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Chapter 2086: Engaged (3)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Leng Xinran said this, Lan Xiu actually did not know how to reply.

Although that was true, once a relationship happened, who could control it? On this point, he could empathize with her.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “All these years, have you been living like this?”

His words puzzled Leng Xinran and she looked at him confusedly.

“I’ve seen the wound on your arm. It wasn’t a light hit. How’s your shoulder?”

He did not miss the slight frown on her face when she pulled her shoulder.

Leng Xinran paused for a moment and did not answer. She just increased the speed of the car silently.

Later, the two did not speak much along the way. Lan Xiu did not ask any more questions. He simply talked to her about work and she became engrossed in the conversation.

When they returned to City Z, it was almost midnight. Leng Xinran went straight back to her apartment.

“It’s so late, and you didn’t have dinner. Stay here for the night. Tomorrow is the weekend, so you don’t have to go to work. Ah Li left two sets of your clothes in the car.”

When they got out of the car, Leng Xinran also turned to look at Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu thought about it and agreed.

The two of them took the clothes and went upstairs at a leisurely pace. When they got home, Leng Xinran went to the kitchen to cook some simple congee that was easy to digest and some side dishes to go with the congee.

Lan Xiu went to shower. When he came out, Leng Xinran had already prepared supper.

The two of them sat down silently and ate some.

After finishing their work, Leng Xinran took a shower and changed into soft home clothes. Lan Xiu was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

Leng Xinran looked at him and was silent for a while. Then, she suddenly turned around and walked to the storage cabinet. She opened it and took out a medical box.

“What’s wrong?”

Lan Xiu looked at her in surprise.

“Give me your hand.”

Leng Xinran took out a bottle of wine from the medical box and said.

Lan Xiu finally understood that she was going to help him treat his wounds.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine in two days.”

“I know better than you how strong she is. It’s better to treat her.”

Leng Xinran was a person of action. When she said that, she also took out some cotton and dipped it in alcohol. Her movements were very practiced, as if it was something she had done every day.

It made sense. She had treated so many wounds on her body, did she not?

Lan Xiu obediently put his hand over.

Leng Xinran pulled his hand over to take a look. The back of his hand was indeed swollen and there was a large bruise.

“The injury is not light. Bear with it. I’ll use some strength to dredge the wound and let the medicine soak in. It will heal quickly.”

She said indifferently and raised her eyes to look at him.

Lan Xiu met her eyes that were as bright as the stars and smiled immediately. He did not say anything. He just quietly watched her continue to move her hand.

Very soon, a burning pain was felt, and Lan Xiu sucked in a breath of cold air. The strength in her hands was not small either.

He could vaguely hear his breathing. Leng Xinran looked up at him. Seeing that his expression was somewhat forbearing, she smiled faintly, “Bear with it for a while. This is a special medicinal wine for falling punches. I spent a lot of money to get this recipe from an old doctor in the northern part of the country. I added my own wine to soak it. It’s very useful for injuries. In the past, I suffered quite a lot of injuries from practicing taekwondo. With it, I can recover very quickly.”

As Leng Xinran said this, her hands did not slow down.

Lan Xiu had been watching her busy. Seeing her skilled and indifferent appearance, he did not know why, but he actually felt a little pity in his heart

What a strong was she?

The things she had endured were probably not something an ordinary person could endure, right?

He thought that he was calm and composed enough, but now that he compared to her, he had to admit that his state of mind was probably not as good as hers.

Leng Xinran helped him rub his hands for a while. When he felt the back of his hands heat up and the dull pain slowly dissipated, the back of his hands seemed to become smooth again. Only then did she unhurriedly put away the medical kit.

“I’ll rub it for you again tomorrow morning. I’ll bring you some later and rub it on yourself.”

Leng Xinran put away the medical kit and washed her hands. Only then did she sit down next to him.

“Your shoulder…”

Lan Xiu still asked worriedly.

“It’s fine. I’ve applied the medicine too.”

“I’ll contact a doctor in this area. They should be able to get her back to normal.”

Lan Xiu thought about it and did not have the heart to let her bear this burden alone. When he saw her frail body hugging Mo Shaolan, he felt a little uncomfortable. He could not tell what kind of feelings he felt, he just wanted to be able to help share some of the burden.


Leng Xinran did not reject him hypocritically. Because, indeed, one more person would be able to contribute more. Over the years, she had sent many people to see Mo Shaolan, but there was still no way to cure her. Therefore, she could not help but feel a little disheartened.

That was a very pitiful woman. Although there were some hateful aspects to her, no matter what, she was Leng Xinran’s mother. As her daughter, she was also Mo Shaolan’s only family. She had no one else to rely on. If she did not care, no one would.

Blood ties were sometimes so frustrating. Although Leng Xinran was very cold and indifferent towards her parents, she did not neglect her responsibilities and obligations, even though she hated Leng Mingyi, she still knew that she was his daughter.

“You’ve been through a lot, Xinran.”

Lan Xiu took a deep breath and suddenly turned his head to look at her uncontrollably. Seeing that she was suddenly in a daze, he thought for a moment and slowly hugged her thin shoulders from behind.

Leng Xinran was stunned for a moment and took a deep breath, “If you always place yourself in the mindset that you are having a hard time, the harder it will be for you. I used to be like this too. When I put my mother there and Xinling passed away, I also felt very painful. I stayed in the tranquil cemetery for a few months and finally understood that I was being too hard on myself.”

“Hearing you say that, I feel like…”

“It feels like an epiphany, doesn’t it? I wanted to become a monk, but I knew that I couldn’t because I felt that there were many things that I hadn’t done properly. I’ve never done anything properly even at this age. The mortal world is not over yet…”

The smile on Leng Xinran’s face was somewhat self-deprecating. She knew that Lan Xiu wanted to comfort her, so she raised her hand and patted his back, “Alright, I’ve already prepared the guest room. You should rest early. You’ve been very busy today. Also, thank you. Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

This was almost a scar that she did not want to open in her heart. Exposing it in front of him made Leng Xinran feel a little helpless…


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