiyan came to the Psychological Counseling Department.

Different from other departments, it was very quiet here. It was a single building and there were not many people coming for consultation, because reservation was required here and temporary registration was unavailable.

Looking at the message on the mobile phone, He Xiyan came to a consulting room on the second floor.

There was a sign on the door that said, “Emotional Counseling Room (1036).”

The working time started from two thirty in the afternoon. So, at this time, the expert hadn’t come yet.

He Xiyan lingered at the door. Someone passing by her now and then, she found that almost all of the people here were women, including girls in their twenties, in their thirties and even in their forties.

Suddenly, a woman patted He Xiyan on the shoulder. He Xiyan looked back and found that she was a stranger.

The woman was wearing a long yellow dress with her slightly curly hair around her waist. Looking at the woman’s face again, He Xiyan found that she was not good-looking even with some freckles.

The woman should have just put on some make-up. The powder on her face was obvious and her lips were painted bright red. However, her make-up was so bad she might look better without make-up.

This woman should be in her forties, because there were many wrinkles around her eyes.

“Are you waiting for Professor Lan, too?” Asked the woman.

He Xiyan nodded. It was Professor Lan whom she made an appointment with.

“What time is your appointment?” The woman asked again.

“Half past two.”

“Oh, then you are in front of me.” The woman took out her own number printed out from the machine, which indicated 3:10 p.m.

The woman looked up and down at He Xiyan. After awhile, she frowned, as if feeling great disbelief.

In her eyes, actually, this woman in front of her was rather beautiful. Although she was not very tall, she had pretty facial features with beautiful eyes and good figure. She looked much better than herself.

“Sister, has your husband cheated on you as well?” Asked the woman doubtfully.

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