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The Perfect Run (Web Novel)

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Void Herald


Ryan «Quicksave» Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It’s a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere.

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending… no matter how many loops it takes.

Rating 4.7/5 (7 votes)

01 days 23h 12m 48s. (47 hours) • 2642 • 2023-08-29 14:57:41

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