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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 3524: Contest With Evil

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Chapter 3524: Contest With Evil

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The sound of the gunshots was too sudden. The bullets came too quickly. It was so sudden that the people who came to support Li Chuhai panicked for a moment. It was so fast that before these people could react, they were already on the ground.

Where there was gunpowder and blood, there was a battlefield. This freighter that was sailing in the sea became a battlefield. It became a competition between good and evil.

The bullets arrived, and the Grim Reaper descended. The long sickle swung down, and countless ‘evils’ had already perished. Blood flowed as the furious voice roared and they started to counter-attack.

These people attacked blindly first. They used the guns in their hands to shoot in all directions. Some of them destroyed the lights on the ship.

The lights on the ship were destroyed, and the huge freighter was in the dark. Li Chuhai, who was shot in the legs, was supported by two bodyguards. One of the bodyguards quickly turned away.

Li Chuhai, who was carried away from the center of the stray bullets by the black market bodyguards, finally felt the pain as he dodged. The moment he was shot, he didn’t feel much pain. The bullets were too fast and ruthless. They broke his kneecaps and pierced through them. At that moment, it was like his knees were knocked down and he lost feeling.

At this moment, Li Chuhai felt pain. The huge pain overwhelmed him, and he almost fainted.

He sure was a figure of mighty importance. In such a painful situation, he was still able to keep his mind clear. He questioned the bodyguard beside him angrily, “Damn it, is this what you mean by safe? They sneaked onto the freighter, but you still said it was safe!”

If he wasn’t on the freighter now, if Li Chuhai wasn’t injured, and if there were other reinforcements around him, the bodyguard he was questioning would already be killed.

But now, Li Chuhai knew that he was in a bad situation and needed to restrain himself. Li Chuhai, who was in so much pain, could only suppress the anger in his heart. No matter how angry he was, he could only question the bodyguard.

The person who was scolded didn’t dare to raise his head. He didn’t know what was going on either. Everything was fine. Why did something suddenly happen?

Li Chuhai knew that he still needed their protection, so he didn’t continue scolding the bodyguard.

Now was not the time to scold them. If there was anything, they would settle it after he escaped. The most important thing now was to escape.

“Find a place for me to stop the bleeding! Let the outside hold on for a few minutes.” Li Chuhai, who was in so much pain that his muscles were cramping, leaned against the bodyguard he brought into the country. He kept gasping, but he gritted his teeth and continued to endure it.

He needed to think about who these people were.

Why did they infiltrate the freighter?

How did they know that he would get on this freighter?

Since the old master had helped him, he would definitely not leak the news. In that case, what went wrong?

Li Chuhai, who was in so much pain that his forehead was sweating, kept thinking about it. He wanted to find out what went wrong that made him suffer so much.

At this moment, the entire freighter was enveloped by the sound of bullets. Although the sleeping crew members had never seen a chaotic gun battle, they had been to some dangerous places, after all. Hence, when they heard the sound of gunshots outside, they wanted to get up from their narrow beds to take a look. However, the experienced crew members stopped them and asked everyone not to go out.

They were still in the country’s territory. The sudden gunshots couldn’t be from pirates. Although they didn’t know what was going on, as long as the gunshots didn’t appear in their cabin, they wouldn’t panic and run around.

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