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«The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness (Web Novel) - Chapter 3228: Who Is It?

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Chapter 3228: Who Is It?

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The recruit from Car No. 1 parked his car and unbuckled his seatbelt. He kicked the door open and ran toward the overturned car.

When the car hit the deep pits created by Ye Jian, the veterans in the surveillance room knew that the car was going to flip over. It could be said that they had watched the car flip over through the screen.

“Go and take a look at the situation of the person in Car No. 2. The reinforcements have already arrived. Calmly deal with the sudden accident.” Xia Jinyuan’s voice came from the communication device in the car. The recruit in Car No. 3 was stunned.

It was their captain!

Their captain was watching them train in the surveillance room. He didn’t…

drive the commuter to train with them!

Who was the person who competed with them just now?

The instructor?

No, impossible!

The instructor wasn’t back yet!

Could it be the deputy instructor?

But the deputy instructor said that he wouldn’t be sparring today?

Who was the one competing with them, then?

For a moment, countless veterans flashed past the minds of the recruit in Car No. 3. In the end, all of them were eliminated.

There was no time to think too much about it. The recruit from Car No. 3 replied, “Yes!” Then, he immediately got out of the car to check on the situation of the recruit in Car No. 2.

The recruit in Car No.l, who ran out first, could already see the deep pits on the mountain road. They were so deep that they were almost touching the chassis of the commuter!

Thinking of how the target vehicle had parked on the slope earlier without moving, the recruit from Car No.l gritted his teeth and said fiercely, “How f*cking ruthless! Is he trying to cause casualties?”

He didn’t dare to look at the scene anymore. He rushed to the driver’s seat of Car No. 2 and saw the recruit unbuckling his seatbelt, preparing to climb out himself.

He knocked on the car window forcefully and asked his comrade to open the car door first…

The recruit in Car No. 2, who had flipped over and was dizzy, blinked as he opened the car lock. When the recruit from Car No. 1 heard the sound of the car lock opening, he pulled the car handle outside the car door with all his might. The car door opened, and the body of the recruit inside the car twisted strangely. His head was facing the car door, his body was curled up, and his legs were leaning toward the passenger seat.

Recruit No.l hurriedly held his comrade. Because he was too worried, the muscles on his arms were as hard as rocks. He stopped his comrade from climbing out. “Don’t move. I’ll carry you out!”

The cars for the special forces soldiers of the Xueyu unit were custom-made. Their safety was much more stable. This was just an overturn. Besides the damage to the outside of the car, the person inside was still fine.

The recruit from Car No. 3 who rushed over immediately helped to lay the recruit from Car No. 2 flat on the muddy and deep mountain road.

“Help me take off my helmet…” The recruit from Car No.2 closed his eyes and laid flat. He must have been frightened. His face was extremely pale, and his hands and feet were trembling slightly.

When the car suddenly flipped over just now, he really thought that he would fall down the mountain with the car.

At this moment, even though he was lying on the cold and wet side of the mountain, he felt at ease.

It was fortunate that he didn’t lose his life.

The recruit from Car No. 3 took off his comrade’s helmet. His facial expression was tense as he asked, “Is there anything wrong? Don’t bear the pain! I just contacted the surveillance room. They’ve already sent people over to help.”

The recruit from Car No. 1 had already checked if his comrade was bleeding. He carefully raised his comrade’s arms and asked softly, “Does it hurt anywhere?”

“No, no. I’m fine. I’m just a little dizzy.” Recruit No. 2 raised his hand to cover his heaving chest. He said with lingering fear, “Just now, I really thought that I would fall down the mountain…

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