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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 3523: Refreshing

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Chapter 3523: Refreshing

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Loach was shooting from the front, but he was blocked by this tall man who was as strong as an iron tower.

However, Ye Jian was already moving quickly.

An outstanding sniper didn’t just need to find a shooting point to complete their shooting. They needed to be able to react quickly and find the best shooting point in a blind spot!

“I’ll shoot. I’ll call for one, two, and three. Everyone, aim at one target and shoot one bullet at a time.” Ye Jian had already explored the freighter before. Now, she moved quite quickly. It only took a short time for her to go from one cover point to another.

Since they didn’t even have the chance to shoot at the first shooting point, they would leave it to the sniper, Ye Jian, to complete the first shot.

The veteran members of the Xueyu unit were all confident in their comrades’ abilities. Since Ye Jian said so, they felt that she could definitely do it.

That was because she was Azure Bird, their comrade. They trusted each other so much and had such chemistry!

Li Chuhai was an experienced wolf. Hiding behind the human wall, he seemed to have sensed something. He glanced at the top floor of the freighter and asked calmly, “You’ve checked everything, right?”

“All checked. There’s nothing suspicious,” someone answered him.

Even so, Li Chuhai didn’t retract his gaze immediately. He even suddenly adjusted his position and took a few steps before retracting his gaze.

Could it be that he had an illusion because he had been chased for the past two days?

Li Chuhai retracted his gaze and frowned slightly. Was it really an illusion?

Why did he feel that someone was really staring at him? However, he didn’t feel like he was being stared at anymore.

Of course, he didn’t feel like he was being targeted anymore. Ye Jian had asked her comrades to aim at the human wall.

As for her, she aimed at Li Chuhai.

Adjustments and fine-tuning… Ye Jian adjusted her aim until the corners of her lips curled up slightly. She said softly, “One, two, three… Shoot.”


Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The first gunshot was heard, followed by a series of gunshots.

Ye Jian fired her first shot. Her comrades, who cooperated well, fired almost at the same time.

Instantly, the entire deck was in an uproar.

Li Chuhai’s kneecap was shattered by a bullet. It passed through the gap of the knee joint with great lethality and formed a penetrating wound.

The 5.8mm ammunition of the No. 95 Automatic Rifle could pierce through an 8mm steel plate within 100 meters, but it still had a weak lethality. When Ye Jian finished shooting, it was within 100 meters. No matter how hard Li Chuhai’s bones were, they couldn’t be harder than an 8mm steel plate. It would definitely form a penetrating wound.

In that instant, no matter how fast Li Chuhai’s reaction was, he couldn’t be faster than a sniper who had been training all year round. When he was shot in the knee, Li Chuhai naturally felt his knee become weak.

Ye Jian’s second gunshot arrived. Bang! The moment Li Chuhai collapsed, the knee of his other leg was hit too. It was a penetrating wound.

At this moment, Li Chuhai had become a cripple who could not move at all.

As for the tall man who was acting as a human wall, although he was tall and scary, in the face of bullets, it was useless no matter how strong he was. He was so tall and was a good target. He was shot in the head. Half of his head was gone, and white and red splattered on the ground.

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