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Chapter 2087: Engaged (4)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the news of Lan Xiu and Leng Xinran’s engagement spread, Dongfang Liuyun was also somewhat shocked.

“What did you say?”

Dongfang Liuyun was sitting in a chair in the office. Looking at the invitation card that Ah Li handed over, her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief. “Lan Xiu and Leng Xinran are engaged?”

“Yes, Miss Liuyun. President Lan told me to make sure to send the invitation card to you. He invited you and President Qi to attend together in three days,” Ah Li explained.

“He’s good. He managed to get Miss Leng so quickly?”

Although Dongfang Liuyun was surprised, she was also happy!

Lan Xiu had finally found someone to spend the rest of his life with. He did not have to live alone anymore. This was definitely a good thing.

Ah Li understood. He could not help but smile bitterly in his heart. He hoped that President Lan and Miss Leng would be happy.

After Ah Li left, Dongfang Liuyun thought for a while. In the end, she picked up her phone and gave Lan Xiu a call. Lan Xiu quickly picked up.


A familiar and gentle voice sounded.

“Yes, it’s me. I received the invitation from Ah Li. The matter between you and Leng Xinran, so sudden?”

Dongfang Liuyun flipped through the red invitation in her hand and asked.

“It’s not that sudden. I’ve known her for a long time. Seven to eight months isn’t a short period of time,” Lan Xiu said plainly.

“Why don’t you and Qi Lei come over tonight? The four of us can get together.”

Lan Xiu thought for a while and decided to introduce Dongfang Liuyun and Qi Lei to Leng Xinran.

“Qi Lei is on a business trip these few days. He might not be back until tomorrow. I’ll go over to your place now and pass you some materials too.” Dongfang Liuyun said this and hung up.

An hour later, Dongfang Liuyun arrived at Lan Xiu’s office. At this time, Lan Xiu was resting in his chair with his eyes closed. When he heard the door open, he turned his chair and saw Dongfang Liuyun walking in.

She was already heavily pregnant. She had been resting at home for the past few days. Qi Lei was on a business trip and she had nothing to do at home, so she went to the office for a bit.

She was wearing a large black shirt, which could conceal a little, but if one looked closely, you could easily tell.

“You’re here!”

Lan Xiu quickly got up and let her sit on the sofa. Dongfang Liuyun did not stand on ceremony with him. He handed the document bag in his hand to him and asked, “Have you really decided to get married with Leng Xinran? I was wondering why you’ve been quite mysterious recently, turns out you were off being in a relationship?”

As Dongfang Liuyun spoke, she poured herself a glass of water.

Lan Xiu looked at her indifferently. He averted his gaze and said quietly, “I’ve decided. She’s a pretty good woman. I admire her very much.”

Dongfang Liuyun listened and looked at him deeply. After a moment, she said in a lowered voice, “Since you’ve decided, I won’t say anything. However, since you’ve decided to be with her, you must treat her well. However, do you really think that you and Miss Leng are suitable?”

“Xinran just doesn’t like talking to people she doesn’t know very well. She’s just a little cold. She’s quite similar to me, so she’s suitable,” Lan Xiu replied.

Dongfang Liuyun pondered for a moment and nodded. “You must have thought about it for a long time to make such a decision. Naturally, I’ll support your decision unconditionally.”

“Alright, thank you, Liuyun.”

At the last sentence, you could hear that his tone was inevitably filled with bitterness. Lan Xiu knew that he might be lacking in love with Leng Xinran and it was unfair to her. However, since things had come to this, he could only try his best to make up for it in the future.

With Leng Xinran’s personality, she probably would not have any feelings for him, Lan Xiu. This was probably for the best. They were just two people who were on the verge of breaking down and holding each other for warmth.

“Can you tell me, why her?”

Dongfang Liuyun also received a lot of detailed information about Leng Xinran from Qi lei.

When Dongfang Liuyun asked this, Lan Xiu did not know how to answer.

At first he thought that the marriage between him and Leng Xinran was only because of benefits. However, after thinking about it, he realized that it was not the case. Besides the Leng Group, he had other choices. However, he chose the Leng Group in the end. In fact, he knew very well that the final reason was still because of Leng Xinran.

“Liuyun, do you know? Xinran has nothing… you still had us, Uncle Dongfang, and then Qi Lei… But Xinran… she has nothing. The moment I thought about how she has nothing, the pain in my heart was quietly felt. I have to admit that I do feel a little sorry for her.”

After such a long period of interaction, as he became more familiar with Leng Xinran, he felt that he wanted to protect her more and more. Even if Leng Xinran might not need it.

Dongfang Liuyun had been staring at Lan Xiu as he spoke. When she saw the complicated emotions in his eyes, she finally sighed softly, “In that case, I won’t ask any more questions. It’s naturally the best that you can resonate with her. She is indeed admirable. I hope that both of you can give each other happiness.”

Xinran had nothing…

Lan Xiu, oh, Lan Xiu, when have you ever had such tender feelings for a woman?

I am afraid that you might know even as you become slowly attracted to her, bit by bit, right?

Thinking of this, Dongfang Liuyun suddenly felt lucky. If the two of them could love each other, how wonderful would that be?

“She’s a very nice person. You can always come over and ask her out in the future. She doesn’t have many friends…”

Lan Xiu thought for a moment and said.

Dongfang Liuyun laughed. “You haven’t married her yet, and already you’re thinking of letting her get familiar with your circle?”

Hearing this, Lan Xiu was startled. He coughed lightly and replied, “It’s good for her to get familiar, after all, we’re all going to be friends in the future.”

Dongfang Liuyun nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ve always liked her. It’s just that she really doesn’t like to talk much.”

“No, she’s willing to chat a little more. It’s just that she’s not very good at finding topics to talk about.”

Lan Xiu also subconsciously defended Leng Xinran. Seeing this, Dongfang Liuyun could not help but smile.

“Alright, I got it. Okay, you don’t have to remind me about these things! Don’t worry, Qi Lei and I will definitely be there on the engagement day. Now, let’s go back and prepare a generous gift for you guys. Hey, why don’t you guys just get married? Don’t tell me you want to earn our generous gifts?”

Dongfang Liuyun stood up and pursed his lips into a smile.

Lan Xiu was stunned for a moment. Before he could react, Dongfang Liuyun’s figure had already disappeared outside the door…


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