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«The Most Generous Master Ever (Web Novel) - Chapter 842 Soft All Over, Only Stubborn

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Chapter 842 Soft All Over, Only Stubborn

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“Ahem,” Xu Feng coughed heavily and felt a lingering fear. He really could not figure out why this half-grown little fellow in front of him was so strong.

What right did she have? What did she eat growing up? This was impossible. He felt as if his internal organs had been shattered after this punch. Waves of pain numbed his nerves and he was incomparably in pain.

“Whew,” Taking a deep breath, Xu Feng said with a cold expression, “Little thing, you’re quite strong.”

“Hehe, don’t tell me you can’t do it?” Linglong giggled and looked at Xu Feng with disdain.

Xu Feng was immediately furious. He was actually despised by a little loli? This was intolerable.

“Impudent!” He immediately shouted angrily and said, “Hmph! With your little strength, you won’t be able to do anything to me even if I let you punch me a hundred times.”

“F*ck… Senior Brother is awesome.”

As soon as he said this, Xu Feng seemed to have found his confidence. He immediately felt light all over.

“Senior Brother Xu is indeed Senior Brother Xu. As expected of an outstanding disciple of my Heavenly Dao lineage. He’s too tough.”

“Look, who can match this insufferably arrogant aura since ancient times?”

“Senior Brother, attack. Let this little fellow see your ability.”

Xu Feng kept hearing his junior brothers’ flattery. At that moment, he felt that the pain on his body did not seem to be so painful anymore. His entire body felt comfortable and light. He gradually lost himself amidst the praises.

On the other side, Linglong blinked at the man in front of her who was still pretending to be stubborn, then looked at the people behind him who were flattering him. Her small head was filled with curiosity.

What kind of magical power could make a man struggling on the verge of death so stubborn? Just now, she had only used 20% of her strength, but Xu Feng could not take it anymore. Yet, he was still stubborn?

“Hmm… Could this be what Master often says about showing off?” She was filled with confusion. There was no such thing in her world. However, she now understood that the person in front of her had already gone limp, but his mouth was still stubborn.

“Wow, you’re so powerful. Then take another punch from me, okay?” Linglong suddenly revealed a look of admiration. Her coquettish tone instantly made Xu Feng confused.

Damn it.

This was very difficult to refuse, okay?

“Senior Brother, attack. Let this little fellow know what it means to be arrogant.”

Just as Xu Feng was hesitating, the instigating voices came from behind again, their tones filled with confidence in him.

At this moment, Xu Feng felt that he could do it again. The reason why he was caught off guard just now was entirely because he was careless and did not take the initiative to protect himself.

From the looks of it, this little fellow was only five or six years old. Even if she had already begun to cultivate, she could not be much stronger.

Why doesn’t he receive another punch? He pondered in his heart. How could he have known that Linglong, who seemed to be only five or six years old, was actually unable to grow up because of the seal in her body?

She had been cultivating for more than ten years. Moreover, she was born with divine strength and had her own anger. The higher her anger, the more manic her strength.

“Hmph!” After a long silence, Xu Feng gritted his teeth and went all out. No matter who came today, he had to show off. I said it… Whoever is unconvinced, feel free to come up. “Come! I was careless just now and you caught me off guard. This time, let’s see what you can do to me.”

In an instant, Xu Feng pushed with both hands, and the astral energy around his body instantly gathered. A violent wind suddenly rose and forcefully enveloped him.

Seeing this scene, everyone immediately flattered him.

“Connate astral energy! Heavens, is this the legendary Connate astral energy?”

“As expected of Senior Brother Xu. He can actually comprehend such a heaven-defying ultimate technique. He’s really the most outstanding disciple of my Heavenly Dao lineage.”

The continuous flattery in his ears made the corners of Xu Feng’s mouth subconsciously curl up.

“Then I’m coming?” Linglong blinked her big watery eyes and looked harmless. However, the corners of her mouth subconsciously curled up, and she was secretly delighted. “Connate Astral energy? Hehe, it sounds very powerful. I wonder if it can withstand my punch.”

Originally, she only planned to use 30% of her strength. Now that she saw that the other party had already used his divine power, Linglong prepared to give him some respect as she felt this incomparably domineering astral energy.

She would use 35% of her strength. It should be enough to respect him, right?

“Cut the crap. Come at me. I want to see what you can do to me this time.” Xu Feng said confidently. His eyes were filled with pride and disdain.

On the other hand, Linglong had already begun to accumulate strength. She clenched her fists tightly. Her pink fists looked harmless. However, the moment her gaze changed, a violent power instantly shattered the Nine Heavens, as if a hidden dragon had woken up.


Thunder rumbled in the Nine Heavens, and dark clouds swept over.

“F*ck!” At this moment, Xu Feng’s calm expression instantly lost its composure.

What was this?

Just as he came back to his senses and before he could react, Linglong ruthlessly punched over. “Smash!”

With a delicate voice, it suddenly smashed towards Xu Feng’s chest like a cannonball.

“Pfft,” With a loud bang, Xu Feng’s proud figure flashed across the sky like a meteor and suddenly smashed towards the huge mountain. There was still a ball of blood in the sky that splattered onto the ground.


This sudden change caught everyone off guard. The Connate Astral Energy that valued defense was actually shattered by Linglong’s light punch?

“How is this possible…?”

Everyone could not believe it. One had to know that this Connate Astral Energy was one of their master’s proudest ultimate techniques. Among their disciples, there were not many who could comprehend this ultimate technique.

How could Linglong dare? She only used one punch to easily collapse the Connate Astral Energy and shatter it.

“Senior Brother!” Everyone who reacted exclaimed and dug Xu Feng out from the ruins. At this moment, he was completely paralyzed. He could not even stand up, and his eyes were filled with fear. His face was pale, as if he had seen a demon. His soul was in turmoil.

“Senior Brother, are you alright?”

Everyone felt a lingering fear. They treated his injuries briefly and hurriedly asked.

After a while, Xu Feng finally caught his breath. When he heard this question, he followed his stubborn attitude to the end. He said coldly, “What are you saying? Do I look like someone who’s injured? I don’t care about a mere punch.”

“Pfft,” As soon as he finished speaking, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were black and he had completely fainted.

“F*ck, Senior Brother is indeed Senior Brother. Not only did he forcefully withstand such an attack, but he also had time to sleep.”

“Too ruthless! I’ve decided that from today onwards, Senior Brother Xu is my idol.”

“A role model for us.”

Xu Feng had already fainted, but everyone did not forget to flatter him. They admired him even more.

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